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Use the shop talk discount code to save Eight percent when purchasing all of Those great tools at is offering some cool Deals now I think I'd show you guys Those deals and remember you can use our Shop talk discount code here to save Eight percent on many of the items in The store The first deal is a Testo promotional Deal purchase in complete Redemption Form to claim your free gift so don't Forget to fill out the form it's a free Testo manometer via mail-in rebate which Is kind of like an old school way to do It but hey if that's what they want to Do that's what they want to do and you Can see that there are several devices That apply The next gen test are 300 Let's see Testo 310 and I think that's One that especially if you don't have an Analyzer it's a really good one to have There's one version with a printer here And then there's one version without the Printer so the Testo 310 I think is a wonderful idea because it Gets you into that combustion analysis Ballpark without putting you back quite As much money now because of inflation This thing is a little bit more Expensive than it used to be used to be Around six hundred dollars looks like It's 737 now but at least it's part of a

Promotion and if you want to get the Printer you can for just a little bit More a True Tech tools also does a Monthly giveaway if we look back here we Can see they gave away an articulating Inspection camera well it's nice hit Micro pocket 2 compact thermal imaging Camera True Tech tools also gave away Accutools true blue hoses and field Piece vacuum pumps looks like this month You could win a navag deluxe mini split Tool kit all you have to do is enter Let's see let's like to enter here we Just click on the link True Tech tools monthly giveaway it's Pretty much all the information you need And you have your name email address and Phone and that's it so pretty easy to Enter it's really low effort there and You might win something very nice that Would cost you a ton of money otherwise So you might as well do it

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