I Cant Believe Harbor Freight Sells This HVAC Tool

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And there's a reason why I want to talk About Harbor Freight again guys are like Are you kidding me no I'm not kidding You it'll be all right okay let's check It out I'm gonna bring up the other Screen Hey look it's Harbor Freight but There's something here I want you to see Just take it easy all right New tools and what is this what is this Thing that says Doyle premium ratcheting Tubing Bender kit 129 okay I saw this I Was like whoa It was longer than that but we have Concerns about time limit The doyle premium ratcheting tubing Bender kit no one's reviewed it it's Brand new and they say they compare it To the CPS Black Max this thing looks a Little familiar doesn't it the color Dyes and stuff Doyle this this looks like it is like The CPS right it looks very similar I Don't own the CPS I gave a CPS away but Bimko's not here so I don't know but This thing has the colored dies going From 7 8 down to whatever the small size Is and this comes with a reverse bending Mandrel Look at that reverse bending mandrel Guys in Harbor Freight sells this thing For 129. now a lot of you guys are like Well I wouldn't buy it because it's at Harbor Freight I don't shop at Harbor Freight while you swirl your wine glass

And talk with your cigar in your mouth At the Country Club okay it's okay You can try Harbor Freight just to see If the thing breaks I'm pretty sure you Just bring it back and they give you Another one Man it'd be great it'd be great And I just want to say again thank you To Clint that's a cool thing that I Didn't know could happen giving somebody A membership that's really really cool Awesome I appreciate it Oh it picks for you so you just do it And it picks somebody well it picked a Good guy to do it because it's the guy Who very positive and watches the show So that's that's cool So guys check it out man check it out I Mean I don't want to get I don't want to Get bogged down a Harbor Freight but They got a bunch of new stuff and harbor Freight stuff started out at suck back In the day it's a lot better now Like this bad boy here the 20 volt Brushless cordless quarter inch compact Three-speed impact driver kit for 97.99 And then compare it to Milwaukee and you Guys are like what no way Hey look online this thing's a straight Up Beast it's pretty awesome Pretty awesome That's just that's just mine that's just My thoughts right there I would go to Harbor Freight and I did yesterday I

Love it I love Harbor Freight so so much I love it so so much it's wonderful

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