Never Assume Anything! Multiple Issues Diagnosed & Repaired Sunday Morning Central AC Service Call

Good morning, it's me Mikey Pipes. Today is 
Sunday Sunday September 18th 2022 just leaving the   Woodmere location and we're heading over to 
a service call in Cedarhurst which is part of   the Five Towns in Nassau County on Long Island New 
York. Customer called last night after the sabbath   it said, "please help tomorrow morning, my first 
floor air conditioning system is no bueno",   so I'm gonna go head over there and see what's 
going on all right guys smash that thumbs up   button in advance I'd really appreciate it and 
if you've maybe you've checked out this channel   before and haven't subscribed yet but if you're 
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get going all right basement air handler okay   Bryant looks like we have a hydronic fan coil off 
a boiler this is first floor i have the thermostat   the nest on i have it set to 65 it's reading 72 
in the house i have no activity coming from this   unit whatsoever so let's see if we have a 
switch here which let's see if i can follow this see this this Romex goes to another 
room let's see if we can follow that   all right we have two switches here okay we 
have a filter there's another nest thermostat   people love these nests i swear but 
they're not really they're not good   you know they're just marketed well to the to 
the people by the people that own google alphabet   all right so i can tell by this by looking at that 
three quarter PVC which is not properly secured is both units all right and it looks 
like it dumps into a uh sump pump   groundwater system i don't see those 
the wire i don't see a service switch   for the system and uh that's no good here 
we go first and basement see all right by the way day seven actually no 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday   Friday Saturday Sunday yeah we're on day seven no cigarettes for me all right let's take this 
cover off see what's going on all right okay smells very musty in here by the 
way very very musty see this coil okay see that little black spots over 
everything not too clean so there's our   x13 motor all right and i was expecting 
to see a dead fuse but look at that   look what just started to happen 
just now i just touched the fuse this wiring and then the system and the system decided to come on to look at that   so we have a short somewhere here we have a 
short somewhere here i wonder what the short is all right um let's take a look at how 
they what they did here it looks like this   red and the white wire i'm gonna guess 
they lowered it to speed tap one on this   variable speed ECM motor all right that's 
probably for heat running off an aquastat right because we have that fan coil up here all 
right ladies and gentlemen so here's our voltage   coming in there is our uh the gray the gray is 
i think what the gray is the gray is let's see   the gray is my green or fan right why they made 
the gray fan well this is the way carrier does it   white is for eating circuit red is 24 volts brown 
is common so they don't really follow carrie don't   follow you know just the traditional wires equals 
colors chart but it is what it is so we know this   is our 24 volts all right we know the the gray 
is our fan all right we know the brown is our   common and we have a short here somewhere and 
i'm gonna wager it's probably something to do   with the connection of this fuse and or nearby 
but i want to you know what let's turn this off all right we turned that over that didn't 
really do anything right let's turn this one off   there we go they're reversed   this is first floor that's basement all 
right so i just want to turn the power off and then i want to see if it comes 
back on so ladies and gentlemen um   when you're troubleshooting electrical shorts 
sometimes it's it's even harder than diagnosing   a issue where you can't confirm the problem 
let's say customer has no cooling you know   when they call them as a service call you tell 
them to turn the thermostat off you get there   you turn the thermostat on everything 
works perfectly fine it's like   like now what do i do but finding this is like 
trying to find like a needle in a haystack but   you got to be diligent take your time and just 
leave no stone unturned worst case scenario i'll   just take some wiggles and we'll clean all this 
up in there we'll clean all that up but now that   the system's been off for about 20 seconds a 
minute we're gonna uh turn the switch back on   and see if it comes back on voluntarily without 
me tampering no human interference let's see her condenser i heard condenser i heard 
that condenser come on immediately as soon   as i replied power so before before i actually 
took the cover off and we're touching anything   my condenser was not coming on my nest thermostat 
