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Foreign Ly at random times and random days of The year and how is it that it happens I Don't know and it doesn't matter because I couldn't explain it if I did know I Hope the fans aren't too loud but There's nothing I can do about it Because it was warm in here because for Some reason It's like 30 degrees one day and it's 70 The next day here so I was sweating Today I was ripping apart pallets you Know what had a circular saw had the Sawzall or Reciprocating saw for those of you who Won't let me call every saw a Sawzall I Think they're all a Sawzall just like Every circular saw is a skill saw and That's how it is my wife texts me yep Oh yeah she's uh she wants me to help Her remove herself from a from an event That she had to go to that she doesn't Want to be part of Randy Laz how are you Man how are you Randy Lads good to see You so we're gonna get this whiz-bang 2022 goodbye session off with a bang Because uh we have to give away this CPS IAQ Pro Smart air that's right Just in case you don't know what that is I'm going to open this and it's not Going to help you any Because uh There there it is You know in case you're thinking you

Could yell Alexa at it which you might Be able to I don't know Could be maybe it's a air sensor tells You what baddies are in the air floating Around so that you can sell your Customer some kind of lightsaber in the Duct or maybe one of those filters that Folds and is really large Josh Hogan Happy New Years hey Josh Hogan that's Right I have your stuff right over there Josh Hogan purchased some of my stuff I Was getting rid of out of the shop here And his box is one of those many boxes Over there We have Ted and everything over there Ted bought a lot of stuff and Uh let's see several of you guys did so That was pretty awesome As you can see it's still here I was Packing it all up I was going to wait to The end of the week because I was Selling a whole bunch of stuff figured I'd go to the store at the same time so That's the logic there I'm not just slow There's logic to it what's up kangaroo God how are you doing today I'm hoping that I should check something Real quick I know I love being prepared And everything but uh yeah okay Just checking just checking okay So guys We want to give this thing away the CPS IAQ Smart Pro air

I can't remember what it's called now Every time I say it wrong happy New Year Liza Raga it's almost 2023. what's in your wallet so CPS IAQ Pro Smart air there we are again I'm Holding the case And you'll get to see my face for a Second so it's a win for everybody oh Self-deprecating humor All right so here are the people now to Enter this contest you had to subscribe To the upside app and use it that was The thing upside apps after used to save Gas okay I forgot to put the link in the Description but I'm gonna do this again Next time I do this and I'm also going To add in the channel members because The channel members are like hey man We're channel members so you ought to be Part of it too that seemed pretty Convincing to me so like okay Absolutely sounds good to me So I have the list of dudes here and What you get here is the first few Letters of each name but when you claim Your prize by emailing me at Hvacshoptalk gmail.com you're gonna have To tell me the full name so I know that It's the right person so there we have Jwx is number one k i l is number two Mark is number three Chris is number Four WEP is number five Kyle's number Six and raw is number seven so JW Actually won last time

But she didn't claim the prize so we're Doing this again I still have you on There but you know if it happens again You know we're going to have to just Take you off the list or something Because this is a nice prize man I added Some other stuff on there now I can't Remember what that is but there's like a Couple more items on there too so we're Gonna go on over to the Google random Number generator we have numbers one Through seven And the winner is number six number six Is Kyle so if you are Kyle and what's up Antonio Gutierrez if you're Kyle You know who you are you got upside You won the contest you will have until I Announced the winner of the next contest To claim this contest okay So there you go gonna have a long time So we're not gonna give this thing away Again unless Kyle doesn't want to claim It for some reason but number six Kyle Won Okay all right fantastic that's great Now As many of you know I got an email from Yellowjacket actually to remind me of This HR is coming up so If You guys want me to sign your duck Takeoffs

