Easy Milwaukee PACKOUT Mod (Charging Station)

[Music] do you have the milwaukee pack out system have you been considering about getting into the milwaukee pack out system the one thing you're going to run into is modding your pack out system we all get there it's part of a versatile durable modular system that begs to be modded guys and i want to take you through the mods that i'm about to do on this 100 pound capacity large toolbox from milwaukee's pack out system it's part number 48228425 the measurements are about 16 inches in depth i'll put exact measurement measurements here in a bit but 16 inches in depth about 22 inches this way and about 11 inches high this guy can take quite a bit it sells for about 80 at home depot and it it is perfect for what i want to do i want to create a charging station for all my drills and and different things that i'm that i work with there's just enough space to put a dual charger in it from makita and i'm gonna go ahead and set this up in a way that hopefully works for me maybe the model worked for you all right guys let's get right into it so this is the makita dual charger that i'm thinking about putting in here the one of the things that we have to take into account is that this uses a fan to keep the batteries cool as it charges the batteries and yes i understand the how sacrilegious it is for me to use makita with my milwaukee pack out system guys i like makita and i like milwaukee's pack out system i am brand agnostic but i have my preferences and i really like my makita stuff so let's get that in here and one of the things that i want to do is i'm trying to decide do i want to pop it up here and do it that way but one of the things that i've thought about and kind of want to do is set up the trays right here there's two trees that come with this right with this box or it'll come with one tray but either way you can fit two trays here and i want to have all my batteries charged and set up on the trays i want the charger set in the bottom so that it can charge and i want to drill a hole on on one of the sides maybe this side or that side so that i can run a power cord and plug it up and start charging batteries on the job site so i've gone ahead and purchased this from amazon this guy right here it'll it'll just sit on the side there i think i can make it you know just um sit like that and then i'll have a power cord on the outside just plug it in here and plug in the power and keep this plugged in and i'll be ready to start charging batteries all right guys it's time to install the cord cobra slim system from packable which is basically two l brackets that go on the two aluminum pillars right here on the milwaukee pack out system and guys these things are not glass reinforced they look to be 3d printed you could see where the lines are that the 3d printer made i went ahead and did not print these myself or get them printed by a friend because i wanted to support a small business as you know i'm not sponsored or paid by anybody i also wanted to go through the experience of a regular customer so that i could bring that experience to you and share my thoughts dealing with packable was a good experience with the exception at the moment when i purchased these unfortunately he was having an email server outage and was also inundated with orders but once he got past all those problems he emailed me properly and resolved the issue the lead time for these was almost a month and i thought that for most customers that may be unacceptable but wanting to support a small business i didn't care i was okay with that it did put my video behind but that's okay uh it was worth doing it i think he's resolved a lot of those issues he's caught up with his lead times he did a really good job on explaining that he did have this lead time at the time of purchase so it's to be expected guys it's gonna happen but as you know i'm gonna bring you the good and the bad of everything so that it's a fair assessment so if you would go to packable support the guy unless you have a 3d printer and you can 3d print these yourself it would really help out a small business all right let's get these [Music] installed [Music] so so [Music] do [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you


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