was in fact though powered though and that may be   because of them could be because it's we have a 
fan core let's go look at the thermostat wiring all right rc h w green no common no common here r h and w r rc y1 not even a g all right we're going to clean this up   this is our h and w this is not being 
utilized and we only have rc and y here so i came back down here 
to start playing with this   uh wiring not that playing with it but i 
wanted to identify the greens i wanted to give   fan control at the nest thermostat you know and 
that nest thermostat by the way if you notice   there isn't a common uh so it's power stealing 
it's stealing from rh or r c right because it   needs to charge that battery inside right it 
needs it it's not it needs 24 volts so it's a   power stealing thermostat so it's either stealing 
power from the relay at the boiler or stealing   power from here but nonetheless i came down here 
the thermostat's been off the wall for at least a   good five minutes and the system is still running 
so i'm gonna turn this switch off actually i'm   not gonna turn the switch off right now let's 
do a little a little recon work here all right thermostat for your equipment may be off the power for your equipment may be the power 
from your equipment to the thermostat may be off there's no power let's just see something 
here right there's no power there they're both on there is power maybe it's an older era let's see no done f you for you damn you nest equipment detected done okay so now that was 
probably an error from when the thermostat was   off right so let's see if i turn off first 
floor no basement which we think is that   which we know is this right but is 
it controlling that that goes off okay let's see starts and damn you time delay you know 
what let's leave this offer right now   because i am unsure if these are actually 
labeled correctly something's labeled wrong   either the switches are labeled wrong or these air 
helmets are labeled wrong and i don't know which   one it is right now but right now i do know that 
the base the thermostat nest thermostat module   is connected to the base and i thought i left 
it on set to cool but did not power on yet so   maybe just maybe we'll be able to find 
the error or the short say 65 it's not on okay let's go back all right power is applied we think this is 
the basement we think this is the first floor   my condenser is not on all right let's see let's see if we can find that short be very very quiet hunting rabbit be very very quiet right so right now me wiggling wires 
have a good fuse is not doing anything right i'm wiggling up i heard something just come 
on maybe with another floor all right so now i'm going to do some 
troubleshooting let's get the voltmeter out and   see if we have 24 volts where it needs to be all 
right i'm going to try to show you how i do this   while we carefully check there and there and i have 27 volts trust me let's see 
if i can prove it to you oh come on back here damn it one-handedly this is when i 
wish i listened to some of you guys and   got myself a gopro but let's see 27 volts oh i got a little zap there oh he got me right here i got a little zap there 
oh that felt nice that felt nice i got zapped right there i think our condenser is on right now yep hear that refrigeration hmm your coil's nice and cold yep all right we need to figure out 
why this fan isn't coming on because the condenser and the fan weren't 
running before something's very funky going   on here all right so it's time to go back to the 
basics all right we have this ecm motor this x13   motor we need to make sure that if i give it 24 
volts it's going to power on right because it's   24 volts for speed control yes it gets 240 volts 
but the 24 volts is a control circuitry which   tell it what speed to run on so let's turn on 
the power back on here and i took my grey wire   here now the gray wire which we 
saw earlier on the wiring schematic   right thermostat connection remember the gray 
wire is g terminal g terminal which we know is   fan control we know that the red wire which is 
r is 24 volts so if i take my grey wire to the   24 volts my fan should come on as long as 
there's no problems with this let's do that   right now and i'm just going to use my hands 
my fingers and put to touch these two together   okay and as you can see my fan is 
now running capiche fan is running so let's take that back off 
let's do that a few times   right because there's a little 
bit delay on this so let's let   this power off we're going to turn this 
back on we're going to consistently prove   that if my x13 ecm motor gets 24 volts a signal 
to turn on that it turns on if it doesn't turn   on then we're going to suspect that as a problem 
maybe a bad module or in this case we'll replace   the whole entire blower not just the module the 
