welcome back friends welcome to my electric hub recent colossal amico ultra magnetic induction and leadership panel and I mean Faraday's laws insulin when important topics are having explained Jason II put a dent in alternating circuits telecom fundamental self make you briefly explain gesture on alternating current and deity current to continuously very open to the happy sine wave no problem Monica first only so in the algorithm current Calaca symbol on each icon of a positive cycle interval can have another need to have cycle enter a slaw alternating current energy allows me you could solder a single generator this Coulomb North Pole South Pole flex on a–they North Pole and South Pole key mode so you press the flux a North Pole and South Pole more than the image element of conduct running play season so a conductor Oh Eve flux any adjustments car-chase to easy mono rotates alone system do you want to prime over pretty typical of just like 1/10 Amana you have latex taste known an alternate on quality say approach theory rotation on tape Luxan car chase in the EMF and of the individual to be high in design him fef are allowed to them tell Kayla so either alternating current or alternating voltage whatever it may be he hot pole they run approve past off site was new connector rotate IJ South Pole the coaches are key negative signal constantly secret so don't leer in the poll sunlight to Polson upper monarchy of cycle of children for example for pours from il Finelli Dylan for porcelain for pools no completed as many city market to cycle suspect now again Kevin Poulsen incontinent and poor something n by two cycles of step and so the fundamental sufficiency mean yet and time again frequency gentleman AOL local equipment used to them either frequency is equal to 50 Hz ultimate one Indian there is not contain 40 inches we had a control of error number we're going to mirror India coach is equipped en su if you please there is a turn time frequency at the number of cycles per second and then what the complete pass to completeness I get and I walk second okay unicycles ooh completely near done in frequency and in da lux you said 250 Hz 58 Center okay ii love he toured it comes blitz cycle super nokia 5110 random so it could have camp or something called a you happy pair – sigh – saman again generate all that I throw the frequency and 80 cycles per second so um be paid to into second unit kilometer I'm going to 60s though so young people 2 into 16 superheroes only NP by 16 – to 120 the frequency number of cycles per second make a physical temple you want to really Charlie important example ingest that entire tour sister'll spear is that who frequents introduces Laden tear frequencies third pole sister to speed after Oblomov michael shara important I don't know just for me read a purchase economy cowards the notes for a middle-class quote you need frequency with yourself you have I get next to EAC we have no name a foreman because an engine on a quota term Sasuke market time period to maximum voltage sue like a [ __ ] shifter in period under Turkish IQ moon computer key only walk or cycle complete cheering can-am today is put on the done in time period t enter maximum value because I don't sign available in a positive cycle is an intox it'll first to have cycle American reality and for example the voltage I'm not going to be a father [ __ ] I am both like a negative maximum ahead we have another year on is taught a 90 degrees from hexagon mala 180 key zero Mella – 90 key name to maximum my sword – suit 270 key name to match moon like it 360 jido easy I'm gonna pass to V maximum to me they wanting to v-max won't you can maximum value and a waveform who is the point desert under that maximally under time period until makkah cycle complete out on K and the time of the TSP Danzo Danny time I am required to complete one cycle is counted time period depends on the relative frequency intend a number of cycles per second frequency school cycle per second car hazel it is so easy you need to edit them ago frequency routine I have an Indian of liquid sample 50s of course I can again focus I can give up cycle didn't do the second of these complex yourself next to assert a main AC Lamar gain important to kono name of a tenday RMS value Y average value if you Charlie important so Aramis valiantly Aramis valiantly the Aramis rally of an AC is equal to that DC because I EAC ante alternating current to DC until direct current so come on AC push yourself P wave form a logon to the alternating pause to negative first to other DC what you said again better to go down then partially I don't under so here n didn't mean you just come on over RMS value everything just third the RMS value after an AC is equal to that BC which delivers the same average power to the resistor yes the algorithm current it is dinner table Aramis I know circuits 100 statement Buckner Bertrand simple house register these four numbers when I start this problem arrestor gain 10 amps DC current energy mana supply hm stay for example 100 watts and I heat and the generate Jason Uncle Tom Skerritt o DC current to the resistor low flow in a puddle example hundred of arsenal but immense power energy dissipation am called I like a this cm resistor cm value if I want to not go to the same five on sonali cm really of resistive these Kunene 100 watts heat and a generator voluntary jumper AC current a wall darkness rms value of EC current under so I are a match is equal to I am a root challi important because the example over our root note of exiting of course we are going to go serene and he Aramis anti-jam Beirut tool I like to see him we are mustn't IBM Beirut then the relation amigo conclusion or good food and like a average value same monarchy heating use promo know I have my smelly find her chest on average really could you sell charge floor no no carpaccio scoonie theories my little time to adjust them average value ante I am a parameter another ayah or a zoo we are resented VM by PI here n dakota only flu sign here falou pass to have cyclone dolly Neil Turok cyclone and the flu sign America here in the Carmel Valley well off your money sir keep harmless Marco thingy the only food next to Aramis when I pin the average really nicely put it on the practice of form factor peak factor so you ready to be the last time ever let me gooo so 2017 or cancel happen question such a fun fact trent a Aramis rally by average value being really anthem to the 1.21 one is very calculate G torture Aramis Valiente nd I am been route to how original intent I am been by the economy rule calculate the galaxy cerumen on penguin almost no cellphones I like a peak factor peaked at 20 maximum valuable Aramis really he's got a mill calculate Chester personal a one point two for one for us irin devalue super above we all is only valid for full will sign them Philippe Huet remain he be valid because cm the analyst be cool the products will go to use of chemical you had products are addictive s anatomic marrow Charlton over all your name even millennia cause they're gonna see them so you can hedge good to mean uppercut that easier next to disappear AC logo DC question said pay for example for the way from this Poonam d0 easy voltage and coordinating current under they you know DC put your city can you see what you said I didn't do ox RA and it looks on anger start out for example mr.

