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Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] How’s it going everybody out there my Name is Zach Sierra this is HVAC shop Talk I’m living the dream and dreaming To live guys and I hope you are too out There on this fine Tuesday Tuesday the 8th of November Which I think is a Great Big and Rich Song actually the 8th of November you Guys would love it if you heard it it’s Really really good So I’m just chilling here at the shop Let’s say hello to our Chatters plural There’s more than one success Dominating YouTube absolutely what’s up Mead Gunner Canon Cassie Thomas lick And Canon Casey says let me see if I can Move this stuff over here so I can see It better hold on here we go yeah oh man I can see it so much better now man it’s Gonna be perfect I want to see that chat really well so I Minimize and maximize that’s what I’m Gonna do Why do this in advance when you could do It right there to Spur the moment that’s What I say all right so hello Canon Casey Uh Josh F says good song yeah man it’s a

Good song 8th of November about a battle In Vietnam Vietnam whichever way you Want to say it I buy Big and Rich which I really like uh Big and Rich I like Them I don’t think they’re together Anymore but I think I think it’s John Rich is his name perhaps maybe but uh He’s a pretty good songwriter evidently He was a songwriter for a long time but Then they formed their band and they Just I guess still write songs which is Pretty interesting so like I said hello To our Chatters meet Gunner Cannon Casey Thomas Cannon Casey again and Josh F who thinks this is a good song what’s Up Everybody You know yesterday I was sitting here Talking kind of an impromptu stream and I was like we’re talking about some Refrigerant stuff and I’m like man I Didn’t really Expand too much on that refrigerant Stuff I was talking about because we Were talking about Hfos and Josh F says he’s from his Hometown that’s pretty cool so what uh If you’ll say the town I’m kind of Curious just for my own knowledge uh if You’re comfortable with it you know Either way it don’t matter I guess I can Google it if I wanted to but uh hey Roger G sorry I didn’t mean to skip you Roger Roger G is here as well guys Welcome Roger G to the party

But we’re talking about hfos and I was Explaining something and thank you for The Amarillo Texas very nice we can see Mayor Amarillo by Morning too by George Strait like that song as well But I wanted to talk a little bit about These hfos because uh Cannons Canon’s fact checking the stream Big and Rich is still together this was False information and it will be flagged And YouTube would take this down and put It with the rest of the covert videos [Laughter] I should probably focus focus hfos And I was explaining a little bit about Him and I was like I’m asking to brush Up a little bit on an hfo because I’m Sitting here telling people about them So you know where do I go but the Internet because I know enough about Them to know if the internet’s telling Me the truth about them and because I Know a little bit about you know Chemical composition stuff just this Much little this little yeah So the internet says what does an hfo Contain and let me see if I can share The screen here because that would be a Little bit better let’s see which Desktop oh that’s actually the right one Fantastic Oh all right so it says what does hfo Refrigerants contain hfo recruiters are Composed of hydrogen fluorine and carbon

Atoms but contain at least one double Bond between the carbon atoms the first Hfo jointly developed by Dupont and Honeywell of course who gives the Government money is Hfo1234 YF which is sold under the brand Names option YF and Solace or Solstice Wire so Right out the bat there and we have Dupont and Honeywell of course guys I Really do think that most of our policy Is shaped by how much money Dupont and Honeywell give the government I believe That in my heart because that’s how People work man it’s all about money so As long as they’re funneling money in And creating new refrigerants they’re Gonna be like hey this new refrigerant We just created It’s probably going to be the future of Refrigerant so you should get on board With this Uh K says is an hfo the refrigerant used In a UFO well if the UFOs would ever Spend some quality time here Instead of just kidnapping what seems to Be just crystal meth people and bringing Them back after some sort of enema then We could check but now we assume there’s Some sort of Space Age Technology in There which could be hfo but also UFOs Come from outer space and outer space is Very cold It’s very cold out there I learned that

Watching Star Wars That’s actually where I learned that so I have my doubts about that knowledge But I’m pretty sure that’s correct so I’m just saying all right we’re trying To learn about some real stuff here can It just just back off bro just back off Okay So it says is hfo a natural refrigerant Well I go ahead and tell you that like No it’s not Absolutely not because atfos contain a Whole bunch of unnatural stuff let’s see What the Google says It says natural refrigerant and Hydroflora olefins are the two types of Next Generation refrigerants it’s just Like Alexa it tells me the answer to a Different question But I do love the questions that they They pop up on here because it’s Actually pretty important that we know These things Talks about hfcs we’re going to skip That one for right now is hfo Environmentally friendly okay hfos are The next generation of synthetic well There goes natural out the window Synthetic chemicals being promoted by The industry for future use in cooling Equipment but while hfos may be less Harmful to the climate they break this Is my favorite part they break down in The atmosphere to create high levels of

Trifluoro Acetic I know I’m saying it wrong so let’s say TFA which could be very damaging to Human health and in the environment So what xfos may be less harmful to the Climate well if you’re harmful to the Climate then you’re probably not good For the environment That can’t that can’t go together well So I don’t know what a TFA is Trifluoroacetic acid Mmm that ain’t good it’s like when your Car catches on fire when there’s an hfo In there doesn’t that make like fluorine Gas or something in that stuff they use In like World War One To kill people That’s astounding oh this is an alarmist Conversation for sure I’m sure it’s not Quite as dangerous as I’m making it Sound here let’s go back to the chat for A second so we have our chatters Uh country fried HVAC says Dupont is Like a bond villain level Evil Corporation I would love for you to Expand on that so we could you know I Have my I always say that corporations are like Little bitty governments They have their own interest and their Interests are not necessarily shared With the interest of the populace that’s What I think