Or your rolls of tape or your shop talk Hats which I no longer sell that some of You have Then you are not in luck because I will Not be there because I hate Gatherings Of that size I will be here at my house If you want to drop by here you can help Me make some wood shelves you see I got Some clamps in the back there for those Of you who can see I'm clamping together A top to a desk I'm building for my wife You guys can help with that you can help Me plan some Lumber you can help me test Out the manometer you know whatever We're doing that day I just don't like Going to those things so I am not going And I will probably never go again I don't want to do it you know it's I Just don't want to do it so there's a Lot of people that are going a lot of People love that a lot of people love Networking now that's the thing though If you're a podcast host isn't it the Responsible thing to go and network with Other people to make those connections So you gather those huge sponsors Probably but I just don't want to do it So I'm not going to do it hey Kangaroo God says I have a shop talk Sticker on my truck unsigned sadly and If I remember it'll probably be like a Year from now I'll sign one and send it To you just for fun Uh Richard visco says hey Zach what else

Are you selling you know what I don't Remember I can't remember I think most of it's gone there's like Blower puller But I think Jessica might be getting a Blower puller but I think I have two of Them and I'll have some random stuff I'll check through Um I try to put it on the on the Facebook But uh you can always email me hvacshop Talk at gmail.com email me to Mars like Hey Jack Jack my name is not Jack by the Way I just don't know how to talk hey Zach will you check your stuff again and I'll check it so just remind me tomorrow And I will do that so no ahr for me oh Darn that's too bad I'm not going to the Symposium that's in Florida Brian Orr's Thing Honestly I just don't want to go I just Don't care anything about it and that's The end of the story I mean I wish it Was more eloquent and beautiful than That but I just don't give a crap about Going and I hope they have a great time And I'm sure it's going to be riveting But I will not be there I will be here Probably In This Very Room Doing what I do every day okay So now that we're done with the random Number generator in the Victor has been Announced

And hey feel free to put something in The chat you want to chat about Something put it in the chat it's fine We can read that as we go along Uh send me a list thanks see that's you Got to email me because I'm going to Forget all about this that's why I said You got to email me it just helps it Helps me okay So we have news actual news or we have Comments so I'm going to go to the Comments first let's see what we got it Might be good if it's not good because Some of these I haven't read yet we're Going to read them together so let's Let's check it out let's see what we got Here these are my champ that's what my YouTube looks like when I go to it guys Wow yeah so that the first one's about Generators so we're gonna skip that one Because this is a generator shop talk You know what I'm saying this HVAC shop Talk so whiskey cast listen to The Seer 2 video that I did with Ted says the Tam8 air handler likely had an issue With the harness in the cabinet walls Early models regularly had issues with It trains sent out a service bulletin About it so anybody out there that is Dealing with Tam eights I've been around For a while there you go you might have A harness issue and whiskey cast just Might have saved your bacon man just Might have saved your bacon dude so and

What's up Susie it's good to see you Here Susie I hope you're doing all right Susie I like it I used to check in on Susie See what she was up to I haven't done in A while but I'm gonna try to check it in On you again Susie because I like you And I'll make sure you're doing all Right so Ryan let's see what Ryan has to Say here on the Zone how do you wire Multiple dampers to the same Zone that's A pretty good question So wiring multiple dampers to the same Zone That's not that hard really as long as You have the volt amps and the Transformer because every damper uses Energy basically and your Transformers Can supply x amount of energy let's say Volt amps Watts whatever you want to Call it So hey Curtis is here sorry for the Detour guys I'll be right back ewc is a Sponsor And it's me winking podcast I'm winking And it looks really natural Air awake air Oasis mechanical Sub Zach here in Myrtle Beach this week First time in a couple years just wanted To see hey hey Curtis you want to pick Up that for today on the way back Through here because you're asking about I was like how does Curtis think he's Going to acquire this 410A because I

