The Call Started Because it was Blowing Fuses.

hey guys the video I'm gonna have for you
today is of a 1991 York package unit that finally bit the Dust here it goes [Music] oh no sir not yet I wanna did it just stop running or have you actually
changed these I I stood all the disconnects out and it started to run and then it would stand for about an hour
or two last night and then the wife told me this morning it may have Slow blow their retro four dollars [Music] um so you've only replaced some once and you
didn't put those time delays in time yeah it should blow those right away cool all right um yeah let me kill that power
that ain't no hurry this oh I've got some I went to them get my jacket on because it's missing Rain
On Me by the way you want to know where that contactor
is back there behind this yeah you can't even see it that might be one of one of each other might
still be good if it's rolling on them which God oh yeah I can tell you if they're good I can't
use those though again no it's probably gonna blow just one it can blow both but that's that's a little
bit rare all right that one's bad that looks good but these are there's just regular 30 no they're
not the right kind what was in there though the ones I got out of things regular oldies
and they lasted a long time so that one's not good these two is good yes sir and I'm gonna pull the I'm gonna pull these
other ones out there pull down a little bit okay all right thank you that one's good but those aren't these wrong
kind of fuses yeah like I was explaining before he walked up the contact was actually back
there underneath that you can't hardly see it but there it is back
there just a wonderful design don't you think it's nice of him to give me this because I
lost my I lost my pad that I was all right let's see if we got [Music] short
to ground oh my God this Design's absolutely horrible yes things are still plugged up right now
I'm going to leave them that way we're going to go just to ohms foreign I'm getting eight Mega ohms all right coming start huh I might be getting a short somewhere else like those before okay foreign I got something that's short in the ground I know it and it's all just sitting right
there on the bottom I just owned out the compressor and it wasn't out foreign hold on just a second I think it just went
away it did my short ground just went away somebody put like a little pad down there
but there we go it's back well the compressor's not running oh it just pulled
lock rotareness I might have to do something I gotta put this stuff up at least you don't
mind if I come back do you know in the meantime I'm gonna go get my my little
knee pad I might have to go get another one we we're back and thankfully it's not pouring rain on me [Music] I have misplaced my my little kneeling
pad all right Breakers are still off this thing
was pulling locked rotor ends let's just everything's still wet let's make sure we don't have any voltage foreign ground is mostly dry come on all right I'm gonna have to get a little 5
16 in there which means I need my little angle piece I
might have to start carrying that with me [Music] foreign while we got this off let's confirm I got
this is start winding yep that does just hard I
got it I got it right all right this is supposed to be a 35 .

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Set this to micro farads 28. all right that's low but it's not low
enough to make it not come on CE again this right here are little fuses
for my contactor the contactor is way back there all these wires are all those wires in the same color and can't
see anything all right let's get it on a 35 and some kind of start kit that we can put on
here and see if we can't get this thing to start all right oh damn that broke that could be enough to keep it from story
if that was loose [Applause] this
is a capacitor has a c or common or it's actually my run winding and that one broke that only this one only has three spades on
it which might make doing a hard start kit yeah just a little
challenging hey now that acted like it had gotten hot all
right one more let's see if it'll pull off that goes up to that other capacitor you know what all right so my last start goes right here foreign [Applause] a little bit tricky to do foreign [Music] [Music] foreign foreign foreign foreign there did not start see if we can catch it fully locked rotor
ends one last trick to try living here really wants
me to condemn this but even if that's what he wants he is foreign if I can all right we got a little super boost here plug it up and see hmm let's just plug it up and see if we can get this thing in the fire all right I'm gonna leave it like that put my amp clamp right there see that 117 amps hold 117 amps and it still didn't start nope still won't do it and this thing was blowing fuses on several
months ago and we never caught exactly why we ended up
replacing the fuses and and coming back it tried it ain't gonna work yes sir we're gonna need to make sure you
have emergency heat because we ain't gonna have nothing else I'm gonna put this here capacitor back on
it oh yeah that's just your heat strips [Music] two heat strips well guys one of his heat strips was also
burned out and we decided not to try to do any repairs we're just gonna end up replacing
that one thanks for watching guys and if you haven't liked and subscribed already what
are you waiting on I'll catch you on the next one [Music]

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