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Uh when you when you get the tablet out For the gas and guy what do you what Probes are you using for that do you Just have Philippines probes used for Everything yeah I've got Um The heart I have I own our I own Harbor Freight Tools Um hey way to go man I got some too like A thousand yeah Apache 8200 or something something Um oh yeah it's like the Pelican case Um I've got it cut out for all the Different probes and um that box comes Out every time I uh Go to hook up probes now I probably am Not going to launch static on a gas and Go but by the time I've got my pressures And condenser information I might as Well throw the air probes up and get a Record of the systems overall basic Performance that's what I'm saying I I Tell you what I love speaking of Apache These are pretty good cases they are I Have this is like the camera version of My I don't know what number this is 1800 Uh they're really great yeah it's a Really really good deal if you don't Like anything else at the store that's Pretty good Um I like getting the air probes out Because there's so much that the the air Going in and out will tell you And it doesn't always have to agree with

What you think is going on from outside And plus I mean early in the show you Saw the comment probably I don't know if You're watching that part of it where The The guy was asking why you needed 10 Foot or more of distance and I was like Man it's hard either the larger houses You want to put air probes on something And you have I mean maybe you have a Repeater not all these different sets Have repeaters so some of them do some Of them don't but I would have trouble Reaching everything I don't know about You but with the field piece is probably The best of the group besides I manifold Well exactly you don't have to go to a Register On your gas pack you can just drill a Hole in the side of the hood and stick It that's what I'm talking about right There side you mean the top Oh yeah yeah that's that's true but you Do raise an interesting point A lot of Times you can find if depending on how The system is run like an attic you Probably want to limit how far you go From the machine itself you have a like Air handler or Furnishing coil but in The crawl space I mean that's not quite As big a concern because the temperature Difference is lower the latent humidity Difference is higher but uh it's a Little bit easier to do but some of

These houses are pretty big and Sometimes the condenser is on one end Because someone wants their condensers a Little brick wall around it with little Holes in it so they can hide it so People don't believe they have air Conditioners I guess and then everything Else is on the or at least some of the Systems are from the opposite end so it Comes in handy I think Um I know you agree yeah That's an easy one I mean yeah to me It's common sense if you want the other Approach if you're not using other Probes then I see but uh Years ago When I was working for A big National brand Um And I would actually record the Temperature of the outlet of the air Conditioner the air handler As close to the evaporator coil as Possible so that it would give me a 20 Degree Delta Was that on purpose did you purchase Like I didn't know any better I I mean At the time I honestly thought that a 20 Degree Delta was perfect performance Sometimes it is right and if I didn't Get a 20 degree Delta I would move my Probe around to different holes until I Got a better temperature split fixed and You know it's one of those things that

Ignorance is bliss Yeah you're right about that ignorance Definitely is bliss because if you have The knowledge to know that first you Can't put it right there at the coil or Whatever and then you're compelled to Actually work harder hopefully your Compelled to work harder or you're going To feel bad about yourself all the time So that's the alternative but I tried That once with the probes I had drilled a hole in the plenum Right above the evaporator And I couldn't figure out why my delta T Was so horrible And I went round and round thinking About it And then I realized that I had drilled My hole very close to the top of the Blank at the top of the a coil And the probe was almost laying in that Channel where the coil Pieces come Together And there was no air right there that's Funny That was close too yeah Close but no cigar but I took my probe To a register nearby like the closest Indoor register everything was good I Was like wow Somebody I was talking to recently was Like We give up on diagnosis once we get the Measurement that we expected to get

I it wasn't me I mean but I understand Somebody because yeah you can alter for Example you talk about multiple issues At once you have a system that's low in Charge where the Delta gets smaller Because of the charge deficiency but Then you also have a deficiency of Airflow which will actually sort of push It farther apart again so you measure The airflow it's like hey man the Target's 17 we're 15 and a half According to this chart we're close Enough you're good to go and that's when You go to the next I guess next home Inspection job that you have I guess is What that is but yeah it's uh there can Be two things wrong there can do four Things wrong I guess depending on what Unit it is Thank you [Music]

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