Easy Milwaukee PACKOUT Mod – PIMP it with Packible

[Music] hey everybody it's at the old tech guy and today let's pimp out my milwaukee pack out 22-inch rolling toolbox part number 4822-8426 i will be installing the packable left-handed level lizard with the included hardware and the joey rolling pack out front mount bracket kit with included hardware they even sent me some candy that's awesome per packables website the joey is a 100 percent precision cnc machined product built completely out of aerospace grade 6061 t6 aluminum and the hardware is all stainless steel they also claim that this is a no drill installation allowing for your toolbox to stay waterproof since i've installed these packable products on my rolling cart it continues to work just like it did from the day i purchased it i have found no issues at all and i have the added benefits that these products provide as you're probably thinking if you've been watching the rest of my milwaukee pack out series as i mod all my milwaukee paco boxes you can tell that i've been steadfast towards my loyalty to packable this is probably a perfect time to mention that i am not sponsored by anybody i'm not paid by anybody i absolutely did not receive any compensation or affiliate links when ordering the products from packable i didn't even use my youtube name so that they wouldn't know who i was not that i'm big enough for anybody to care but i wanted to bring you guys a completely unbiased view of their products some of you have mentioned that you have some concerns as to packables lead time being two to three weeks and even more and the truth is i have to agree with you i don't like it at all i actually think in order to compete in today's market with amazon being the overshadowing example you have to produce and deliver goods a lot faster the only solace i can offer you and myself is that by ordering through packable you are supporting a small one-man business which is homegrown here in the u.s of a and i'm hoping that one day he'll grow large enough to actually compete with some of those amazon delivery times i hope packable does a great job i hope you grow if you're watching this video i'm wishing the best for you guys let's try to support any small business we can unless of course you can 3d print this yourself all right guys let's go ahead and watch the rest of this install i'll put some music on and guys do me a favor if you haven't subscribed consider subscribing and hit that like button so that i can keep making videos just like this [Music] [Music] don't [Music] you


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