Have like 10 pounds of 410A Little did I know Curtis was in the Neighborhood so actually two things Curtis will you stop by Direct Tools at The Tanger Outlet Mall for me and I'll Put a list together and secondly just Drop by the house and pick up this 410A And you can have it for 75 dollars That's just from me to you Curtis 75 no Shipping required you can do curbside Pickup All right post-op street light says do You like Goodman nope I do not so that Was easy let's go back to the comment Section I'm just kidding Goodmans are Great For the podcast people I was shaking my Head I was shaking my head no So wiring multiple dampers to the same Zone okay so when I use Zone dampers Typically they're three wire power open Power close and a common so you have Your common wire think of it that's the Same comment it goes back to your air Handler same comment from your Transformer and then you have your power Open 24 volts feeds that it opens up There's no spring in these dampers that I use When you hit the 24 volts closed damper Closes pretty simple stuff so you can Actually wire those and just jump off One to the next one

The issue becomes do you have enough Energy to run all those dampers because What will happen if you don't have Enough energy they won't open all the Way they won't you know if they're Spring dampers they won't be able to Open all the way they may not move at All if they're POC dampers I don't know Usually I calculate the power correctly So I don't know what happens maybe they Don't work at all So If you have a transformer for a zone System and you're using spring dampers They're going to use about 10 to 12 watts of energy so if you have A 40 VA Transformer you got three of Those and you're Tapped Out basically if You're using power open and power closed Dampers they use three four Watts so you Can put a whole bunch of those in a line If you want to it's pretty easy to do But if you don't have the Transformer Power you can always just skip Bigger Transformer 75 V8 Transformers Pretty common they go bigger than that But usually it's either 40 or 75. Richard visco says when is the phase out Of 410A I hear 2025 I have to check on That I got to talk to somebody about 410A I know they're getting rid of it Because it's already been here for a Couple minutes so they're going to find A new refrigerant hopefully one that'll

Kill and explode most of the technicians That way there'll be all these job Openings will be paid more I don't know guys uh it's always ticks Me off because whenever we do this whole Like new refrigerant thing everybody's Like this is better for the environment What a load of crap because it is better For the environment per se but the issue Is The Machines are made so they leak all The time it just seems like they're Leaking all the time so if you leak out All the refrigerant Is that really better if it's a better Refrigerator or is it better to have a More or less environmentally friendly Refrigerant that doesn't leak that you Recover theoretically the one you can Recover and doesn't leak as much is Safer because it's not leaking Think about it a little there you go Let's see here we have well we have some Stuff going in there post-top street Lights as a new refrigerant is r454b yes That is one of the new refrigerants and By new let's say new is not new per se Some of them are new but some of them Have been around for a while like R32 It's been around for a long time people Are using that A lot of people have used it Mitsubishi's used it we could name the Same people

It's been around for a while let me just Hit this thing right here make a lot of Noise Yeah Who knows these might be around for a Few minutes all of a sudden they're like We gotta use CO2 we got to work towards CO2 or we got to work towards but you Know some of the logic in this thinking The same logic that says hey I drive a Prius which is good on the environment Yet When I plug in my Prius to the wall There's a mental disconnect between the Plug and the wall to the giant coal Plant where it's making electricity so We see plugging into the wall we see a Green leaf like a commercial we see like Butterflies flying around but we don't See the coal plant of guys coming out And the guy singing cool keeps lights on We don't see all that that's just that's Hidden that's that's you know whatever Post-op street light says in Australia R32 is a new refrigerant well enjoy I Hear R32 is great in fact we've been Using half of it or half of 410A has Been R32 for a long time or puron Whoever lobbies the government the best Can name the refrigerant Freon puron Dupont coupon who cares they're all the Same thing and none of them care about Us that is the gist of the conversation Enters this show surprisingly enough

