Top 5 Problems Jeep Wrangler JK SUV 3rd Generation 2007-2018

In this video, we're gonna be going over the
top five problems on this third-generation Jeep Wrangler. Now, there's nothing wrong with this vehicle. There's nothing wrong with owning one or buying
one. Every vehicle has their problems. These are just the top five that we have found
for this one. Number one, the heater core. So, you may notice as you're driving when
you have the heat on, the heat isn't as good as normal or it's not working at all. And what's going on there is the heater core
is actually plugging up. These two lines go to the heater core and
the heater core is located in the dash. Now, there's a couple of things you can do.

You can pop these lines off and put a garden
hose on the end and just be careful and flush out the heater core. You don't want to put too much pressure in
there when you're doing that. Or if it's really bad, you might actually
have to replace the heater core, which it's a really big job. You have to take the whole dash apart and
stuff. It's pretty involved. How you can prevent this is actually changing
your coolant regularly. You can drain the cooling system, top it off
with good coolant. And it wouldn't be a bad idea to just pop
those heater core hoses off, run some freshwater through there every time you do that. Number two, EVAP system codes. Now you might get a check engine light with
an EVAP code. You might notice if you check your gas cap. Just go up to it, first give it a wiggle,
see if it's loose. It has to be sealed properly. So, you want to make sure you check the seal.

And if the seal looks like it's dry rotted
at all, replace the gas cap. And then just check the ratchet. This actually feels a little bit on the loose
side, so it'd be a good idea to replace this at this time. This is a pretty common issue. Most of the time, it's just the gas cap. In addition to the gas cap, there is also
a leak detection pump that is a common problem on these vehicles. It is pretty much like a EVAP vent valve,
and it's located right on this EVAP canister at the back.

pexels photo 3964704

You just replace this valve right here, clear
the code, and it should be good to go. Number three, valve cover gaskets. Now when the valve cover gaskets actually
leak oil, they're located right here on this side and right here on the other side. They're actually pretty difficult to get to. There's a lot of stuff that needs to come
out to actually do this job. But you may notice a smell of burning oil
first, and it's probably not gonna get to the point where you see oil dripping on the
ground, but you'll notice the smell. And if you look along the corners of the gasket
or of the valve cover itself, you may see oil dripping down onto the exhaust. They gotta be replaced. Number four, O2 sensors. If you have a check engine light with an O2
sensor code, chances are it needs the O2 sensors to be replaced. You have four of those O2 sensors. And they could also cause the engine to run
rough. Now it's a good idea not to neglect these. If they are bad, you need to replace them
because you don't want to cause damage to your catalytic converter, which will be very

Number five, water leaks. Most of the water leaking into the vehicle,
you'll notice it'll come in right here, whether it's the gasket up top here or even the door
gasket itself. And there's a gap right there. Water can get in there. And sometimes it's not just the gasket itself. If you replace the gasket, it may still leak. You may have to add a little bit of foam liquid,
some tape, on the backside of it to get near that area. You might have to get creative, and also this
area right here. Now, some of these have different types of
gaskets. Some of them have gaskets on this side and
some are just on the door side, but it's a pretty common problem. You might find it on your carpet when you're

It might not be right on the pad, but underneath
the floor mat, you might see it there. So those are the top five problems that we
have found with this vehicle. If you've had a Jeep Wrangler and have any
common problems or other problems, leave us a comment below. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe
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