Common Refrigerant Leak on Goodman/Amana HVAC Units

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And this is my buddy icon Alana back Attack that's how I pronounce his name I kind of hung a lot of bag of lag Attack carrier is the best HVAC unit That's the video title I just I title it Like that as a narrative hook Yep yep I've changed out three Goodman Heat pumps in the last month due to Those small tubes on the condensers Popping right past the 10-year marks on All three he says to put in Rheem Rudd With 3 8 tubing Much Better Built unit Well I'll tell you what that might be True right there I like the rim units and back in the day There were more than a few Goodman units That had actually started leaking I Don't know if he's talking about the Condenser u-bins I'm assuming he's Talking about the u-benz on the Condenser but I had several Goodman and Amanda units and some of Them were probably on YouTube That started leaking At those top like the fourth third or Fourth u-ben with leak on tons of them I Actually bought a few of these things From the supply house that came in flat And repaired them and resold them so it Was just you know it happened a lot and He's talking like it was 10 years later Which makes sense because that would Have been about 10 years ago whenever I Did that so some of those actually got

Out there and lasted a little bit longer Maybe I don't know

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