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Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] What’s up everybody hope everybody’s Doing very well today I’m in here Hanging on by the skin of my teeth Making sure that all my levels are right Look at that the chat viewer doesn’t Want to view the chat what a load of Junk look at this I’m getting rid of This I knew this thing wouldn’t work Anyway you see this little thing on the Screen right here deletion well Deletion Deletion there we go all right all right So taking care of some housekeeping here At that chat viewer isn’t worth a crap All right what’s up what’s up HVAC well HVAC residential Basics he’s first he Was correct he says he was first that You are correct everything hvacara What’s up Zach what’s up everything Hvacr which I’m 99 chance your name is Stephen and I’m almost positive about That and I hope I am correct Brandon Brenny whose name I want to say is Brandon Benny and he keeps misspelling It forever Dustin Weber says my boy what’s up Dustin Dustin Webber also says just got Done servicing a 22 year old Reign well

That’s older than some of the Technicians out there so 22 year old Random puts it into that sweet spot that Perfect ream that wonderful ream that is The ream that is a boxy ring we just Take the door off and all the stuff’s Right there it’s easy to find HVAC guy Says what are we talking about today I Don’t know always find out in the middle Of it what we’re talking about I don’t Know it kind of comes to me like a Vision or premonition well not a Premonition or what already had it a Vision I’m waiting for it it hasn’t Happened yet I got a box from let’s see A box from yellowjacket we’re going to Open up and we’re going to try to use More than one camera so expect failure Expect failure in the very soon to Happen area Uh Justin Webber says I’ll be here all Night on call all right I blew up the Chat on my end you guys can’t see it I Blew up the chat to about a million Times larger so I can actually read it Because I am getting older guys I’m 43 Years old and for many cultures that is The Twilight years where they send you Out to pasture and then expect you not To return that’s where I’m at here all Right let me turn this up a little bit Right let me see that’s a little bit Better all right good deal all right I

Think I have that perfect all right yeah I got a box in the mail I figured I’d do A little live stream here sitting in the Shop doing a little bit of that and a Little bit of this and just uh kind of Building some stuff for Christmas and uh Yeah I know I’m just kidding around 43 I Feel pretty good you know It’s 43 is not that bad I don’t really See a difference between 43 38 35 really Maybe you know the biggest difference I’ll tell you the biggest difference for Me is right here my hand and I do a lot Of stuff with power tools I do a lot of Stuff with uh like painting things and It’s just my hand has been the biggest Difficulty because of right here I’m Pointing at my elbow if you’re watching A podcast I’ll try to do this Because I have a thing called a cubital Tunnel problem you know this carpal Tunnel then cubital tunnels in like your Elbow and it causes my hand to go numb So if I keep doing the same like Painting for like an hour or something I’ll end up dropping the brush or Something because my hand will go numb And it sucks Brandon says probably in Better shape than you I don’t know about That man you’re pretty spry From I can tell on the phone you know You’re from Wisconsin all that cheese It’s fattening I’ll just be honest with You stop eating cheese and drinking

Perhaps Blue Ribbon or whatever y’all Drink up there Uh and I didn’t mean Wisconsin it’s Minnesota right where’s it Wisconsin now I can’t remember all of a sudden Curtis Says I’m 30 and yeah the years go by Fast and make you feel old yeah I mean I Don’t feel old at all really I feel Pretty good uh I’m in better shape than I was 10 years ago so even with packing A few more pounds back on uh still way Better shape than I was in I can’t run I used to run every day and Now we have so much going on it’s hard To run man from Minnesota live in Wisconsin see that’s why it’s so Confusing Brandon because all these States come into play it’s like you’re In the states where they say oh that’s How they talk that’s all I know it’s Part of the country where they say wow That’s what they sound like I’m sorry so I’m gonna try to do this man I’m gonna Take the I can take these things off I Don’t need to have these on to do the Show I just you know like to know that It’s actually working But uh I’m gonna do this I’m gonna try To turn on the other camera so I can do Open this box here and we can look at This illustrious Yellow Jacket stuff Actually it ain’t very sexy this time Guys I’m just gonna be honest with you Oh look hey there’s the other side of

The room wait a second that’s that’s my Churches and stuff look at that over There that’s the stuff I’ve been Building for people in my spare time Here look at that there’s churches and Turkeys and there’s a Ryobi nail gun This is what happens when you uh you Live like me I’m gonna turn this around Here we go Why that’s That’s the actual area I was trying to Go into right there there we are that’s Better for some reason I just didn’t get That right so I’m gonna switch mics I hope this works well it’s going to Sound a little bit different but I hope It works well and I hope the chat’s big Enough where I can actually see it Probably not it’s gonna have to be Pretty big for me to actually see it Yeah I can sort of see it a little bit All right so I got this in the mail from Yellowjacket And I thought we’d do a little video Here see what’s in the box And useless stuff so first they had this Thing And it’s the man cover 49095 the man cover right there we’ll Take it out of the bag here in just a Second It is manifold protection so remember Don’t go out there without protection Guys manifold protection that is