motor itself so let's turn this back on okay let's go here and yeah we have 
a little bit of vibration there but she did come on again so 
let's try that one more time   and if that works then we're going 
to eliminate a fan issue power on bingo okay so now i'm going to focus on cleaning 
up these wires because i do know that when i was   first here touching the wires you saw it earlier 
the condenser came on and the blower came on so   let's focus on that let's clean up these wires 
let's use our waygo lever connectors clean this   up that way we know have no problems turn power 
off let's get to work all right so let me show you   what i did uh for my l1 l2 my 240 volt connections 
i have the way go the two conductor lever 221   connectors wire connectors so there's l1 l2 for 
red or 24 volts i have the three conductor way go   so there's 24 volts coming from the transformer 
and then going to the thermostat and maybe another   i don't know spoiler who knows i don't 
know i'm not trying to reinvent the   wheel here this morning because 
it's only 9 15 sunday morning and there we go all right so let's see what happens nada not an effing thing hmm let's go to the nest okay rc and y1 we have 
connected now let's see if the air handler's on negative it is not on something is loose here something is a culprit   i don't know what it is right now and 
i'm gonna figure it out cause i'm pissed my condenser is not on and my blower's not on okay now it's time for 
a little process of elimination as you can see   i'm not taking forever but it took me about a good 
eight minutes to figure out what's going what here   i separated some duct tape from these two line 
sets up there yes duct tape actual duct tape   d-u-c-t not u c k tape right duct tape separated 
that and i realized that we had some a lot of uh   we had these three wire wire nut connections um 
one was going to the other arrow handler one was   going to one was going to this air handler from 
the from the condenser another one was going to   the other this cond air handler from the condenser 
and then we had the thermostat wire there   then i i took my wire going to my um my high limit 
aqueous strap on aqua stat right which was this   wire here and i just put that out of the way and i 
saw that the red wire right here went to 24 volts   and the white wire went to speed tapping 
number one and to verify that that was good   i lowered the aqua stat to a lower temperature 
my fan comes on all right so when we have the   voltage from the sorry the hot water from the 
boiler circling through here that'll sense   temperature turn the fan on so there's no boiler 
control here whatsoever so that eliminates this   now we have red 24 volts going to this wire 
right here this wire we're assuming is going   to the thermostat so let's take off this white 
wire right here and this red wire right there   all right that should be going to my thermostat 
right and remember when i first got here i was   touching everything and then it all of a sudden 
came on condenser and fan so there's something   something up with this wire let's check for 
continuity first touching the wires together   proves that the voltmeter is sensing 
continuity we're going to take these two   one right there oh let's try that again one 
handedly one right there and the other one right   there as you can see we have no continuity 
there this is our thermostat wire all right   we know this is our thermostat wire all right 
but it seems to be going towards condenser   it really does seem to be going 
towards condenser but this was at brown see this is common that's 
common and this is why going to   going to condenser see this is going to 
condenser we have y in common all right we   should label these for the next guy but we'll do 
that later but we have no continuity right here   let's go double check the red and the white wire 
here we'll check it here i cut the wire with my   needle nose and now i have continuity 
say no i don't so let's clean this up   all right so i spliced in some way 
goes here to replace those wire nuts   all right and i still don't have 
continuity right so let's utilize the   green wire so it's not being used let's see if 
we can save the day right now all right so now   i have the green and the white wire connected so 
let's check the continuity downstairs on those so i'm taking off one of my leads off my 
multimeter i'm gonna put it on green and nothing   so now we're gonna take the white put 
it on the red here and let's switch the   white to the red wire 
upstairs and see what happens   okay red and green let's go let's 
see if we hear that multimeter i don't think it's his lucky day nope 
today is not his lucky day that sucks it's upsetting it's upsetting 
because this is the wire it's messed up damn it this is the wire 
right here and let's just check this wire   you know for any loose connections let's go 
