Replacing the Solenoid: Rain Bird Residential Valve Troubleshooting

[Music] sometimes the valve does not turn on even though the irrigation controller is sending power to it if the valve worked previously the other valves are still working and you have checked that the valve wiring is connected then this may mean the solenoid needs to be replaced first shut off the main water supply to your irrigation system disconnect the wires to the solenoid by cutting them or by unscrewing the wire nuts turn the solenoid counter clockwise to remove it install the replacement solenoid by rotating it clockwise until it is hand tight be careful not to over tighten the solenoid as you could damage the valve turn the irrigation water supply back on turn the solenoid counterclockwise one quarter turn to allow water flow next connect the solenoid to your sprinkler timer use watertight wire nuts to protect the connections from water connect the white wire on all solenoids to the common wire which is also usually white then connect the other solenoid wire to a power wire which is usually colored each solenoid should be connected to a different color wire your rain bird valve is now ready to use [Music]

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