Top 5 Problems Jeep Wrangler SUV 2nd Generation 1997-2006

In this video, we're gonna give you the top
five problems we came up with, with an '05 second-generation Wrangler. Number one, A-pillar. Either it's passenger side or driver side,
this seal on the A-pillar leaks on both sides and there's been a revised seal so that it
can hold back the water and not leak into the cab. Number two, loose or damaged front end parts. Pretty common in these Wrangler styles. They loosen up real fast, you'll get outer
tie rod ends, drag link, severe drag link play, steering stabilizer leaks. And, you'll feel that wobble in the steering
wheel, sometimes it will subside as you de-accelerate or accelerate. And another common thing is wheel balance. Reason for, short wheel base, chopped up tires,
constant rotation is the best thing you can do. Number three, major oil leaks. If you know a Jeep, you know a Jeep. These 4.0's, they like to leak. Everything from timing chain cover to rear
main seal, oil pan, and valve cover, of course. It's not uncommon to see any of these Jeep
4.0's oil pan rot.

They rot from the inside out and they peel
the paint and the rust is on the inside and it just comes out and it will start to drip
oil. That is a replacement item. Number four, pinion seals and transfer case
leaks. What we find here with these, is very common. Front pinion seal leakage. They leak always right at the housing where
it meets the seal. Transfer case, they leak at the transfer case
housing where it meets, no gasket. It's like a paper or an RTV. You actually have to spread and split open
the case to fix that leak. Rear pinion seal, same as the front. Little leak right here where the pinion seal
meets the housing of the differential. Number five, is the rear main oil seal. Located between the oil pan and the bell housing
to the transmission. Whether you have an automatic or a standard,
it does not matter, but what's happening in there is dirt gets up in there.

pexels photo 2539462

There's a seal housing around the rear main
seal that has a drain hole in it and it's located on the top. One of the fixes is if you replace the rear
main seal to put some RTV over that hole, that seal, to stop dirt and debris from going
in there. Because after all, it is a four-wheel drive
and you're gonna have fun with it. And number six, which we like to do sometimes,
is give you a bonus on these Jeeps, if you know it, you know it. Frame rot, all the time. Now, where they're notorious for it, if you
can catch it before it gets really bad. this one is severe. It is not road-worthy, it is not even salvageable. This whole frame is gone, but like I said,
if you can catch it before it gets this bad, you'll note the rot over the back as it inclines
up over the rear wheel, you have the lower suspension bolt here, and it will rot right
up in here.

If you can catch it before it travels down
the rest of the frame, you got a good recovery. So I hope you enjoyed this video, talking
about the top five problems we found on a second-generation Wrangler. If you are not subscribed, please subscribe. Don't forget to ring that bell that turns
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