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My name is X Yoda and this is the HVAC Fake news a rift is beginning to form Between HVAC technicians in northeastern States and HVAC technicians in Southeastern states Thinking that the northeastern states Don't have the ability to service air Conditioning because they're not exposed Southern states are starting to become Cocky in their thinking For more on the story we go straight to Boston to HVAC technician Jimmy Kilkenny Hey I'm Jimmy I'm from up in Boston and I just want to tell you I don't I don't Dislike Florida I don't think Florida is A bad Pace I don't think that it's bad That people like to service air Conditioners there I just want to tell You right now this is coming from my Heart these people think that God's gift To air conditioning and the knot and They just need to be put in their place That's all I'm saying Boston's got Summas what do you think we don't have Samus up here you think someone doesn't Come up here Like it's not hot ever We have hot months there's not as many There may not be 12. there may not be 12 Hot months but there are some so Florida I'm just telling you to step off a Little bit all right because you're Coming on a little strong here with all Your air conditioning talk so just

Realize we're both cut of the same cloth Here and you know better than anybody Else that's all I want to say here That's all I want to say Jimmy kill Kenny with Stern words for uptight stuck Up Floridian technicians we tried to get A Floridian technician on the air but we Do not employ a translator at the recent HVAC manufacturer longevity and Reliability convention many splits have Finally gotten on the board receiving a Very exciting award increasing their Longevity by over 10 percent whereas old Systems in the unitary category would Last roughly 14.7 years and have stayed There for the longest time many splits Have increased their longevity breaking The mold going from 3.6 years to 4.2 Years congratulations mini splits In fact speaking about Mini Splits while We're having this conversation seven new Brands of Mini Splits have been Introduced on Amazon and Alibaba so Congratulations to the newest Brands Cool so good Ice wall Chill time Wind cool Chill time ultra so good feels so good And cool best air conditioner America And Katie Wampus heating and air a large Company in Iowa has introduced a new box They put on job sites in cold weather That allows people to warm their hands

With a nice hand massage machine Reportedly one of the technicians that Went into the booth Jimmy Joe Johnson Accidentally sat on it and hasn't come Out of the booth since For a few hours he was rumored to be Dead but little moans can be heard from Time to time in a recent turning of the Tables HVAC technicians called out to The aforementioned Boom Boom Room we Mentioned it last time have been able to Turn the tables on their dancer Counterparts whereas they've always been Strung out wanting more now when they Ask to service the air conditioners the Technician said we will listen to them For ten dollars and touch them for a Hundred my name is zax Yoda and this was The HVAC fake news [Music] All right [Music]

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