QBRICK STUDIO – Qbrick System ONE vs Milwaukee Packout – ORGANIZERS – episode 14

Hello. Our table today is in red and black as we present Milwaukee Packout versus Qbrick System One. Let’s go! Dear Friends. In today’s episode, we will talk about the similarities and differences between those two systems. Regardless of me being the owner of the Qbrick brand, I will present the characteristics of the Milwaukee’s products, their pros, and cons, with all honesty and objectivity.  Let’s start with Milwaukee. In front of me are two similar products, Milwaukee Packout with a small, half organizer on top, a slim organizer in the middle, and a deep one at the bottom. Similarly looking Qbrick: a half organizer on top, wide and slim one in the middle, an organizer XL forms a base. If we want to compare their size, Qbrick might be a bit bigger. Yes, it is a bit. Let’s have a closer look at the specifics. Let’s remove the top organizer, there is a very clever solution here, for attachment and detachment of the individual modules.

Easy opening with one finger, pull up on the release, and slide forward. Notice the top of the box has indents with a slide system. The bottom of the box has a slide system that fits into the box below and locks into place. This works like magic but we will later point out some disadvantages in regards to this system. Ok, let’s open the organizer. This latch is very decent, part metal closes it tightly. Inside, five removable, plastic containers (bins), with one bigger than the other four. The size and capacity of the containers are similar to Qbrick’s bins from the organizer M. The only difference in length is between the biggest bin – Qbrick’s 23,5 versus Milwaukee’s 19,5.

Functionality-wise the organizers are much similar. Size of the bins, weather seal, see-through polycarbonate lids. But let’s highlight a significant difference in price. For the price of this Milwaukee organizer, you could buy three from Qbrick. This is crucial for our customers who want to buy more organizers inspired by our variety of solutions for tool organizing and transporting. Now, organizer L versus Milwaukee Packout, the slim one. It detaches and attaches the same way as the top one, all of the modules are. The modularity of the Milwaukee system which allows to stack up boxes and organizers in any configuration it’s a true advantage. This slim Milwaukee organizer can be attached to any other box, either at the top or bottom , unlike in the Qbrick system where we need to stack the boxes up gradually.

We attach the organizer XL to the main box at the bottom, only then goes the organizer L or M. That’s how it is with Qbrick. The space inside the two boxes is organized in a similar fashion. But look, what happened? Bartek, show us again. The Milwaukee’s lid doesn’t have the Qbrick’s ‘click’ system that stops a lid from moving, even at this angle, while the Milwaukee lid drops down. They didn’t think of that solution. The space inside, however, is organized pretty much the same.

The Milwaukee’s characteristic metal seals. Let’s mention that the two organizers have seal rubber gaskets, this one is black, Qbrick’s one is red. Ok! Let’s move on. The last organizer, the biggest one, an equivalent of Qbrick’s XL. Let’s look inside. The setup is pretty much standard, with four smaller bins and one bigger one on each side. The difference here is that Qbrick’s one is filled in with bins, Milwaukee's design allows for the gap in the middle, maybe for the transport of longer, narrow elements? We will come back to this. Those bins have small notches for hanging off of hooks if you want to mount them on the wall.

Let’s point out that those notches are present only in bigger bins in the Milwaukee version. Qbrick’s bins all have hanging notches regardless of their size. As you can see in this smaller Milwaukee bin there aren’t any notches, I am able to stand it up but not hang it; similar size in the Qbrick version, I am able to mount that on the wall, regardless of the size of the bin.  Ok, let’s wrap it up.


Those organizers are quite similar apart from the price. Yes, Piotr reminds our viewers of the difference in price. For the price of one large organizer Milwaukee, you are able to get two from Qbrick! One versus two for the same price. It’s important for our viewers to be aware of that, for those customers who need a lot of organizers. Those are equally durable and functional but priced differently. Let’s be objective here. There is a special treat from Milwaukee I wanted to talk about, a small, half organizer but with a depth of a large, XL organizer which accommodates those large, taller bins.

Hence the gap between bins in large organizers we were wondering about earlier. They are using the same bins here which creates that space in large organizers. It is all very useful. But let’s reveal, Qbrick is launching a similar product soon! So subscribe to our channel, watch and give your thumbs up to be updated about our new products and solutions such as this one! Let’s add one more thing. It is an important part of Milwaukee’s history, the stuff of legends today, about how the Milwaukee’s manufacturers warn against standing up or climbing on these boxes, apparently, lawyers got involved in some cases.

This goes back to the ‘magical’ attachment system we admired so much at the beginning. The lid indents with a slide system that corresponds with the slide system at the bottom of the box and locks into place. Those are very durable, extremely solid boxes but standing on the top is not advisable, I am not only talking about the organizers here but about the whole system. Let’s explain. Look again at this marvelous modular system, easily clicking into place. Easy to attach one box to another and easy to get a box apart from another. Easy to operate and connect boxes and organizers. Yet, again, we are not allowed to stand on top of it. Look closely again at those plastic indents in the lid present in every box, I am going under them with a screwdriver just to show you, or look at the bottom of the box. Now imagine standing on top of that, regardless of how solid it is, either polycarbonate or polypropylene, if this gets chipped or some debris transferred from my boot got under that, what a disastrous impact this would have on the attaching system.

We would have to check and clear the stuff from under the indents. We would struggle and that’s a disadvantage of this system. There is a clip-on YouTube about a messy job site where a guy dropped some rubble on top of Qbrick system products, brushed it off quickly, and stuck them up. I can’t imagine this scenario using Milwaukee. I have seen a video of a guy who sells Milwaukee where he happily posed standing on the top of the boxes. I don’t think so, dude.

Check out those polypropylene indents at the bottom, imagine damaging those. It’s not safe, let’s make this clear. The advantage of the system is a fast and easy connection of the modules, disadvantage – don’t attempt to stand on top of them. That’s about it in this episode. To summarise, we have looked closely at the two systems: Milwaukee Packout and Qbrick System One. Both of those are durable, extremely tough, and well-built. There is the main difference, however. For the price of the one Milwaukee Packout system, I am able to buy two similar sets from Qbrick. If we are talking about price-quality ratio Qbrick System One triumphs.

But let me make this clear, Milwaukee is an extremely good quality, professional modular storage toolbox system. Those are sturdy, well-made boxes. Please, remember to like, share and subscribe to our channel as we will follow up weekly with our new products and updates. See what else we have come up with to improve our wonderful Qbrick System! Until then!.

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