Here’s Why Kias are Crap

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today I'm gonna talk about why I wouldn't buy a Kia in this case to 2008
kia sportage now the main reason I'm not a kia fan is because over time they just
don't hold up like better made cars do as an example this baby's only got fifty
thousand nine hundred and fifty two miles on it but when I turn on the AC
no cold air the AC compressor is already broken and just to show the general
cheapness of the vehicle here's the Sun Visor it won't stay up it's flopping down it's
just the general show of how cheaply made these things are if I'd bought a
car and then fifty thousand miles AC compressor went out could buy I would
never buy another one that would be furious about it now you might think why
aren't people buying these things well they cost less but if you're really
priced a differential it isn't all that much today
for example 2019 Kia Sportage it's only less than two thousand dollars less than
the base Toyota rav4 now if you go back to when this thing was new 2008 the base
price of this six thousand dollars less than the base price of a Toyota rav4 but
now it's less than two thousand differential so it'll actually make more
sense to buy one of these things back then you were saving a reasonable amount
of money but today you really aren't there for less than $2,000 believe me I
buy a rav4 long before I buy one of these things now I've had customers with
Kia's they had engine problems transmission problems electronic
problems in this case air conditioning compressor problems stuff that you
really don't see in the Toyotas but I've also had customers that were relatively
happy with the Kia's and the reason behind out was they didn't keep the cars
all that long but he didn't drive that many miles
one of my customers as a 10 year old Kia but she's only got 60,000 miles on it
she hasn't had any real problems with it but she's not driving it much she was
happy with the price then and she recently got rid of the thing
because she wanted a Ford Mustang she got a v6 Ford Mustang the cheapest price
one she could find and she's happy with that but then again it for the next ten
years she only puts on sixty thousand miles hey you can pretty much buy
anything outside of Fiat products and you won't have too many problems on the
plus side the Sportage is hey I got a lot of room inside they got the split
seats that lay back so you can carry more stuff Asian style roof rack for
extra stuff reasonable amount of space in the back seat and the usual
accessories of power windows power steering airbags now granted these
sportages they are like a small truck they don't ride that well and even this
one's only got 60,000 miles hey just struts on it already are worn
out it bounces around a lot and if you find a low enough mileage used one they
don't have such high resale value you compare the resale value of one of these
to a rav4 sure the ramp for sometimes will be three or four times as expensive
as the key is you can find a little mileage one but I mean even there I'm
warning you this baby's got 50,000 and the compressor shot already
of course even though they're smaller SUV they're still in last year v my
customer gets about 18 miles a gallon in town on this thing and in the mid-20s on
the highway until you get into stuff like direct injection turbo charge your
CVT transmissions and of course when you put all that technology in a car there's
no saying how long it's gonna last from my experience they don't last nearly as
long as the nine turbocharged engines is the non gasoline direct engines that
have regular fuel injection you add that technology extra pressures things are
just going to wear out fast but the downside of this 2008 is it's a
four-cylinder engine but it still got the rubber timing belt it you got to
change every once in a while hack my 2007 Toyota Matrix even that
back then has a timing chain and those things basically last forever as long as
you change your oil the chain is inside all that oil stays lubricated and a
gentler less just as long as the engine I've seen those things with three
hundred thousand miles they're still original now there's no worry you're
gonna get 300,000 miles out of a rubber tell me about one of these things it's
something to think about they just are cheaper made vehicles there's no arguing
there but half being cheaper made vehicles they're not selling that much
cheaper anymore as I said before yeah $6,000 cheaper in 2008 but 2019 there
was less than a two thousand dollar difference between the basic grab for in
the basic Sportage I definitely would take a rav4 over one of these if the
only thing I was saving was less than $2,000 on a new one but as I said if
you're a gambling man or a woman and you want to buy a used one these things go a
lot cheaper than the Toyotas do and you find a little mileage one hey it could
be a great Knockaround car yeah you're only off that small amount of money
instead of a whole bunch of money saved you bought of a brand new car you can
see a balance is quite a bit about a car 50,000 miles and struts we're all worn
out the air conditioning compressor broke I'll tell you I'd never buy
another one of these things myself now Kia at least in the United States
does spend a small fortune advertising in their cars and yeah their sales have
been up sort of like people can be fooled you see every time since they
think oh wow those are Asian cars those are great cars you know I'll just buy
one do a little research before you buy if you're gonna get a rant for for less
than 2 grand more than this thing by don't even think about buying one of
these since the price gap is shortening but the quality gap as far as I'm
concerned it's still pretty far apart I see no reason to bomb by a modern Kia
maybe a used one like I said might get a really good deal on one and it's still got
a lot of life left, so now you know a little
bit more about Kia's and why perhaps you should look elsewhere if you're planning
on buying a vehicle, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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