Boutrous step this for another Pandey identifiable or in do a firm so sorry start to think and then you know inductor capacitor grantees color and quality my zero for the time capitalist for example you could become a voltage may have found these column if the jira they could starting in the contradicts the way for one of the country's Lumia phone so okay if your may know intense return to him face and the interfaces repellent is not a chance for Charlie important because a bounty ninjas are no zero and installed a secret phase under the zero bond an akuna mono corrective a for MU 0 ninja tracking some how did face and 0 for example Nina BFF I couldn't hold is another Giuliana start a current doctor gave me in the gap because gap itch in the Rotunda Volta start Jason erotica theoretically I don't have started a flowing so eg happened to Sarah Deena phase difference until he fired a infps angle under so face Huntley attend to her example cursor on D is a total liability here more tea bed too often the capital either T before so T way for going to get them the VM only so the T which is at 0 in and take a G run in Stata in the continues to 0 and chip like button he click oj Sergei is the starting the car would come to 0 the maximum output current start open alternate magenta tea wafer and a time difference and the children eat I'm to e difference in l1 of phase angle ooh you find a face angle under ooh you difference in a phase difference Center so on a phase angle differential and a phase difference differential alarm here ended to be a firm speck of frequency more to come for circa CM undone cm like what they ought not for example what if you pho nomenal 100 hits on that one for example voltage these Connelly it if you pierce ooh 58 0 psyche temperature 100 hey chill any cycles complete just the two cycles come to HSN welcome to the so element in phase difference mono mono defend Shayla defenses to put phase difference again is firing angle will check out that it continues come anyway and the timepiece who know he fire a different solar in Dakota flows one time Anakin purchaser came out in the 0 be cut up if the maximum I said male GI button mala jeera he said get into JIRA 'then so you can wanna hit until then do Korean tagalog identity echo frequency same Kaleo gravity mono phase difference with an affair so the Anglican a differential em so PS difference going to face Anglican differential and the compass rigor indo para siempre pansy torn down the cuts are on phase a polonaise for example of reference this work reference point under then these common reference point again voltage anything donna moonda start iron economy either of the angle theater I want to open will add a reference pointing current do angle theta to throw could the lag 11 and a reference point to give voltage moon distorted in the reference point current thorough start in so here indeed watch the angle in T theta 1 plus theta 2 either a single phase angle nth the voltage he current komatsuna handle a phase angle on terms for example in children a pramana inches on the AC circuit came he sees her cute a okay see such good fiscal now and these are supplying just about there my sister 100 crisis turkey connect system you put at the AC circuit registered correctly a some voltage sue Carol do in Decorah casada start out they focus are I know thing she couldn t indeed much the phase difference under the 0 degree don't tell me I need everyone to voltage any reference these school alone voltage your Prescott is not a way to kuranda water I let em know start indeed my job phase difference face angle difference and tough I is equal to 0 degrees me exam results crashed him personally it okay wrist is a good key voltage is channel so current INF Laurie indeed much of a difference and thumb tell 5 phase difference angle Phi is equal to 0 degree in water and the NWT smell good voltage ski current again phase difference Phi angle earlier like a voltage starting a fire under flow or model and take our children to first two voltage on the Torah the Koran tae-young and a and B voltage V leaves current I and V a V V voltage V NID I can a bundle into leading loaned Kunta current I lacks voltage he could have voltage reading loans on a Tchoupitoulas until current lie in the loan and what ash aperture so dealing repair additional accustomed next year 10 10 capacitor capacitor coach you said get into a voltage can occur on the moon they start open so you couldn t current I needs voltage I mean example a minister at a leading voltage is under leading capacitor current Jason securities and he leading load on the lagging load under in the current another voltage leading an apprehension ly leading load voltage idea done could be current is lagging alone so question Aragon are those who came back from the in dr.

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Katrina bro inductor low voltage current leading Luthor do so leading into the fire for example is the competition economy and yell I went to any lagging alone so you can lead and a mundo gonna do flag and telecoil return they are in Donetsk entrain with question I allow me to reversal in favor of a chain rule like a examinar nail cause Ireland I started out vehicle he figures more to clear comic-con about opus job the choose quandary as me when they were hoping to do capital he symbol sue cut on the clearing of Abu Radi attentive ear a PhD thesis coach Milan make a figure is preferable so can we say both the Orlan example about me return to worry about the Charlie easy compared to offline exam online exam caliber true shall have bigger genuine ichabod 0 to V make it to into problems under rule I encourage other say openly me emerge Hitler correction Sonia Vivi for ansaldo homers hit Luminox army state theorem could be either a flexible ll-listen answer I gotta buy which take over stop syllabus I can look at this level so let me change a rather applet and quantity let's do spoon in an option is on a much much much more than say a case which other born tomato arm and exhaust you buy part of them charlie easy one to they just need a more elaborate universe a charm equal smartphone Allah purchased neural we may know photos from page to page of the corner customer so an X +1 McCune and Deaconess inject America Vedas soda uncle tell Charles subscribe changing Chester maybe he'll name a media flood shaken I mean what's business enough space thank you signing out

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