P0651 5 Volts Reference 2 Circuit | Troubleshooting P0651 Fault Code | GMC Yukon XL

Whats up mga katropa! I have here GMC Yukon XL 2016 model Customer complain When turning the steering wheel to left or right car lost power lets check and roadtest to see the problem So guys this is the trouble code P0651 5 volts reference 2 circuit lets check the data go to TAC Data Look for 5 volts reference check this lets see then if its 5 volts reference will change Guys if i turn the steering wheel to left or right it lost power full steering check the status of 5 volts reference see..

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Malfunction status should be steady on OK lets go back to the shop now so guys lets check first with ALLData the trouble code P0651 5 volts reference 2 circuit lets check with ALLData what is the possible cause of 5 volts reference Lets check the P0651 trouble code so lets open AllDATA For this car i use since it new model I use ALLData Online click that all data just wait click repair look for model this one is 2016 GMC XL Go to GMC Truck model Yukon XL 5.3 8 cylinder go to diagnose trouble code look for the trouble code P0651 scroll down scroll down this is now the trouble code P0651 5 volts reference 2 circuit look for the possible cause this one is 5 volts reference 1 if this code appears on you scanner just focus on this possible causes there are only 2 possible cause of 5 volts reference 2 brake pedal position sensor and crankshaft position sensor lets check the brake pedal position sensor so mga katropa i already check the brake switch there is no problem so the problem is crankshaft sensor we need to replace a new one we just lift the car and replace we need to remove the starter first because the crankshaft sensor is inside just remove this first so i already replace the crankshaft sensor lets roadtest lets look for the wider road since i am going to full turn the steering and check if its still malfunction lets check again the 5volts reference lets check if its still malfunction full steering then sudden steering check if it changes so guys its okay now no more malfunction Here it is no more problem lets then inform the customer there's another one Chevrolet Sub urban the problem is transfer case encoder is not functioning just waiting for the spare parts just wait for my next vlog on how i troubleshoot 4 wheel drive and on the other side of the shop another car for repair Caprice 2002 model problem is engine dies off thats why i seldom vlog since im very busy loaded with work and there is another one scheduled Silverado problem is steering and another GMC same problem 4 wheel drive but that one needs to schedule i need to finish this two first Please continue to support my youtube channel and i will upload more videos the car problem that has been resolved Thank you mga ka tropa!

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