right to the source right here so i also went   up there with the red and the green and still 
nothing that sucks so that's the problem uh   temporarily i'm just going to run some just some 
some wiring from here to just outside and at least   have some cooling up there maybe we'll relocate 
the thermostat you know what just to eliminate   the theory that maybe that thermostat is 
controlling this air handler just to eliminate   that possibility let's go to this uh thermostat 
right there right there and let's see if   that controls it some [ __ ] sunbitch you can hear 
this ladies and gentlemen here's our green wire some [ __ ] i had a very very sneaky funny 
suspicion that this was the problem here   that they were mismatched they 
were labeled wrong because because these switches didn't equal was labeled on the 
air handlers and here we are hunting for a goose   making all this noise silly rabbit tricks are 
for kids ladies and gentlemen i want your honest   opinion honest opinion you saw what i just went 
through right you didn't see on video that the   homeowner directed to me to this air handler which 
was labeled first floor right you didn't see that   because it wasn't rolling the camera that is but 
you saw the steps i took to figure out what was   going on here and then we figured out we bypassed 
the nest thermostat we checked for continuity and   then we switched wires and still wasn't going 
still wasn't coming on i mean still wasn't uh   i wasn't satisfied with that answer right 
because i wanted to give them some some   some comfort cooling because as you 
may know or even here in the video that   over the next couple days is going to be like in 
the 80s and you know we need our comfort cooling   when we do you know it's a luxury here in the new 
york metropolitan long island area especially when   you live when you live in service taj mahals how 
many of you now get keep it real how many of you   would have just given up on this not giving up on 
it but saying hey you need electrician to run a   new wire from point a to point b honestly let me 
show it let me see a show of hands and the first   one to say you know mike i would have said i would 
have done the same thing i would have had to bring   an electrician and run a new wire how many of you 
would have done that first one to tell me actually   the first three people to tell me honestly that 
they would have done that i am going to send a   winter 2022 pipe doctor mikey pipes long sleeve 
winter t-shirt too all right it's got the pipe   doctor full color logo in the front and mikey 
pipes if you ain't testing your guests and logo   in the back full color at no cost obligation 
anywhere within the 50 united states right   the first three to tell me they would have done 
they would have walked away told the homeowner   call electrician i got you i got you all right 
it's time for us to switch sides right so i took   the cover off the what was labeled basement 
air handler and i took it over there and   i put it over here and i'm gonna throw 
my little sticker on there i spent   about i don't know at least 40 minutes before 
i figured out that the long run was controlling   the wrong one so that gets a sticker now let's 
focus on this one let's first we're gonna take a   visual observation we have lots of growth we have 
mold and mildew growing inside of here see that   look at all that mold and mildew it is gross 
that is absolutely gross okay so now here we are   you can even see it on the wiring look at 
that you can even see it on the wiring okay   so first thing i'm going to do is check to see 
if we have a blown fuse and can't tell but see   i don't know if you ain't testing you're 
guessing right let me stop guessing all right here we are i got 
the red and the gray wire   and we don't have any voltage 
well let me show you what we have that's what we have we have 
bad motor see that bad motor that sucks i don't remember and motor was 
dead i had to wait wait wait like three days   so the number well you say well you just said 
why always replace motors but if you replace   one motor in 11 years and three systems okay 
that's not so bad but if you replace several   motors over the past 11 years since you've been 
in the house that's a problem so the number one   reason for continuous or frequent or frequent 
i mean like every several years okay you know a   motor should last a lot more than a couple years 
or like five years six years it should right   but sometimes it just dies prematurely i've had 
systems that are three two two three years old   and everything's perfect and it still does it's 
just the same zone right yes it's man-made it's   subject to failure at any of the time yeah but 
the number one failure for let's say you replace   this motor three times in 11 years okay there's a 
problem and the problem is airflow because these   motors if they're not getting enough air 