Get your mind out of the gutter man Cover protects the Titan brute brute 2 And series 41 manifolds and many other Manifolds so they’re kind of saying that If you have another brand it’s cool you Can still use this people will think That you bought a yellow jacket one The other thing is we have and I’ll Actually walk up to the camera a little Bit because you can’t see some of the Stuff Here we go So here we go we have a flare gauge they Have a flare gauge I’ll take it out of The bag what’s up bro Mesa How’s it going All right so here’s the yellow jacket Flare sizing gauge and this part number Is oh geez six zero two nine seven flare Sizing gauge and it actually gives you The recommended torque on the back as Well which I think is pretty sweet So whenever you’re having to do those Flares and you’re using your torque Wrench like you’re supposed to guys but If you’re using your torque wrench you Can look at this and just for reference Here we have Three quarter inch 88 foot pounds or 119 Newton meters if you’re anywhere outside Of the United States and we have four or 5 8 is 55 foot-pounds and 75 newton Meters for half inch is 35 foot pounds And 48 Newton meters 3 8 goes down to 25

Foot pounds 5 16 6 or 16 and one quarter Inch is a measly 10 foot pad so it’s Good to have this too remember because I Know that I will never remember if I Don’t have this and of course this if You look inside of it there’s little Ridges and the little ridges stop your Flare from passing through so if your Flare goes all the way through you know It’s too small if it doesn’t go in at All you know it’s too large and there’s Also tubing diameters here at the bottom As well so quarter inch all the way to Three quarters quick check and see what Size tubing that you have So that’s pretty cool so this is the 60297 And This right here Is the Yellow Jacket man cover man cover I don’t name these things I’ll tell you That much right now So this is the man cover and uh I made a Joke about protection and those are also Called The Man cover All right I’m just kidding around here So let’s open it up Open up our Christmas presents guys Because you know one of you guys will End up with this thing right Because uh I mean I don’t need it so We’ll end up giving it away It even comes with two pieces of Cardboard guys you need to start a fire

I love fire you know not when it’s my House but when it’s other stuff So this is the Yellow Jacket man cover And there’s a little slot in the top for Your hook to go through and you just put It over your gauges to keep them safe in The rain I do not know how much they Sell these things for I really don’t and I’m not going to speculate because I’ll Be wildly wrong I’m sure and someone Will get ticked off at me so this is the Man cover and the part number on this is Let’s see What is it four nine zero nine five four Nine zero nine five Dusta Weber says I’ll give you ten dollars as a super Chat if you send me that cardboard Dustin Weber You give me that Super Chat you will get This cardboard if I did yes Dustin I will give you this cardboard if you Super Chat because I would like to start a fire with this Or use this to pack up a turkey to mail Because I’m making these pallet wood Turkeys I love woodworking you guys you Look around here You can probably see this stuff I don’t Know if you can see this stuff or not we Take a little tour but you want Cardboard I’ll wrap this cardboard in Other cardboard and send it to you

I just need that super I need that Super Chat I would I would super send it absolutely Watch this What’s up guys all right so this is the Shot there’s a light right there My little computer corner And over there I got a battery powered table saw from Uh not Milwaukee and I have a oh miter Saw right there And over here got the old router and the Belt sander And what I did guys I used my Ingenuity To run some PVC up high here that’s Vacuum lines it runs back to my little Dust collector and there’s my Chargers And all that good stuff And over here you can see the belt Sander and there’s a little air Compressor and a pin nailer sorry Yeah I love woodworking I do it a lot Now in fact I have a little side gig Where I do woodworking because uh when It comes to the end of the year You know we need a little extra money For Christmas and need a little extra Money just to have extra money so I do a little bit of this a little bit Of that do a little bit of Woodworking And um It’s just it’s very cathartic I enjoy it I like even the painting stuff I found That the painting stuff in those tedious

