Anti DIY HVAC’s Method of Using UV Dye for Refrigerant Leaks

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When you say you don't use dye on others Do you mean units that you did not Install you you die on those I do use it On others and then very little on my own But I will if it's Really tough and I can't find it and I've got an hour wrapped up in it And it's the type of weather where I Absolutely cannot pump it down and and Um charge it and leave it for a while or Whatever then then yeah I'll cop out and Put it in there And come back later with the light and Find it Uh Joe what about you do you use dye and If so when Joe's perfect he never uses anything He wouldn't do it or he'd die not trying No I did mess around and die years ago But I never really had much luck with This so I just kind of Quit messing with that dice you never Know how to use it He experimented with it in college Yeah Yeah I mean it was just like you know Things glow and it's like like materials Glow It's just you know I I even like went as Far as putting tarps over the outdoor Unit to looking and stuff but did you Have the yellow glasses Joe yes you did Yes okay I've noticed it and I have a special

Light I'm not a total Ted if that's what You're it's like I have a flashlight in 3D glasses there ain't no leaks you Certainly are but someone's huffing your Freon man another straighter is the Culprit I'll tell you I've had it that Was fairly fairly evident Just because of the spot it was in Uphill from a joint depending on you Know it can just pour out of some places And just be barely evident and you don't Think that's it and then it bubbles And you change it and fix it and it goes Away but it's a two-week leak down so I've had the diet strange how it comes Flying out of some areas but there are Certain joints where it just doesn't I Mean it's just barely evident and we're Like yeah that's not compelling but Let's change it and the leak goes away Mark has a good point Um what is that like a Segway no well Actually it's only my opinion before I Make these bold statements but spectral Line is definitely the best of the uh UV Does For me I make a jug out some of them Might have seen the video I just I Evacuate a you know uh recovery joke Down to like nothing down to like as low As it or I let it sit over there and run Like 300 microns and I'll suck a few of Those uh

Um little easy jacked One through five ton tubes into it and Then I'll pump about 15 pounds of liquid 410 into that jug And I have a separate set of gauges and If I've got a leaker that I don't have Time to invest in it and it's somebody Else's or if it's a Linux I mean I could Just about blindfold myself and go Change the evaporator and it fixes the Linux but [Music] Thank you [Music]

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