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Hi friends welcome back to my channel and today's video is about air conditioning split in this AC compressor is faulty I will explain you step by step about how to replace the compressor and stay tuned till the video ends we have LG 1.5 ton AC with us initially, we will open the entire body let us start now all the screws are removed now we will remove the front cover now remove the side cover and we have already remove the connections when we checked it on site we found compressor body shot that's why we removed compressor wires firstly now we will remove this cover wiring is already removed on site so the cover is also out now now we will de-breeze the discharge and suction of compressor play we will remove the compressor out before we do the breeze we do rub with emery paper by doing this the pipe gets cleaned and breezing also can be done easily copper melts So this pipe is cleaned and always remember when you change the compressor to keep open this both valves otherwise the heat generated inside , so Keep checking always valves are open before doing.

The two valves are open if you are changing 410 or R-32 compressor you can vacuum this from both ends but initially you need to remove the gas which is inside why because the gas is flammable vacuum for 5 minutes each side so that you do not let any gas inside . remove the Air totally from inside we are not doing vacuum for this because it is a 22 type of compressor and this valve is opened since long time let us start the De-breeze now both the pipes are breezed out we will remove the valve plate before removing the compressor which has one screw it is easy to work if you remove this Now this suction line got separated we will keep it a side Fine,kept it a side…

We will open the Bolt now we will lift compressor up as the base bolts open. Now, the compressor is out. now you need to check whether the new compressor Bolts are matching we bought this Whirlpool compressor actually it is not Whirlpool compressor authorised spare parts of Whirlpool compressor imported by Whirlpool let us see which compressor is there inside see the sticker – imported and marketed by Whirlpool 3.75 Amps , R-22 gas is there inside let's see inside, the company make of the compressor this is GMCC compressor of 1 ton you can find the model number here So, let us set the base screws How do the bolts match You can see, now it is fit in place but the position is not correct the receiver came out and it touches the body It can not accommodate Suction pipe too..

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Hear it hits this must be in middle actually Just moving 3 or 4 inches inside will do fine. let us try to accommodate by adjusting actually this must be the position, we have removed the side sheet this must be the actual placement You can see here and I have observed many of the technicians fixing it on a single Bolt .which should not be done take sufficient time and do the best work what I am doing now here , I will weld 3 new bolts hear from this three sides by taking 3 big bolts for weld on it firstly I will mark Like this All the three See the markings, here one Here the other and the 3rd one here So, iam going to weld all the three Like this as you see And I will make compressor to fit all the three bolts welding done We will fix the compressor on it.

Firstly We will put a rubber (the one which is made for the old compressor) So that, the compressor stands little bit higher so let's fix the compressor on it Finely accommodated now the receiver also gone back We will put spacer in the middle of the bolts In all the three All the three Bolts are fitted Now, we will start breezing Suction and Discharge So, both pipes breezing is done Let this cool naturally. Don't make it cool with wet cloth. Otherwise, you will find crack of you do so Breezing is done. We will let it cool naturally. Now we move forward and will start the fitting process so our AC is completely fitted now now we will start. I have kept the wire Temporary in the plug Let's Start if you look at the ampere Amphere rate 3.6 wattage is around 630 and Voltage 230V will switch the compressor If you want to purchase this meter, providing you the link description below in this video.

You can purchase it from there ???? It displays everything Voltage, Ampere, Wattage, and Energy Now the AC is stop Everything is perfect So Friend's…..
we will end up here for today Today you learned "How to install the new compressor"???? and those who are new to the channel, Please Subscribe and press the bell icon for sure Friend's let us meet in the next video Till then
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