People do guys you may ask why do people Sponsor the show I don't know I just Thank God that they do Ewc controls makes forced air zoning Products that you can trust and on the Screen right here is the model View Rd This is the backbone here this is your Air control damper the sizes range from Four inch models all the way up to 20 Inch models in the CFM ranges from 40 CFM all the way up to 2500 CFM find out More about urd dampers and everything Else ewc controls offers at their Website ewccontrols.com This is the navac np2 dlm Break Free Cordless vacuum pump unlike most vacuum Pumps these run off of battery power no More cords across a roof no more looking For a plug these pumps use high Performance Lithium-ion batteries Powering a brushless DC motor Features include isolation ball valve Backflow prevention check valve and an Ultimate vacuum of 23 microns plus it's Probably the lightest vacuum pump you'll Ever own This is the mp2 dlm vacuum pump from Navag this is the Y Jack Mano dual Port Manometer this is what we have all been Waiting for a y Jack probe where you can Take your static pressure and check Blower performance in real time Part number 67068 from yellowjacket take accurate

Static pressure measurements up to plus Or minus 80 inches of water column Includes hoses static pressure probes And adapter fittings the Y Jack Mano Manometer 67068 We have a new sponsor at HVAC shop talk Beckett a lot of you guys know Beckett From their condensate pumps they do make A mean condensate pump we just did a Video on those as well there'll be more On that Going forward we're going to test them a Little bit we're going to see how they Perform with a high lift and I just have A few tests I'd like to run just in General to see how condensate pumps React but Beckett makes more than just Condensate pumps overflow safety Switches submersible Parts washer pumps I've never even heard of that condensate Evaporator pans but their condensate Pumps have a wide range they know what They're talking about they make a Quality pump you can tell when you look At a condensate pump and you can see the Features that are left off you can see The build quality issues you don't have That with Beckett Beckett knows what They're doing they make a quality Product with you in mind you can find Out more at Beckett that's B-e-c-k-e-t-t-u-s.com forward slash Product hyphen category forward slash Condensate hyphen pumps that is a

Mouthful right there we'll put a link in The description because there's no way That you remembered that This show is proud to partner with Truetechtools.com you can save eight Percent off many of the items at their Site by using the shop talk discount Code Okay let's get back to something that uh Hopefully flows a lot smoother than that I think we have no choice but to believe It will because uh that went horribly All right No it's not explaining good see this is The this is a typical comment for me Because I don't explain stuff very well So harka magar and I don't think it's a Language barrier just based on that name Not explaining good I will try better Next time Harker I appreciate it Now here's one on our HVAC side work Disagreement video it says I did side Work not because I wanted to but because I had to I now work and make good money For my area and I turn down almost Everything that comes to me most places Won't pay you what you were worth go Work for someone who will in the Meantime make your money where you can I Promise that I have seen shady and Unsettling things that companies have Charged good money for don't fall for The guilt trip of everyone else let's See I did sideways no I still don't

Believe that side work is good if you Have an understanding with your boss That you don't want to do it or he Doesn't want you to do it but you know What to each his own to each his own I Just I would question if I was doing the Same exact work that my boss was doing I Would feel like that was somewhat of a Betrayal hey but that's just me I'm sure I'm wrong Terence Burgess says will the ambient Sensor cause a regular trip while the Unit is in heating this is on the HVAC Service train 2940 defrost controller so Will the ambient sensor cause the Breaker to trip now I've never seen a Defrost sensor cause a breaker to trip Breakers high voltage is what I'm Assuming he's referring to I have seen Defrost sensors That cause issues and make the low Voltage fuse blow or the 3.2 amp fuse pop out we have to reset it And it's kind of a a brain Basher Because It happens every once in a while I had one like that oh my gosh this lady Hated my gut because it took me forever To find the issue And I was working through it for a long Time and this lady just just wasn't Happy this what happened I'm pretty sure That another company came in and lied About me after that anyone ever had that

