Sunday Service Calls with Anti DIY HVAC(Ted) and Joe Shearer

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You're the guy he talks to online you're Anti-diy you make a lot of videos how You still going after all these years Making these videos come on Well I've slowed down but I'm fixing to Pick it back up Because it's summer right Well because Um I was a little short on help for About a year And I've got those spots filled and I'm Uh Back to goofing I mean back to doing What I normally do now That's a serious deal right there I was A full-time service tech for about a Year and a half and Me and my wife didn't like it Dude she barely lets me in the house You've been here what are you talking About does she ride with me Well she didn't like me being a Full-time service tech because I was Constantly because you're always like Shocking yourself and screwing things up You know coming home at 10 o'clock at Night Rummaging through the kitchen Um Oil well how'd you keep your business Straight if you're out to all hours Doing the service part of it It wasn't easy it was tough I got some good people I really do I

Just you know was a little short in the Service department for Actually it started right after covid And uh but it wasn't so bad but about a Year and a half it was really pretty Rough But we got it back we're we're doing Pretty good now So you have you have one technician Two and a half two and a half who's the Half Moment Beautiful moment what what it is uh is You know I work Sundays and I fill in when you know if somebody Whoever's on call has to be off I fill In but I work Sundays I I don't work People on Sunday But I do I'll go So that's how That makes me like a half a tech right That's that's okay I see the logic what You're saying how often do you actually Have to go out on a Sunday If it's 90 and 95 and 100 degrees pretty Much several of several each each Sunday Joe what do you do on Sundays because You're just the only guy there cuts his Phone off Yeah yeah has it made he has it made I didn't get any calls today I mean I'm gonna get there one day I Don't try to be everything for everyone So

Yeah I mean if it was a unit we just put In or something I'd go a really good Customer I'd go if you had just put in Eight or nine thousand units you'd have To go Because of the volume Well we do about 300 325 a year and I've Been in business for 33 and a half years and we've been Heavily at it for about the last 15 so Do the math we have thousands of them Out there for sure what were the numbers Again I'm actually going to do the math Okay do the math we do now about 300 Plus A year that's probably been going on for A good Six to seven years Um For about 15 we've been well over 150 a Year Now prior to that I was kind of Lucky if I did you know 50 60 a year So you have 4200 I got more than that that was your Numbers no except for the prior sorry 4200 try again wait wait a second you Got 4 200. Joe how many do you have 4201 4200 congratulations Congratulations I think there's a hanging chat at my House and Joe is totally destroyed he Did three change outside

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