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Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel to get latest videos updates Hello Friends! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our YouTube channel Forever Tech Friends , today we will talk about Gree Dc Inverter Ac H5 error code And we will tell you that when H5 error code comes on display so what does it mean And due to which reasons it come on display So let's start the video When H5 error code comes on display First of all you have to check the filters are not dirty If they are dirty cause of any reason So clean them After this check its evaporator Sometimes it looks clean from above But it is having dirt inside it So because of this air blow will also decrease If the air blow is very low So this means that the evaporator is blocked So completely open it and take the unit down And clean it up So the chances of the error disappearing get very high And if unit is Ac blower motar in Indoor so then you have to check it That if motor is jam And if motor is jam or working slow So fix it So it's also having chances that the error H5 will disappear from the unit And the other suspection you have to do is of condensor So see the condensor that it's not too dirty If it have get dirty cause of any reason so clean it And clean it up with water There should be no dirt inside it Air flow should be good So unit recovering chances is present Except it you have to check Outdoor Fan Motor That if is jam or if it is working slowly If its Dc Motor so unit can give any problem on display That unit blower motor is working slow or is not working properly But if its Ac motor So fault will not come So you have to check it yourself That what's the problem in this So check it and if its slow cause of any reason So fix it Change the capacitor So it is also having chance that H5 error get finish from the unit Except it in Outdoor unit Compressor its terminals connection should be alright If it was open for service And if it have get fix in wrong position So you get it right UVW position should be alright And how is UVW check Already video is present of it So we have told the trick how to check it See these wires If there is problem in connector If any wire is loose connected So then also this error can come So the connections should be perfect connections should be tight so that there should no problem With reactor wire are attach So in reactor there should be no loose connection If it will loose connects so it will give H5 error in unit Except it , check compressor winding We have already madde video on compressor winding If you will see the video so you will knew how to do compressor winding If it is totally alright If they are having same resistance so it is alright Except it , test its body In its body test there should not be any leakage And leakage should be 500 mega ohms If it is less than it so your compressor is faulted It is needed to change it So must change it If compressor is faulted so then also H5 error can appear After checking all these things still unit is not getting alright So then you have to check gas pressure If unit gas pressure will high so then unit can give this problem And if gas pressure will be low so then also it can give this fault Because of this compreesor will get to hot By running empty it can give you H5 error So we will check all these things So let me tell you what you have to do in PCB Before telling you the fault of PCB let me tell you it is IPM Protection Fault Which company had named H5 Which is shown on the display Now I will tell you what you have to check in PCB In PCB first of all you have to check in Outdoor unit there should not be any fluctuation If there is any type of fluctuation so H5 error can come Check its diode , there should be not any fault in its diode Sometimes it happens it seems totally alright But by changing it this fault get alright Its IGBT should be alright So because of this also IPM can get hot Test the IPM And how to test IPM ……

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, Already video is present of it See that video So you will understand that what fault can be in it If IPM is faulted by it self In our IPM video last segment we have shown that if IPM seems totally alright Means without electric it looks alright And after giving electric it shows fault Without giving electric you will not understand What is the fault So in this situation you will change the IPM So from this also this fault will disappear Except it , i have also correct those cases See in which soldering is done Sometimes this soldering get weak And cracks come between them If cracks are between them so then they do not work properly So because of this also compressor starts getting hot Compressor also get hot and IPM also get hot Because inside the IPM sensor is fit Which cotrol its heat If heat increases from 90 degree So then also it can do problem Let me show you its heat sink See this is heat sink It is attach on its above something like this This heat sink is not totally attach with it And air gap is between it Then also it can give you H5 error code That's why there should be any air gap between IPM and heat sink Tight it tighty so that there should not be any air gap And heat should be transfer in air heat And if IPM heat remain till 90 degree So it will continue to work But if it will above than 90 degree So it will stop working And will give you H5 error code Friends , I hope you also liked today's video And it will come in work for you And as much information I have given will be helpful in fixing your unit So will meet in the next informative video So keep watching Forever Tech

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