Milwaukee Mud Mixer (Cordless POWER!)

Hey, guys. Today we’re going to be taking
a look at the Milwaukee M18 Mud Mixer. This is a really cool tool.
The model number on this is 2810-22. So let’s go ahead and unbox this.
I really like the new Milwaukee bags. They’re sturdy, and they typically have pockets on
the front and the back. So you got your directions. This kit comes
with two batteries. So you get two M18 XC 5.0 Ah batteries with this kit. And as usual,
you can press the button here, and it’ll show you how much charge you have left. Unfortunately,
we only have one dot left on these, so I’m going to grab a different battery.
You get a charger.

So this will charge both M18 and M12 batteries.
Finally, here’s the mixer. So battery simply slides into the back of
the mixer until you hear the click, and you’re good to go.
So your trigger right here, you just press this. Your control switch is right here. You
press it the whole way to the left, and that’s forward. You shift it into the middle, and
that locks out the tool. And then you shift it the whole way to the right, and that’s
your reverse. You have a nice LED light right here, and
that turns on whenever you press the trigger. The speed dial is right below the battery.
The lowest speed is 100 rpms. It goes from 100 to 200, 300, 400, and then the max speed
is 550 rpms. There’s a lock on the auxiliary handle;
that’s right here. It does take some force to unlock it, but you have to unlock it the
whole way. And then when you do that, you can adjust the auxiliary handle like so.
So what’s nice about this auxiliary handle is that it will rotate 180 degrees.

So whether
you’re a righty or a lefty, this comes in handy. It makes it so very comfortable to
use. Once you have the auxiliary handle on the
location that you want, you just press down the lever and lock it in place.
The chuck key storage is in the auxiliary handle. It’s on the end here, so just pull
it out. And this is great because that way you won’t lose this little tool.

The maximum
chuck size is ½ inch. So whether you’re mixing something like thinset mortar, like
this Ardex X77, or concrete, or even grout, whatever mixing paddle you’re going to be
using, you’re covered using M18 Mud Mixer. You simple slide the paddle into the chuck,
and you just tighten it down like you would on a standard mud mixer. And that’s pretty
much it. By the way, Milwaukee claims that you should
be able to mix up to 15 buckets per charge. Fifteen buckets of what, I’m not entirely
sure, so we’ll have to do some testing here to figure that out.
Just one additional tip for you, this kit does come with the 5.0 Ah battery. If you
want to, you can swap that out and use the 9.0 Ah battery, high demand battery that is,
if you want to get more power out of this tool.
So for example, if you’re going to be mixing a lot of thinset mortar—this is Ardex X77—you
may want to use the 9.0 Ah battery that. Or if you’re going to be mixing up some concrete,
you may want to use a 9.0 Ah battery.

Now if you’re just mixing up grout or some other
mud—so let’s say you’re using drywall mud—the 5.0 Ah battery is probably fine.
And you could probably get away with the 5.0 Ah battery mixing up a bag or two of thinset
mortar. Our first test with the Milwaukee Mud Mixer
was with the high demand 9.0 Ah battery, and we tested using Kerabond-T by Mapei with Keralastic.
So this test was for about half a bucket of Kerabond-T. And as you can see here, this
is at the beginning of the test for when we poured the Kerabond-T into the Keralastic.
No issues whatsoever with the power or the torque.


We got great mixture.
Now we’re testing Ardex X77 with water. This is about a third of a bucket at the beginning
of the test. And no problems whatsoever getting that thinset mortar into the water and getting
a good, creamy consistency which is exactly what you need per the Ardex directions for
X77. So third of a bucket, no problem. What about a full bucket with a 9.0 Ah battery?
Well, no problems again with the torque or the power with the Milwaukee M18 Mud Mixer.
You know, full bucket, it really wasn’t an issue.

And we were surprised, frankly,
that it did so well. So that’s at the beginning of our test, and then this is at the end.
Again you can see the nice, creamy consistency of the X77. That’s what you want before
you start setting tile. So this was with the 9.0 Ah battery.
What about the 5.0 Ah battery? How did that perform? Again, very very well with a full
bucket of thinset. A little bit less power, but not a problem whatsoever. Good results.
What are our final thoughts on the M18 Mud Mixer by Milwaukee? Well first and foremost,
it’s got plenty of power. And you can always upgrade to the 9.0 Ah battery if you’re
mixing heavier materials like concrete. If you’re going to be using this for grout
or thinset mortar or joint compound, the 5.0 Ah batteries will serve you well.
The kit itself is $349; that’s what I showed you today.

You don’t necessarily have to
get the kit if you’re already using Milwaukee tools and you get a 5.0 Ah battery. You can
just use that battery in the Mud Mixer and buy the mud Mixer itself for $199. So it’s
up to you which way you want to go. But this is a great tool. It’s portable. It has an
adjustable handle on it. It’ll serve you well in whatever project that you’re working
on. Now the other thing that we wanted to tell
you is we’re also helping out with different tile setting tools over on our website. So
if you’re looking for angle grinder blades or tile cutters by Montolit, we’ve got those
all over on So if you’re using this Mud Mixer but you’re
also using other tools for cutting tile and for setting tile on shower walls, we can help
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So thanks for watching our video. Let us know
what you think about this Mud Mixer as an option for you down in the comments, and we’ll
see you in the next video..

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