Tasks I know why they make those adult Coloring books now at first I said this Is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen an Adult coloring book I know why they make Them now it’s because that it is so Relaxing it’s great I like it a lot so those are the two new Products from yellowjacket guys the man Cover again I don’t name this stuff and The flare gauge the flare gauge is Pretty cool I didn’t realize it until I Started the show here that it had the Torque specs on the back I think that’s That’s pretty awesome to have around so If you have any flaring tool whether it Be the one a yellow jackets or the navac Or something we’ve talked about in the Past you can use this flaring gauge I Think the navac comes with a flaring Gauge but I don’t remember if it has it Written on there or not and of course The man cover Won’t fit me you know what I’m saying Just kidding all right Well I’m sorry and let me turn that off Let me turn that off okay So I can turn back the other microphone All right guys well I hope you enjoyed That I uh I definitely enjoy getting on here and Talking to you guys I know that new Stuff came in here I don’t have any Bible lessons prepared but we could dive

Into one Man no woodworking allowed we service Calls for you to run sir I’ll pass on That but thank you I appreciate those Service calls and you can keep them sir Uh I’ve probably run my last service Call unless my unit breaks It’s not letting me send it oh sure Dustin sure sure no Super Chat sure Actually I don’t know maybe I didn’t Monetize the stream it’s completely Possible they didn’t monetize it so I’m Sure it’s my fault I’m just kidding with You but uh yeah I had some new stuff That I was going to share with you guys And I don’t know if I’ll be able to find It fast enough but I will dang sure try Let’s see I don’t know if the chat will Disappear not when I do this I had like Some cool stuff that they had sent me Every Every day they send me news about HVAC And I know that Fieldpiece had released Their list but I think we already went Over the field Piece list about uh What they do is uh Oh my gosh they had their list of Heating tools and they were all field Piece which I thought was really Self-serving Uh let me see if I can find this and There’s I had I had some cool new stuff For you guys they invented a new Refrigerant or something and uh you know

Not invented they made one like the blue On guys they just where’s this stuff Been all my life you know so I’m trying To find where I emailed myself the Information Oh geez I don’t know I don’t know but uh Yeah someone invented a new refrigerator I’m sure it’s flammable because you Can’t make a new one without it being Flammable it has to be flammable it has To explode it has to guaranteed to Explode your technicians that is what it Has to have And I’m sure that’s what it is I know It’s an hfo blend for those of you who Are like what’s an hfo blind Zac tell us More okay I will uh Hydrofluoroolefin I want to make sure I Say that correctly probably didn’t Anyway hydrofluorothin What it was described to me as and I Talked to object about this and read a Little bit about it it is an unstable Not meaning it’s going to blow up but Just it’s not as tight Molecularly as some of the other Refrigerants so it wants to kind of come Apart this is where you get your one two Three four yfs and Y Z’s and ze’s and All that stuff those are hfos the reason Why they want to use them is because They’re lower gwp all this is about Lowering the gwp you know if this stuff Doesn’t leak then gwp don’t matter

Man Miranda says we just got to hear From the book of Maccabees yesterday at Church that’s not in the Bible but no It’s not I don’t have the Gospel of Thomas or the rest of the Apocrypha Either but I did have a Bible at one Point that had the Apocrypha in it which Is the dubious books the books that were In doubt there’s several books uh like The Book of Enoch And the Gospel of Thomas I don’t know if The Gospel of Thomas is in the Apocrypha But I think the Book of Enoch is so they Have these other books and they actually Referenced those books in the Bible some Are the people in the Bible sorry you Know you can read about Enoch But I digress So they’re making more refrigerants out There the fact that they have multiple Refrigerants now is horrible it is a Horrible thing I feel for you guys who Had to go out there and say half the Units and it’s not just the fact that These are replacement refrigerants it’s The fact that these are new refrigerants So R32 I mean R32 is probably the best Choice right am I am right it’s one Refrigerant it’s not a blend it’s just One refrigerant you could put gas in as Gas I think I don’t want to speak too Soon but I’m pretty sure you could put It in as gas and you would be just fine And Mitsubishi’s use that I think and I

Think Ralph actually just released a Video for those of you for those of you Interested Ralph just released a video Teaching about Mini Splits so if you Want to learn more about Mini Splits go Over TNN services YouTube channel and you’ll find more Information about that if I had more Time I would link it over there to you But I do not and I don’t know how to Find it fast enough so I should say that this video is Sponsored by I don’t have to say Yellowjacket now because we did all the Yellowjack stuff but it is now back as Well navac has their new battery powered Tools like their battery powered flaring Tool that I referred to very nice Battery powered swaging tool which is in Here which maybe next time we’ll break It out and use it a little bit and you Guys can see how it works and see if you Want it or not battery powered flaring Tool battery-powered vacuum pumps which I already tested though those are great I love those Uh we have company cam Organizing all of your company photos Into one small cozy internet area where All of your company can commune around Them and be totally interconnected Perfectly Companycam.com ewc zoning supplies that Are the best that I have them in my

