Why Stephen Prefers the Redfish Multimeter to the Fieldpiece SC680

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Tech link app is that subco yeah that's The redfish So you still use the redfish meter yeah Okay I got the field piece Um the SC 680 I think it was yeah the Philippines fish bat that's right Um and it's a great meter but It doesn't tie into Tech link so I Overcome the Massive set of amp clamp Jaws that are On the redfish Um And uh Use that because otherwise you know There's nothing wrong with taking a Picture of your voltmeter showing Microfarad right but the visual of the Range on TechLink is Extremely helpful for the customer to Realize you see this range it's 4.5 on The minimum and we are at 3.75 We are weak and this capacitor could Cause a problem we should change it Otherwise you're just saying It's a five and it shouldn't be less Than four and a half Yeah is that the only thing that you get Off the TechLink app is that particular Feature are there other features you use Um I've used it just to keep an eye on a uh Amp reading or something while I'm not Next to it the Bluetooth isn't amazing

Actually the field piece is way better As we know Um for the wireless range Um yeah but it's nice to be able to see A measurement remotely while you're Making an adjustment or something Um but yeah the screenshots is almost Entirely what we do primarily for the Teclan cap Um the filled piece the sc680 it's also A power meter right you can get power Factor and stuff now is that something That you do a lot of is get the uh Like do you do efficiency or eer Er1 or whatever it's called I don't know If there's a second eer now and it's Another CR2 but so you do get that Information because I always thought That was really interesting and actually Fun to do yeah although part of me knows That some of it may not be as Constructive right as I would like to Think it was but is that a every Maintenance sort of thing as well yeah I Mean that's part of the measure quick Report Um it populates all of that Um and gives you your Seer and ear estimations Um I I can't imagine Like even if I'm just doing a gas and go I pull out the the tablet because I want

To See the data [Music]

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