NEW Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Narrow Crown Stapler (M18FNCS18GS-0)

Check out the new M18 FUEL 18 gauge narrow
crown stapler from Milwaukee. This unit will sink consistent depth staples
across a range of materials from hard to soft. The staples magazine holds 108 staples at
a max length of 38mm and the magazine is really easy to reload. Press to release the pusher and load the staples
through the bottom. Staple depth can be adjusted with the dial
on the side here whether you want to drive them flush, below the surface or maybe you
want the proud if you are doing upholstery. Once the gun is powered up you've got both
sequential and bump fire options. In bump-fire just hold down that trigger and
press the tip against the surface. It staples faster than you can move with one
staple every twentieth of a second. The design allows you to get nice and tight
to a corner, you've got no pneumatic hoses dragging behind you so it's really user friendly.


Those little tip covers are a nice touch as
well so you won't be marking your work. It's no hassles, it's fast, it's a consistent
18 gauge narrow crown stapler and it's from Milwaukee If you've got any questions about
this unit. Fire away in the comment section below, and
until next time I'm Tim and you're watching Sydney Tools TV.

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