Top 5 Problems Honda Accord Coupe 9th Gen 2013-17

Hey, friends, it's Len here from 1A Auto. Today we've got our 9th gen Honda Accord here,
and we wanna go over some of the top issues that we found with it. Let's get started. All right, friends, one of the first things
I like to talk about is always a safety issue. And to me, this is one of them. Right up here at this driver's side mirror,
you're gonna have an issue with distortion. You try to take a look at it, and it just
kind of looks a little wonky, to be honest with you, it kind of throws me off. So if you were to look at the mirror lens
itself, you can look right across, and you're gonna see a line that goes up and down. Right on the left side of that line is kind
of where it seems like it cuts off, and it makes my vision a little bit blurry.

To me, that's a severe safety issue, because
if I was driving down the road, it creates a blurry area, and I'm just not comfortable
with that at all. Overall, this is a poor design. My understanding why they did it, they kind
of wanted to give you a little bit more of a field of view. But unfortunately, it's kind of a safety issue
in case somebody is inside that blind spot area and it just turns into a blur, I would
definitely consider that a safety issue. The fixes for this, unfortunately, would be
you could try to replace just the glass or, of course, you can get the whole assembly
right at, and that one comes without the curved lens. Now we're gonna jump right into something
that's super common on these vehicles.

And generally speaking, you're gonna have
an issue with the starter. Almost everybody that has one of these vehicles
is gonna have to replace the starter at least once, maybe twice, or even three times in
the span that they're gonna have the vehicle. So, some of the things that you might notice
with this faulty starter would be, of course, you go to start up the vehicle, and either
it cranks over a little bit and then cuts out for some reason before the vehicle started. Or maybe you just turn that key or push the
button that goes clunk, push it again, clunk. You don't actually get a crank. It just makes a clunking noise. Like, the starter inside is trying to engage,
but the Bendix is not pushing out, and it's not making connection like it should. So, the fixes for this, of course, unless
you're handy with getting into the starter and fixing the electronics and figure out
what's going on, unfortunately would be spending a little bit of money and buying yourself
a new starter.

Another potential fix would be, of course,
to check that wiring, make sure that you have a perfect connection and there's no corrosion
around the area and the wires aren't split or frayed. The next thing I wanna talk to you about on
these vehicles is oil consumption. Overall, pretty much any new vehicle that
has 0-20 oil in it is more than likely gonna have an oil consumption problem, it's just
very common. On this vehicle, I would consider it a top
problem that it has. So, what you would do is you come right over
here to the oil dipstick.

You would make sure you're on a level surface,
vehicle's off, you go ahead and pull out that dipstick and check your oil level. If you happen to notice that it's in between
those two dots on the range lines you're doing all right. If it's down near the bottom dot, you're gonna
wanna add some. The reason why this engine is gonna be losing
oil like it does isn't necessarily because it's leaking anywhere, it's because the oil,
0-20 oil, is super thin. So, with it being super thin, it's gonna make
its way out through like those valves and stuff like that and just pretty much get burnt
up inside the engine and come out the tailpipe. It's very common, you won't see any leaks,
generally speaking. So, if you're having this problem on a newer
vehicle, generally speaking, you're more than likely gonna be still under warranty, in which
case you'd bring it on down to them.

pexels photo 5877455

They're gonna check it out, and they'll diagnose
whether or not they wanna replace some engine components to try to help take care of that
for you. But otherwise, what I would do is pretty much
every 1,000 miles, just get under the hood, make sure you're on a level surface and the
engine's off, go ahead and check that oil level. If it seems as though it's low, just grab
a little bit of 0-20, put it inside that fill cap hole until it gets up close to that maximum

If you go above the maximum dot, unfortunately,
you're gonna need to get underneath the vehicle and drain a little bit out. Having your oil a little bit over full is
actually worse than having your oil under full. The next thing I wanna talk to you guys about
is the paint on these things. What happens is, as you look along the edges
here, you'll start to see it kind of like seeming like it's flicking up. It's not necessarily the paint, the paint
is still colored on there, but it's like a clear. What it actually is it's the clear coat that's
coated on this painting.

Unfortunately, for some reason, you go through
the carwash, and as you're going through, even just the light pressure of that can start
peeling up that clear coat that's holding in the paint and keeping it safe. Unfortunately, once that starts to happen,
it's gonna keep on happening. So, what you need to do is you need to get
on it and make sure that you recoat it with something. Generally speaking, you can either get yourself
a little thing of clear coat, you could try to patch over it, try to clean it up as nice
as possible, maybe buff it down afterward or, of course, you could pay somebody a couple
of bucks to try to take care of it for you. You know what, another thing about these cars,
the seats are just so darn uncomfortable. Some of the reasons why the seats on this
particular vehicle would be uncomfortable would be because it feels like I'm riding
on a rock of a seat. It's not super comfortable. I like something a little bit cushy, you know.

It does feel like it wraps around me, which
is nice, but it's just super firm and it just doesn't feel like it contours around my lower
half. So, I would have to say a fix for this would
be, of course, make it comfortable for me. I could use something as simple as cushions. You can get something that might happen to
go over this, like a seat cover or whatnot that has a little bit of padding on it. Make it your own. It's your vehicle. Have some fun with it. Okay, friends, so that's another one in the
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