Happen where another company comes in And does the whole let me throw this Company under the bus and you hear that They did that and you hear the Explanation you're like well that's Wrong but it's too late because they Don't trust you anymore thank you other Companies in HVAC You heartless okay let's get back to the Let's get back to the comments for a Second let's get back to the comments Hey nope wrong one let's try this Let's see aimed well that's just a Harbor Freight voltmeter no one wants to Hear about that Oh WBS Testo 317-3 personal Co monitor do Not buy it is faulty not working Properly sometimes stop working no light On the screen at night you won't see Anything scam product Well this guy is wrong This product is fine He might have oh look look at that oh Look he has two comments and he just Copied and pasted it See you know if someone's legit when They're taking their comment and copying And paste it to multiple videos if this Was a legit Person then we would have unique Comments that meant something copy and Paste I don't I don't do that All right okay let's see Andy Cranston

Maybe technical difficulties I don't Know where the ending credits thing came From I didn't play any ending credits do I even have I do have ending credits If I played them I didn't even see it on My screen I have like a monitor that Shows me what's going on so I don't know Hey what should I do with uh hey what Should I do with 450 grams of Refrigerant Maybe make a mini split 450 grams of refrigerant it's not a lot But I don't think you have much choices On what you can do Because uh That ain't enough to do much now you can Make one of these little refrigerators I Don't know what you mean by like make it You're like you're gonna create one at Home it sounds fun but I don't know Let's see we have a oh here's a good Comment right here let's see Andrew Goodman Goodman help please hello I have an electric furnace I will set The thermostat to 67 the unit will turn On it will get to 67 and a thermostat Heat on will turn off working correctly But the unit will keep blowing heat Thermostat turned to off will not shut Off oh I think I answered I thought I Answered this one so when you have an Electric furnace And just make sure I read that correctly We have a look at furnace I set the

Thermostat 37 it will turn on 16 Thermostat will turn up okay So it was off evidently he turned it on And it came on and won't shut off now Electric furnace typically that's the Sequencer I feel like we talked about This before but we'll hit it again so You know repetition is learning Okay repetition's learning So the sequencer will allow voltage Through it And then it will get stuck And it Powers the Heat and the blower so It just Heats on forever Sometimes you turn it off on the breaker And turn it back on and that thing has Become unstuck so people say maybe it's Just a breaker off maybe that's a Solution no I mean that's never the Solution So you had to get a new sequencer that's Almost absolutely the problem I know There can be other problems out there But on these electric furnaces they're Pretty simple and the same problems Happen a lot and that's pretty much the Problem all the time it happens on Goodman Air Handlers the infamous Goodman blower relay I made videos about It it's similar to a sequencer same Principle it gets stuck they get Overheated they get damaged over time All of a sudden you have the heat strips And blower running

I had a call that uh dizzy Dallas what's Up man I was just watching and the Episode that we were all on together With Joe and uh Eric so much fun we do That again one day Stuck sequencer Arthur Fonzarelli fix For those of you who are younger and Might not understand that just picture a An Italian guy hitting the Jukebox And fixing it that's basically what We're talking about hey Fonzarelli okay Yep and so I mean it happens a lot the Sequencer thing happens all the time I'm Sure it's going to continue to happen as Long as people use sequencers now There's variations of that there's Contactors out there there's other Relays carrier has their DC relay Maybe they got rid of that by now I hope So that's stupid What's the point of that just to be Different I don't know Let's look at this thing here all right So we have how to remove a condenser fan Motor blade it's just like a puller some Guys asking about it I mean 500 microns Is fine to pull a vacuum Yep I agree with that this video was When I was checking out that Harbor Freight vacuum pump I think I pulled it Down to 300 but it took a while but it Worked it got down there Let's see how much can one man how much

Can a one-man HVAC company make Matt The cow says working alone is tough Especially if you do new system Installations does it make sense to hire Someone or does taxes and benefits costs Because make it not worth it thoughts Okay well Matt you know this isn't a Response via text but is a response on The air Yeah I mean it can be one of those Things where a lot of guys go out there And they have subcontractors the why People get subcontractors and don't hire People on their payroll is because the Payroll expenses are great and the taxes Are great and not great is it hey that's Nice great is in substantial so when you Get a subcontractor some of the Responsibilities that you incur when you Hire somebody Get moved from yourself to the Subcontractor subcontractors in Responsible for getting his own Insurance It sort of makes it like a separate Entire company even though it's really They're really not a company they're Kind of working underneath you they're Probably borrowing some of your Credentials So they because they don't have them a Lot of times and then you're borrowing Their labor because you don't want to do It a lot of times if they're like me

