A Small Introduction to GREE FLEX

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I made slides sort of all right so this Is great Flex when you want to flex this Is gonna be really really I'm not Teaching a class here I'm just saying That this is what I glean from looking At degree website So degree Flex high efficiency up to 17 C or twos which is like 30 CR ones guys If you have to multiply it out 10.5 Hspf2 which is a new standard sound Levels down to 45 decibels I fart at 50 Decibels so that's pretty good Horizontal side discharge on the outdoor Condenser conventional 24 volts AC Thermostat control that kind of jumped Out is one of the reasons why I put it Up here so degree Flex uses a standard Legacy wiring if you want to call it That thermostat more familiar to people Not the communicating stat whether That's good or bad I don't know what Your opinion is of that each and every One of you but there you go it uses a Regular thermostat for lack of a better Word Eco-friendly 410A refrigerant That's good it's not anything that's Going to explode although I wonder if They're gonna have to shortly so I don't Know Adjustable two slash three and four Slash Five outdoor unit options so like A lot of the variable speed stuff one Condenser will cover a variety of

Capacities ultra high quality Performance well that's a little bit More That's a little bit more of a subjective Statement so everything's objective and Then we have one subjective ultra high Quality performance Let's go on to slide number two guys Uh all right something I saw here the Operating ranges on these are pretty Extreme as far as how cold you can heat And I was kind of wondering because it Says cooling it goes from five degrees Fahrenheit to 129.2 degrees fahren at Night if 129.7 then you're screwed Forgets you you're dead at 129.2 you're Covered heating is negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit Which that's pretty good negative 22. so I was kind of wondering like what Capacity is that at negative one of the Units is negative five one of them is Negative 22. they say it's full capacity So that's pretty good that's pretty good Right there Big Range a lot bigger than You get with the randers random random Single Stage machine let me sound that out real Quick so that was pretty good it's had a Wide range you see it on the top says DC Inverter Series so you know what we're Talking about here so let's go up to Number three and number three I thought this was interesting right

Here and I'm gonna come back to a couple Different things I got to mention a Couple people in a positive way so don't Get excited drama no it's positive Pipe flaring cut the connection pipe With a pipe cutter standard stuff The mouth of the connection pipe should Face downward this seemed really obvious To me and I can't tell you how many Times I did this wrong remove Burrs with The cut server so that the chips do not Enter the pipe remove the cutoff valve Of outdoor unit remove the cutoff valve Of the outdoor unit and take out the Flare nut from the bag of indoor unit Accessories then fit the flare nut on The pipe blah blah blah I forget to Flare not all the time but I'm thinking That uh when I would deburr something How many times was I not paying Attention and i deburge stuff and wasn't Facing far enough downward where the Stuff all fell out and maybe a few items Stayed inside and then maybe 10 years Later I caused a problem And uh no one knows about it and I Wouldn't uh say if it was me anyway Very well let's go on now just be Careful for that laughs and let me see Why did I do this right here I I put This up here now I can't remember why I Had put it up there it says notice Connect the pipe to the unit please Follow the instructions stated in the

Figures below use spanner and torque Wrench so it's telling you to use a Torque wrench I think that's probably Why I did it because it's spelled out There and they're very specific about Using a torque wrench and they have the Actual torque that they want you to Torque them down to and the vacuum Instructions are like the complete Opposite of this which is funny it's It's pretty funny Says confirm the tightening torque by Referring to the following table I think I'll put that up here And hopefully that's the next thing I Have up here because that is That's the sort of the funniness about This is the fact that they For some reason they don't seem to care About the vacuum part of it but this has A pipe diameter and the tightening Torque in newton meters going from Quarter inch tubing 15 to 30 newton Meters it's pretty big range actually And 7 8 is 80 to 85 newton meters So they have a whole chart there newton Meters is uh not America talk let's put It in inch pounds and foot pounds guys You know what I'm talking about all Right And we go on father and we're at my Screen keeps jumping here There is yeah this is your vacuum right Here

All right for the flex 36 the three ton Unit backing for 30 minutes That's not very specific For the 60 you vacuum for 45 minutes Also not very specific Wait 10 minutes to see if the system Pressure can remain unchanged during This time the reading of the pressure Gauge at the low pressure side cannot be Larger than 0.005 Uh millipascals megapascal I think it's Millipascals I feel stupid now MPA yeah That's right Corrals let's get this Newton meters out of here and we're Going to talk in foot pounds because we Do foot pounds bro Slightly open to liquid valve to let Some refrigerant go into the connection Pipe to balance the pressure inside and Outside of the connection pipe so that The air will not come into the Connection pipe when removing the hose Bam yes So that's pretty interesting because as Detailed as it is in other areas this Vacuum is like totally I used to wear crappy I think it's Crappy right there so that's kind of a Funny thing and they all do that They all do that for some reason I don't Know as many splits you gotta love them Or you gotta hate them one of the other It's usually one of the two All right so let's see we have the

Standard pipe length which I thought Would be interesting as well standard Pipeline is 25 foot additional Refrigerant amount for extra pipe says 0.32 ounces per foot my brain is always Two-thirds Two-thirds So this is good you have this in here Because otherwise I'd be throwing Two-thirds of an ounce per foot after 15 Foot which is typical with unitary stuff But it's just a little bit different That's why I read in the manual is Pretty important because if you go out There to set this thing and you're Adding extra refrigerant Then if you added for the old way your Unitary away You'd have way more charge in there than If you did it by the book which is uh That's what we call bad in the industry That's bad I'm zipping through this thing guys I think when I put this up here this is The electrical parameters for these Units and this has nothing to do with Gray I just think it's good to learn About the electrical parameters of any Unit you have fuse capacity maximum over Current protection minimum circuit Ampacity The maximum over current protections Like if you have a breaker on the unit That's the biggest breaker they want you

To put on it basically so if you go in There it says maximum over current it Says 35 and you put a 60. no not good Minimum circuit ampacity That's basically how much how much Electricity your wire is going to be Able to hold So if you have a 24 amp And pass the minimum circuit ampacity You know you're going to be running a Copper number 10 wire for that but if You look down to 60 and it's 35 you're Not going to run your number 10 any Longer you have to go to number eight So fantastic so now you know it's Important to check these things because In some areas you guys are doing Electrical too and some other areas Electricians are doing it so it's Important to have all your bases covered I'm moving right through these man I'm Like a teacher or something bro D series inverter series for r14a Unitary split air conditioner and they Have regular thermostat wiring look at That you got your outdoor unit and you Have a thermostat connected to it and It's ybw1 R and C so everybody that's Coming over from the Goodman program Will be like this is all right this is All right right here Goodman you gotta love those guys over At Goodman they make a good unit guys I Mean I don't care what anybody says

Did I just don't just say that out okay Ybw went RNC so simple wiring this is Just a small tidbit of this stuff guys a Small tidbit

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