Goodman Tech Support Tech Tips for New Employees

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[Music] Foreign Congratulations on your brand new job at Goodman you're part of an elite part of The population that qualifies for this Job roughly 92 percent of everybody Including small children and some Animals Your first day might be a little tough Customer relations and all sorts of Other icky situations we put together This training montage to help you figure Out three key situations that you might Run into on the job problem number one The irate customer Hello this is Goodman tech support Literally the worst piece is a crap I've Ever seen in my life well my neighbor Bought a train I should have bought a Train like my neighbor I wouldn't be in This predicament Um you idiots because I can believe that These things are even legal to sell in The state of North Carolina it's Unbelievable so what's the fix for this Horrible problem Try the Goodman customer service plastic Membrane to help separate you from those Unwanted callers Two times to come service the unit these Things are literally the worst pieces of Crap I've ever seen in my life you seem To be breaking up I wonder maybe you Should call back at a different time

To a different Tech problem number two The customer wants to know exactly why His system leaks Why is my system leaking it's only two Years old man yes your unit's probably Leaking because of the cheap Chinese Copper used in the line set Yes your unit's probably leaking because The blower motor is not set on the Correct speed by the contractor thus Causing unit leaks [Music] Sure you have to change refrigerant Periodically to make sure it's still Fresh Oh Great job now you sound like a real tech Support guy Remember guys and gals because Goodman Doesn't really have actual dealers There's no real qualifications meaning Many times you'll have high school Dropouts getting Goodman units and other Untrained uneducated people Because of that To get out of any situation you can Typically use long words even when used Improperly join together to confuse the Dealer so that he won't be able to Proceed in the conversation thus letting You off the hook hey man you don't get It I've installed many of these things And they're all breaking down now yeah I Understand you're having a lot of

Problems with leaking HVAC systems that Are made by Goodman but did you properly Tribulate the ramification Flanders Whenever you enumerated the different Denominators that were involved in a Succulent install Well I I don't really know if I did or Not well that might be your problem and Instead of calling up here maybe you Should check those things before you Even get in touch with us oh Great job you really ran circles around Him Another Surefire method from dealing With different dealers that call in with Issues again I say dealers they call in With different issues is to give them a Fix that is complicated and vague so That they can go off to the supply house Become confused come back and by the Time they call back it won't be you Again who answers the phone it'll be Another person and they can just bat it On and on into Infinity hey man so what Do I do yeah what I want you to do to Solve this problem is to put a vibrating Isolation unit called a shock isolator In you should be able to find them at Any of your local supply houses so just Install that and you'll have no issues From here on out dude you're a lifesaver And now that you've completed your Training I look forward to working with Each and every one of you for the one to

One and a half years a typical Representative stays here Goodman Manufacturing we're the best Claim cannot be validated [Music]

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