flow to it and it can't discharge it fast   enough it's called static pressure right and we 
measure that okay professionals measure that yeah   um most people don't but professionals measure 
it but the filters not the filters but at the   equipment itself okay yeah you know before the 
filter after the filter at the equipment itself   yeah so but without complicating things but if you 
had to replace motors over and over and over again   you would have you'd be in big trouble because 
your whole house is finished the basement is   finished all the duct work is concealed right 
you would have to make you'd have to drastically   change the the air distribution system in order to 
right fix static pressure okay but that's not the   case here you have to replace one motor and that 
this motor has never been replaced um but another   thing let me show you downstairs yeah another 
thing i want to show you is what's growing inside   these units no but but the basement system's 
been replaced once before oh it has that's   the one that's been so i always want to show you 
this this is the first floor system this one was   first floor but now we may have this one so this 
is the first floor this is the first one the first   thing i always want to point out you forget about 
why i'm here see all that black stuff on the water that's mold and they'll do all that nasty stuff 
so you need to address that there's easy ways   but there's more complicated ways but it has to 
be cleaned and it has to be treated and it has   to go away does it chew through the wires or 
like it won't shoot through the wires but it's   it's in a cool damp place yeah it's subject to 
growth my wife was telling me maybe i should get   humidifier down here no is this but this is for 
the first floor system you know yeah i'm saying   it's only growing because yeah the easiest way to 
get rid of this permanently is ultraviolet light   sterilization yeah i heard about that yeah all 
right so i pulled the whole blower compartment   out of here i spoke to him about the mold and the 
mildew in here uh we're gonna follow up later in   the week for uh ultraviolet sterilization 
but in the meantime i have a ecm motor   in the truck all right there it is i rescue all 
right a little bit taller than the other one   right a little bit taller but nonetheless we have 
it in the truck and uh we'll be able to fix them   and get them up and running short all right so 
outside i uh took the blower wheel out i took   these two screws out here here and there i took 
the blower out and i cleaned it as best as i can   not using a pressure washer and it's it's much 
better it's much better than what it was it's   not 100 but like i said it's much better 
so i got the flow wheel back into position   i'm going to take off the um the motor mount 
of the motor transfer it over to this one   when i do that i want to pay close attention 
to the positioning of this because i don't   want to be too high or too deep when i mount 
the new motor to the blower wheel assembly one hand is not going to work obviously okay all right so my new motor is in i'm 
just contemplating cutting down the shaft but   i'm going to leave it i'm going to leave it 
or else i think i'll get the shaft blaster   yeah let's get the shaft blaster did you 
really think i was not going to cut that   end of that shaft off i got the sh subco shack 
blaster of course i'm going to cut it off duh there it is the shaft blaster okay nice clean cut there a little bit of annoying 
i can't do it one-handedly you gotta hold hold the   fan um fan squirrel cage you know the hamster cage 
for moving around but not bad all right and yes   it's not 100 but it's a lot better than what 
it was so go kick rocks and play in traffic   trolls all right there's one thing that i 
forgot to pay attention to and don't forget a   good technician as observant of his surroundings 
when i go to slide this bad boy in right i got   to plug in my wires and my harness is not there 
so now i'm going to unbolt it and move it over and there baby perfect perfect all right so now i'm going to 
re-secure the screws back to   the system making sure i reattach ground 
let's get you right there right there   and of course i lost the screw but we have 
some more down there let's get ground on there run away wire no you are not cooperating today mother effer mother effort right there all right so earlier i took a picture   and i labeled my wires right so one was a 
small white wire for heating two was the blue   four was the white wire so put these wires back 
on like that okay they're all nice and snug so   the only thing left to do now is to restore power 
there's power and we're gonna see what happens and there we have it we have blower motor 
see that beautiful beautiful beautiful all right so you think the job is done 
right nope it is 10 to 11.

