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Assalam-u-alakum Friends! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our You Tube channel Forever Tech In which we are making informative videos for you And will keep continue in the future So Friends , Today we will talk about O General Dc Inverter Ac And we will discuss with you its error code Whenever the light start blinking on the display of the unit And the unit get stop …….. and stop working So how can you bring it back to working condition Friends , You are watching the video ………. and If you are new on our channel So then Subscribe our channel Also Press the Bell Icon so that you can get upcoming videos notification If you liked the video ……. must like and share it So Friends , Before knowing the O General Dc Inverter Ac error codes It is very important to understand its display As you can see on the display Operation , Timer , Super Quiet options are available So whenever error code occur with the combination of Operation and Timer on the display So that Operation light blinks will called as a main blinks And the Timer blinks will be the sub blinks And the sub blinks shows the specific error code This is O General Dc Inverter Ac Indoor model See this is the indoor unit whose error codes today we will discuss with you First of all we will pass it electric We pass the electric Then we turn on the unit After we turn on it , Timer light has immediately start blinking Now the Indoor is turn on And see the Timer light is blinking And it is blinking 2 times Whenever this situation comes That as soon as you turn on the electric And unit Timer with in 10-15 seconds starts giving you the blink 2 times So we will called it as a Serial signal or Communication reverse error at the start up When you pass electric to the unit and immediately this error occur So we will call it communication error It can have some reasons In your Outdoor unit PCB is having any fault or it is not working completely Or its fuse has burnt Or the wires between the Indoor and Outdoor has get disconnected Or whole the wires has get loose Or the wires are attach inverted Whenever this type of situation will come So it will give us 2 times blink on the Timer And it means communication error And for its solution First of all check the wires And after this check its Outdoor PCB fuse If these all things are alright And the electric of these models of O General passes from Indoor to Outdoor So electric is passing there If your Indoor is on then electric is present there So it means that fuse has get burnt Or your PCB is dead So you have to check it Get your PCB and wiring alright Or get PCB repair So your this error will get finished

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