Milwaukee Gen 3 M12 Impact Driver Comparison

guys i have recently gotten my hands on the 
new gen 3 m12 impact driver from milwaukee   i'm gonna i'm going to compare 
it with the old one so stay tuned okay here they are side by side the first 
thing i have noticed that many of you may   have had trouble with is y'all 
see over here on the clip   that tiny little screw in there that keeps 
coming out i had to super glue that in   over here they seem to have rectified that with 
a bigger screw that has a torx and flat head   capability so you can tighten that down properly one of the things i was excited about was was 
that it might be shorter than the other one let's see if we can stand these off that it is only slightly shorter can you see that difference right there i mean we are talking about a fraction of an inch so if you were wanting to buy one 
just because it might be shorter   yeah maybe this ain't the one for you but 
while we're up front here on this end we now   have three led lights instead of just this one 
right here and it does seem to be a little bit thicker as far as the diameter 
of the motor and impact mechanism i um i don't know if the three speeds on it have gained power or not 
in fact i've been recently using it in speed one   to see if that will suffice when it comes 
to doing the undoing screws in sheet metal anyway i thought y'all might find that interesting 
i just happened to get a hold of that so um   i was going to share that with you thanks 
for watching i'll catch you on the next one

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