pexels photo 3807319

Been here since   like 8 40 in the morning my first floor air 
handler has now been properly identified   made the homeowner aware of that as well and my 
blower is on my thermostat's calling for cooling   but my outdoor unit isn't running 
all right basement first floor second floor let's put our bag right there you can hear it hear that contact i pulled 
in contact is pulled in and i checked all   the breakers and they're all on so let's 
go see what's going on inside this bad boy   by the way who uses paper stickers look at 
this paper stickers really no wire hangers all right contact is pulled in as you can see all right no action with the titan pro here wow oh my being lazy damn damn don't be lazy guys 
come on get some bandai and do it the right way   oh look at that we have power motor's hot as [ __ ] the hell's up with this yo stop it stop it oh my god look it doesn't 
shut the [ __ ] up stop it thank god all right she finally shut the 
front door so you got no power there now say   no power let's test this capacitor let's test the capacitor okay what do you think i think she's 
no bueno let's find out 45 5 titan pro   made in china all right so i have one lead 
on common the other one herm i get bupkus   one lead on common the other on fan i still get 
bubkus get nothing so let's get another 45.5   capacitor dual capacitor so would you look at 
that made in the usa a 45.5 370 or 440 dual   run capacitor by amred oh oh my god i think 
i'm going to orgasm just by looking at it so let's take it out of the box and we're 
going to show you a couple differences between   the titan pro and all the other manufacturers 
and the amred it has what we call a cpt   this is the compressor protector terminal and what 
this would get hooked up to this would get hooked   up to your hard start for example right you hook 
up your hard start to that so if the hard start   fails it's going to save the compressor and tell 
it not to run pretty effing smart so our middle   we got our common we have our herm and we have 
our fan look at that amret beautiful so let's   test this because if we ain't tested we're 
guessing right i say it all the time and i   generally practice what i preach not every single 
time but i generally do and we have a 43.9 huh   so 1.1 less than its rated value so let's 
go to get in there let's go to common   and let's go to fan i want to get on 
there baby get on there show me the love   5.2 all right and it's really nifty 
about these look at this it was tested   with 3.8 at the factory with a fan of 5.2 
actually went up 0.1 microfarads from the factory   right df i wonder if that's person who checked 
it no dfsense or something else guys let me know   what df stands for but here it is 45 5 dual run 
capacitor tits i'm going to put this in i got   a piece of band iron we're going to secure that 
inside the electrical compartment and hopefully   this thing will be up and running shortly 
all right there's my new ambride capacitor   i didn't cut the end of the bander as you 
notice i had a little bit too much there   but in case this capacitor gets replaced in the 
next 15-20 years because that's probably how long   it'll last as long as the coil is clean um if we 
need to replace it with a larger diameter one at   least they can reuse the same band iron but you 
know they'll be replacing this condenser before   they replace that capacitor and that's not a shout 
out to amret at all by the way i just know they   happen to make the best capacitors that we can 
buy so let's plug our power and see what happens   that's amazing look at that effin amazing all 
right it's 11 o'clock i've been here for two and   almost two and a half hours and we are now almost 
done all right ladies and gentlemen it is 11 18 in   the morning i got here around 8 40 sunday morning 
and uh last night keeping it real i wasted a good   40 minutes troubleshooting and diagnosing a 
potential thermostat and or thermostat wiring   failure before realizing that i was working on the 
wrong system through no fault of my own it is what   it is ladies and gentlemen it is what it is and i 
told the homeowner right away as you could as you   saw in the early in the video that we identified 
that there was a potential short in the wiring   and we were working on the wrong 
system that he directed us to mother effort my effort luck you know come on 
ah sunday morning oh well got the motor replaced   put the hamrad dual capacitor the 455 in 
there got him up and running and you know what   develop relationships with your clients if you're 
a service and repair a contractor like my company   mostly is have the parts on the truck i know 
it's hard it's expensive stocking literally   tens of thousands of dollars with the stuff on 
your truck but it's well worth it and if you're   selling it for not the right markup of that part 
you're not making any money ladies and gentlemen   you are not amazon right you don't have a a brick 
and mortar store where you can just you know pull   stuff out of a stock out of stock and ship 
it off you know you're a mobile warehouse and   having a mobile warehouse comes with a premium 
right comes with the premium i could have sold   that motor for whatever price i wanted to today 
i could have right because he already knows it's   not available online based on last based on his 
last experience but i had it in the truck mic drop smash that thumbs up button subscribe and hit that 
notification bell to get post notifications when   i drop a video which is almost on a daily basis i 
dropped the video yesterday evening unfortunately   there was some processing errors when the 
video got you know processed on my phone and   i don't know the last three minutes of it was 
just one still clip with just audio playing so   i deleted it i couldn't find the 
original and oh well it is what it is but   at least i got this one video out to you today 
and i'm gonna go run another service call to the   emergency service call in lawrence which is also 
in the five towns and they have a flooded basement   so maybe i'll make it part of this 
video or maybe i won't but nonetheless   stay tuned smash the thumbs up button and be 
well god bless stay safe mikey pipes signing

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