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See Friends on Sharp Dc Inverter Ac F1 error code is appearing When this type of situation comes ….. So what we have to do? When F1 error code will shows on display so then what you have to do that , as we have opened indoor cover the same you also have to open it Because it is Indoor fault And indoor PCB is having fault So we will tell you what is the fault in Indoor When this type of fault comes So with its PCB sensor is attach which is called Room Temperature Sensor or Ambient Temperature Sensor And it read room temperature and give signal to PCB We will take it out PCB As you can see we have take out PCB First of all I will tell you that old system and still now many units room temperature sensor It is attach on the upper part of evaporator In this model company haven't install it here And they have install here which is the place of room temperature sensor And I will tell you its cover it has holes with it If you change position from here So what will happen to it? PCB will not get proper reading So then also it can show F1 error If it will be misplaced it goes inside it So then it will not take proper reading When there will be no reading so then unit will not work proper See in PCB connector no let me show you T sensors are written Means temperature sensor See T sensors is written 2 sensors are attach One is Pipe Coil Sensor And one is Room Temperature Sensor Yellow color is Room Temperature Sensor And I will also tell you its resistance value If it will get damaged so then it can show you F1 error And you have to fit it proper with it trace If cover holes get block so then also it can show error See this open cover I will show you And now you will stand in front of unit and its fix with wall And on right side you can see these three holes So these holes are very important If they get block cause of any reason Or you close it So then sensor can't take reading properly If sensor get misplace So then also it will not take proper reading So it can give F1 error and can also give any other error So then your unit will do problem So its important to have sensor in this proper place Now here we will talk about its resistance value If its resistance value will alright So then it will work properly And in which temperature you will check ….

You have to knew it If its faculating Means if its showing sometime oter vale and some time other So it means your sensor is faulted At this time 26.8 degree is room temperature And I have set meter on Kilo Ohms Now we will check yellow room temperature Sensor value That how much is it? Because it should be accurate value See it is showing 12.8Kilo Ohms value If here it was 25 room temperature so then it value was increasing Sometimes on sensor value is written See here its written 15K But 15K is not coming here But this sensor is alright If this type of value is coming in this temperature So it means sensor is totally alright And if you fit of this value will get alright See friends when we will get F2 error code on Sharp Indoor So then what we have to do So watch further video ….

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You will get complete information You can see I have take out PCB from cover See these two sensor are attach on eis room temperature sensor and other is pipe coil sensor It check whole evaporator temperature And give signals to micro controller So I will show you where sensor is attach See you can see cover here You will open its cover See here is one screw After opening it Then you can see sensor You can see I have take out cover from evaporator And it is complete evaporator Micro controller check its temperature fom here That how much cooling had came Because if here cooling will more Or cooling will less So then also unit will not work properly If this sensor will not here So then micro controll can't no what's going on in unit That's why sensor is very important here If get faulted or short circuit cause of any reason Sothen it will give you F2 error And it si its Pipe Coil Sensor If we talk about pipe coil sensor resistance value I am having 26.8 degree room temperature If I will check …how much value should come? Set meter on Kilo Ohms And i will test black sensor So this is pipe coil sensor So see we will check its value And see we get 18.51 Kilo Ohms value It means if this value is coming And check it again If it is same so it means it is totally alright If it flacuating so it means your sensor is faulted So change it So your F2 error will disappear from display And your unit will get alright If you have change sensor and still fault is not going from display So then what can be problem ? …..

Let me tell you See PCB connectors I have take out connectors from here At this time I have take off sensors In points you should get 5 volts If 5 volts are not present here So then it can be PCB fault Its pin no.1 on right side It is ground pin Same no.3 pin is also ground pin So these both are common And it is +5 volts And no.4 pin is also +5 volt So on 2 and 4 mus be 5 volts And 1 and 3 are ground If you will check them Then you can knew about more faults But many faults comes in sensors If your sensor will faulted so then you can get these both faults So that's why change the sensor If its not so then check 5 volts here If 5 volt are not present so then PCB is needed to repair

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