5 Hottest Milwaukee Hand Tools – Do You Agree?

what are the hottest milwaukee tools of 2022 and 
when i say hottest i mean you know the ones that   make you feel oh that's a nice looking tool well 
let's starting at number five we have got the   ratchet pocket screwdriver where was it is in 
the pocket makes sense doesn't it because it is   a beautiful little tool if you watched our videos 
before you'll know how much i love a ratchet sound   oh no it's very nice and it's obviously got 
reverse as well so there we go oh yeah i know   see that it's beautiful it's beautiful it's got 
flat heads it's got posse drives it's got phillips   and it's got some torque bits in it as well 
so seven bits that come with it in total and   they're the long reach bit so you got it on there 
they store on the end and you've got everything   you possibly need and then when you don't need it 
it slides back in the top again oh if i find the   right hole there we go push it back in pop it 
back in your pocket i love these little things   they're very handy you've got everything you need 
in one tool right move on number four is a pair   of pliers but it's not just any pair of pliers 
no it's multi-purpose buys it's got seven uses   it's a beautiful tool now look at this here it's 
a reamer it's a bolt cutter it's a wire cutter   it's a loop maker it's a crimper it's got wide jaw 
pliers and there's also a wire stripper how many   more uses could you want from a pair of pliers 
and they're really good looking they're nice and   again fit nicely in the pocket what more could 
you want so coming in at number three is the 10   inch adjustable wrench why it's quite a basic tool 
but it looks so pretty it is a very nice looking   tool it's got the red detail here and obviously 
milwaukee written on it which we love it's a very   easy tool to use it's got the knurling on the 
threaded bit there just so you can easily grip   it especially got gloves on if you've got oily 
hands there's nothing worse than a smooth thread   on adjustable wrench i know some people don't want 
to use these for nuts and things like that there's   a handy tool just to have a round i personally use 
them more for like bending tin to bend something   straight because you put your bit of tin in there 
and then you can like you bend it or a bracket and   get it back straight again so multi-use again nice 
tool right let's go so number two comes in three   parts yes it is the cheetah pipe wrench we 
previously featured the cheetah pipe wrench in   another video which was the extendable one which 
you can pull in and out which is nice because   you've got a little bit more leverage on the 
long bits but this one comes in three pieces yes   as a standard one is a 10 inch and then you can 
put that bit in which you'll make an 18 inch   or you can put that one in to make it a 24 inch 
to give you more leverage a little bit stronger   design than the one that is adjustable so if you 
want you know a nice bit of leverage on something   this is the way to go the jaws are two and a half 
inches which is what 64 mils and nice big jaws on   them it's just a really nice sturdy tool and you 
didn't know any other uses for it you probably   use it as a hammer or something or like use this 
bit to point at things like you know subscribe   him hint nice tool really nice well made right 
let's move on to number one and coming in at   number one is the milwaukee hacksaw why because 
it's just a hacksaw this is what spurred me to do   this video the hottest milwaukee tools of 2022 
because it's just so pretty it's a beautiful   looking tool i know people don't really use 
hacksaws as much as they used to you know you've   got battery angle grinders and other saws and bits 
and pieces but this has sort of been made a little   bit redundant but it still has its place in the 
market and still very handy if your other tools   you know run out of battery so you can still use 
this good old manpower brilliant but at all but   it's really easy it's got a nice design up here 
so you can just undo that really really easily   and do it back up again it feels like it wouldn't 
really seize up like other ones do with a little   nut down here which is always really really fiddly 
and also it's got the biggest bonus you can undo   that screw there and then you can pull that end 
off and you can store your blades within the   handle yes spare blades because you know what it's 
like you go to hacksaw nail blades blunt in there   pop it out there pop a new one in lovely anyway we 
got a bonus tool so yes we have a five four three   two one and a knot i don't know right find out 
what it is so the bonus tool is a pair of pliers   what's so special about just a basic pair of 
pliers james well this is for people with big   hands like myself you know it's very handy you can 
actually let's just put a comparison another brand   of plier right that's a sort of standard plier 
that is the difference in size i know so you   actually get your full hand around it and it gives 
you a little bit more leverage when cutting things   or like bolts or anything like that just nice nice 
nice nice idea i like it i like big handle pliers   it's also got the crimper inside as well so if 
you're crimping on like battery terminals or   something like that you can really put them in 
there and crimp them in nice and tight so that   is the hottest five milwaukee handles available 
in 2022 sorry you know six hottest handles of   2022.


all these tools here are available on our 
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