I like to do service work and then you'd Have a subcontractor for the Installations because installation sucks And service is fun That's it installation cargo pilot Service Tom Cruise Maverick That's the difference Okay Tennessee Trucking says DC relays suck I Mean it's not it's not simply the fact That you're DC but it's the fact that They have to be different than everybody Else so when you have like something That's it's just a pain in the butt Because you learn to troubleshoot Something then all of a sudden you get a Variant that's completely unnecessary It's like why why is this Why are we doing this this doesn't make Any sense Use a contactor if you feel strongly About sequencers Tennessee Trucking says thinking about Coming out of trucking and back into HVAC just when I thought it was out HVAC Pulled me back in hey just when I Thought I was in Life pulled me back out so I mean that's About how Story Goes hey you can have my Spot Uh let's see here Okay let's go back to the comments one More time we'll wrap this up in a minute I know it's late it's kind of a late

Night thing we'll do some more coming up Here randomly you guys just uh hang on To your seats All right tell me something I don't know That's their name that's the name they Chose on HVAC side work disagreement Which I guess was popular Says no your boss doesn't own you on Your own time if your boss wants you to Always be be for them then they need to Pay for that privilege of exclusivity Until then your time is free agency Interesting I disagree I mean it's to me it's not It's not like of course he doesn't own You in your own free time but to me you It's it's like a loyalty thing maybe not From the boss maybe the boss is a Complete jerk what it's a loyal to think That if you're chasing the same Customers he's chasing that puts you Into a conflict it puts you it lines you Up to do bad things Why the idea is don't put yourself in a Position where you're gonna make a bad Decision or an unethical decision Suppose you're low on cash you're Chasing the same customers you go to a Service call for your boss you see that It needs a substantial repair then That's when you and everybody's like I Would never do this but people are Capable of bad things if you put them in The right spot at the right time or

Wrong time or however you want to think About it maybe you need some money and That compressor will get you thousand Dollars that you can spend on whatever You want Cheetos Band-Aids Lifesavers whatever it is You get put into position Where you abandon your loyalties to your Boss and maybe you're like hey my boss Don't deserve it I mean that's not the Point It's not about your boss it's about how You behave and That's what I think But again He doesn't own you but don't think of it As even something that has to do with Him it doesn't have anything to do with Your boss because if you make decisions On how you're going to act ethically Based on someone else's actions Then you're just going to be a mirror of What they do You got to be your own person don't be Some Cog in the will bro you got to be Your own person don't tread on me stuff Like that be your own person Individuality that's not very popular Anymore Be an individual make a decision for Yourself it's okay if everyone else Hates you if you felt like you did the Right thing

Heck with them Raw Mesa what's up I'm about to cough and excuse me for one Second Yeah I think it's time to go because I'm About to cough and hack Happy New Year guys I hope you're gonna Have a great night I don't know what Y'all are doing if you're doing anything Too party-like and take it easy Don't drive home if you do Drive get a Get a driver Um I'm gonna be just sitting in here Doing stupid boring stuff which I think Is awesome so guys I'm out of here have A good evening uh take care and I hope To see you again real soon we'll have Another giveaway here I got some swag Down here we're gonna give away Some cool shirts and stuff and we'll Have some more great conversations I've Ever fixed my phone we'll take some Phone calls which was really fun but Until then we'll just horse around and Have a good time take it easy guys Best practices me doing the right thing All the time doing the right thing all The time doing the right thing on the Especially Friday at 4 30

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