Panasonic Inverter Ac Timer Light Blinking Problem | How To Check H11 Error On Panasonic Ac Remote

welcome to our channel Forever Tech Subscribe our channel press the bell icon so that you may get every upcoming videos notification Like and share the video lets start the video Asalam-u-lakum Friends! I am Daniel Robin and you are watching my Youtube channel Forever tech and in this video we will talk about Panasonic DC inverter Ac error codes as friends you know that their are different models in Panasonic Inverter some models are with Digital display and some models are non digital display in which light blinks so we will talk about those light blink of DC inverter and we will tell you about it that through your remote how can you easily find its error codes if its light is blinking its erroe code will come into its digital form Stay with us……..Watch video till end If you are new on our channel …… HURRY UP ……! Subscribe our channel Like and Thumbs up the video So Friends ! This is Panasonic DC Inverter Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton and have come for repairing This is its outdoor This is its indoor Now we will pass electric to it and we will start it and we will show you which error code will occur We will pass electric to it and we on it Now through remote we will on it Now error code will occur we will tell you that through your remote how can you find error code as you can see error code has occur on Timer See light is blinking So now we have to find its error code For this you must have Panasonic original remote control This is its display As you can see down 4 points SET CHECK CLOCK RESET We will press CHECK button Press done Hold it down for a while See its screen is blank you can see 2 dots on screen It means 3 digit code will take place For this what you have to do As you can see 2 in the center and arrows on the sides We will press these arows up and down After pressing when code will occur and our indoor unit will beep 4-5 times after this it will confirm our code We will press it again now we will up and down it 1 as you can see H2 occur beep beep beep beep beep sound As you can see on H11 error code indoor unit beep 4-5 times this means that H11 is its error code or H11 fault when H11 error code occur on Panasonie DC Inverter Ac it means that in technical language it is known as communication error in common language it is known as when indoor and outdoor ends communication when communication ends so it means it will show you communication error it can have 2 to 3 reasons your outdoor circuit get damage of any reason or burnt or fuse blown after this if it totally get damage Its IPM or Module cause problem beside this if your electrical wires which join indoor and outdoor circuit they cause any problem or gets disconnect or get off or get loose or is eaten by a mouse so then it will show you communication error for this you have to change its circuit or you have to check its wires so then you can fix its error

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