Pel dc inverter Air conditioner F1 Error Code in 1.5 ton unit | How to Trace f1 error code in Ac

Subscribe You Tube channel Forever Tech to get latest update of every video Asalam-ul-alakum friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching my Youtube channel Forever Tech today we will talk about Pel air conditioner dc inverter F1 error code in which we will tell you why its shown on display and what is its solution? friends Watch full video that you can get every point friends this is request to you if you are new to our channel and haven't Subscribe my channel and seen video before so please Subscribe my channel and press the bell icon so that you may get every video notification friends watch full video and get benefited from it lets start the video! on Pel dc inverter air conditioner indoor display F1 error code is appeared as you can see F1 is appeared on display today we will tell you in detail why this Error code comes on display and what is its reasons we will give you complete demonstration and will tell you whenever this error code comes on display what you have to do? and what is its purpose? this is its indoor model as you can see on screen friends this is request that whenever you work on electronics off the electronic and keep yourself fully secure while working so that you do not damage the thing you are going to damage and do not harm yourself this is good habit and good practice and carry on with it and I have experienced it that specially high voltade devices and PCBs you have to be careful so these are high voltage circuits be careful so friends we are on working table where we will give you complete demonstration whenever F1 error code is shown on display so how will you get what is the fault! and why it comes! we will tell you its detail! this is outdoor PCB fault mostly beyond this what I experienced I will share too so that in spite this what can be you may know! what can be possibilities I will tell you first of all the fault which company has kept this means it is IPM fault means in PCB where IPM is installed is its fault lets show you how IPM looks …what is it and where it is installed? IPM means Integrated Power Module as you can see this IC in PCB this is integrated power module when this gets faulty company has kept when this gets faulty F1 error code will shown on display but what I experienced is different when this IPM gets faulty so mostly on display E5 appears because of it full PCB doesn't works so when it gets faulty gets complete dead and shows E5 in spite this its some points get faulty so then it shows F1 so must be checked which points are faulted see this is its compressor drive area here complete supply is coming here rectifier,divot,IBGT and IPM is installed If anything of this get faulted specially divot and IBPT get faulted so it can show F1 error code or E5 can be shown beyond this these are capacitors if these capacitors get faulted it can show E5 and F1 error code beyond this at lower side it can be faulted this is IPM its control is to its drive area drive area controls micro controller so small component in between micro controller and drive area is! for example its resistance or divot gets faulted so it can show F1 error code if in capacitors something gets faulted so it will show F1 error code so same as I have experienced that whenever your IPM starts get heated if there is too much gas in unit so when it gets heat up and shows F1 error code I have experienced it in many places but it can not be only one reason if it gets heat up it will show F1 error code I experienced one more thing there unit was very dirty service was not done for long so when we went there it was showing F1 error code on display actual it is IPM fault but when we experienced when we examine it from inside outside when we get to know that unit is very dirty first priority was cleaning! we cleaned it thoroughly everything was okay! when we tested PCB it was also okay! so we serviced unit after service IPM got in normal temperature so thats why was not showing F1 error code this is my experience might not related to your work but sharing my experience can be helpful for you which things I showed you if get faulted can show F1 error code if IPM is all okay but its lower part components get faulted it can show F1 error code so you have to check it on the sport which thing is faulted or whats the situation you can deal it according it! so friends you watched the video hopefully you liked the video and will be very useful for you meet you in next video!

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