House right over there ewc forced air Zoning products your Zone vamper Zone Boards all that good stuff they make Thermostats they have all sorts of Relays for different types of systems Outside air systems so you’re good to go Ewcc controls.com and you will find it Brandon says we know what’s the best It’s 22. you better believe it bro bring Back 22 make 22 great again that’s what They say right got to bring back the 22. Why don’t we have 22 for people that are New we don’t have 22 because it has Um see it’s h c f c it depletes the Ozone layer That’s why they don’t want it it Depletes I think the ozone layer was Repaired now so we can go back to it and Maybe damage it a little bit then take It away again I don’t know that’d almost be worth 22. Nice you know 22 on a nice hot day What’s that head pressure On older unit’s still 240 250 maybe if It’s 30 300 I’ve seen a few R22 units That were running 300. they were not Good they were not in good condition and They did not cool well If you see an R22 Union I’ll tell you What I read a book one time that talks About R22 during design conditions I Don’t know what that is it’s gonna be 95 Degrees and then Sometimes it’s like 78 inside and I said

You should see a pressure of about 225 Over 69. that’s what the book said the Book was written in 1989 so it’s lower See your equipment 225 over 69. so it Gives you a rough idea what pressures You’re running For 410A I mean that translates to what Almost 400 And then 120 or so Somewhere in the 120 range so To encapsulate this every time we get a New refrigerant it’s more pressure and More likely to explode More likely to explain that’s right That’s right Brandon you dirty mouth Joker that’s exactly right 69. that’s Right we get it we get it it’s a 69. It’s a dirty thing But you know what I’d love to have 22 I Think 22 would be just fine I don’t know guys if the stuff doesn’t Leak if the stuff they make wouldn’t Leak and they’d be put under pressure to Have a system that didn’t leak over a System that was more efficient like if A System’s reliability was better or Maximized instead of its efficiency then You have less leaks so even though you Used more energy you’d have less Refrigerant in the air so which one of Those is better I don’t know you guys Tell me EPA says bring John Israel on Your show just like the good old days EPA I haven’t seen you since the good

Old days you’ve been in hiding or Something I mean I think you’re stuck in a time Machine bro Steve domanski says I had to Condemn two R22 systems today they’re Still out there The 22 year old Uh 20 year old Rheem system from the Beginning of the chat that was probably R22 that puts us around 2001. it could Be 410A but I would be like a Pioneer Before tonight I don’t know guys I don’t know All I know is I wish 22 would come back And I just want to jump on here because Sitting in here I wanted to go over These new things that showed up so you Guys know they exist and uh we’ll Probably give them away at some point Chris Forsyth says Santa is back that’s Right it must be that time of year Steve Damanski says one of them was grounded And the other was locked up so the two Systems had two different issues before Long we’re gonna have the only digital Gauges for the various refrigerants We’re going to be running into yeah I Like the fact that the the gauges you Can put them on anything there’s not Really any worry that I’ve seen that you Can’t switch them from so that’s a good Thing raw I think you can probably keep One set or two sets one backup and one Regular set would probably be just fine

So that’s a good thing even with the new Refrigerant I don’t know that you’d have To switch gauges Unless there’s something I’m missing Steve damanski says R11 r11’s old school Man that’ll suck your ozone right off Your planet right there old R11 was it 502 R11 There’s there’s some other stinkers out There and I can’t remember all of them R12 obviously As it goes back in time but we had a Change for the times right we got to do Something new we gotta change up you Gotta change how you look at things I Guess Or you can just leave the trade and do Something else you do one of those two Things evolve or be left behind Probes for life that’s what he says Pros For life okay guys I’m not gonna take up Too much of your time here I hope you Enjoyed a little short conversation uh If I can I’ll pop in here maybe tomorrow I’d like to start taking the calls again It’s not set up but I can set it up Again because it’s ready to go and I Think taking calls will be a lot of fun You guys that are out there working Maybe in between calls you want to call In or something like that just put down The chat or the comments afterwards That’s something you want to do I’d love To start doing that again start talking

With you guys because I think that’s That’s really that’s the you know what They say there’s nothing new Under the Sun the Bible again the Bible’s back Ecclesiastes that Solomon was wise There’s nothing new Under the Sun Therefore the only thing different that We could cover besides what everyone Else talks about is the people so you Guys are the people so I want to talk to You guys We don’t need to go over no How the slope of drain Is done do we really need to do that do We not have 50 other people doing that So we don’t need that just want to talk To you guys so if that’s something You’re game for you know put a like on This video and put a comment down below All right I’m gonna get back to work Guys I got some more stuff to do and uh Glad to have you guys stop by with me And I hope to see you tomorrow so tune In and I’ll see you all in the next one Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music]

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