Canon says they probably use propane in The UFOs you can you’re probably right You know if any one of us has been in a UFO it would be Canon it would be Canon Uh Thomas Leck says it’s pretty hot on The side of your body that’s facing the Sun you’ll have about 800 or 800 Degrees On one side and minus 200 or 300 on the Other side yeah that’s I’ve heard that Same sort of thing where if there’s a Lack of atmosphere That you’ll have this radical Differences we are somewhat shielded by Our atmosphere and if you go out there And you like you said you’re facing the Sun you have this massive heat source And you’re unshielded then if you rotate Like to the back side of a planet or Something like that without atmosphere For I guess for example it’s extremely Cold Uh Brandon Brittany says I predict it in Like 20 years we’ll have our 290 Chillers outside and pump glycol to the Coil man that’s exactly what we were Talking about Eric melee Eric melee was I forget where this was I think this one Like a Google Hangout years ago talking About how we are going to have We’re gonna have these propane chillers Outside just pumping that cool water or Glycol like you said into the house and

We’re just going to have like this Miniature commercial systems which I Think is a pretty good idea right Because if you’re pumping that stuff It’s easy then to Zone things out if you Take refrigerant out of the equation you Keep all that refrigerant outside and You’re just pumping the heat transfer Fluid like water or glycol whatever if You’re pumping it to various Air Handlers or some sort of I don’t know Radiator or something like that some Sort of heat exchanger in some fashion Seemed like it’d be pretty easy to do That why don’t we do that why don’t we Do that now that’s what I wonder why Can’t we just do that now There must be some big Corporation out There that’s paying the government for Us not to do that we should be pretty Ticked guys we should be writing letters If any of us are literate out there I Can’t I don’t I don’t do it that’s why I Don’t read King James I’m not literate If any of us are literate and are good With a pen like Alexander Hamilton Then write a letter to the government Guys Thomas says phosphine gas Germans Perfected that work great killed my Great grand uncle took about six weeks For him to die that sounds miserable That sounds like the awful I guess it’s uh radiation poisoning how

Radiation poisoning goes into your body And then you go through this slow Process from which no matter how much Time elapses if you get a high enough Exposure You’re going to have some sort of fatal Ramification if you got a lot of Exposure like the guy in the Chernobyl Series they have these little meters the Russian guys had these little meters and They measure the the output from the Reactor and say rentagent is there like Renogen or something like that And the meter spikes but the meter only Goes up to like three or four renogen And they come back and it’s like a Rotten again Renogen you guys know probably and the Guy comes back in the truck after he Drives it up to the reactor which is Wide open by the way It’s like tens of thousands and like you Know that guy’s dead I mean the guy who Drove the truck he’s gonna die It’s just such a unsettling feeling like Even the Russian guys who are there to Oversee even though they weren’t right Next to reactor here all of them are Going to die of some sort of related Injury it’s just horrible So that that’s that’s that’s crazy That’s that’s wild how that stuff comes Back and now it’s it was once a killing Agent here we are we’re back and it’s

Not killing anymore theoretically Ken And Casey I cannot confirm or deny that Statement oh it wasn’t the UFO you can Tell you could really tell he’s in the UFO guys Canada was in the UFO and he Had something inserted somewhere Probably that’s all I’m gonna say He’s like the lady in the SNL skit who Came back down Geez I can’t remember her name now so That joke makes no sense omit omit that Joke okay Sponsors hey yes I’m sponsored people That own companies say yes we want to Work with this guy that’s right and a Lot of them and a lot of other channels Are like why is that happening I can’t Explain it guys I think it’s Jesus it’s Probably Jesus so yellow jacket Sponsored by yellowjacket they make Refrigeration Service Tools in case you Can’t read out there or are on a podcast They make a lot of tools and they’ve Been making them for like a thousand Years this claim is not factual like a Thousand years and all of them are Really really great and you can find out More at yellowjacket.com they had some New stuff we showed it last time the new Flare gauge awesome I got it right here ’s a new flare gauge guys player size Engage here’s one side of it that tells You the recommended maximum torque of

The flare that’s that’s handy and the Part number is 60297 so look it up buy a Bunch of them call Yellow Jacket tell Them you bought it because of this show So they will never leave me like the Like the wife who’s scared don’t let him Leave me So What’s up bro Mesa good to see you too Man We got Beckett down there I gotta move The Becca when I’m blocking it with my Girthy body Beckett condensate pumps Kind of say tabs they’ve been making Kind of safe stuff for probably like Yellow Jacket 152 000 years back when T-Rex’s roamed the Earth Beckett was Using condensate pumps to move their Watering holes from one place to another Beckett condensate pumps you can learn More by clicking the link in the Description as soon as I put it in there Because this is a live stream and it’s Not there right now but of course you Can just go to Google and search Beckett And it’ll pop up what’s up we have Chris From HVAC Aura videos I think that’s how That’s pronounced and you know it’s Chris because there’s a check by it and They don’t give people who aren’t the Real guys checks and they don’t give me Checks either and I don’t know how you Get one I think you have to talk to a Guy at YouTube and that guy won’t talk

To me But I don’t care because Yellow Jacket Sponsors me all right So who else is there let’s hit one more True Tech Tool save eight percent of True Tech tools by using the shop talk Discount code again Tell True Tech tools that my show is Your favorite one even if you’re lying By using my discount code thank you guys Transition transition okay so let’s get Back over here let’s find out what the Internet thinks about these hdfos again I paid eight dollars for my check isn’t That the Twitter thing ain’t that what They’re doing at Twitter now I think it’s a Twitter thing Elon Musk institutes the uh Eight dollar A month check program or eight dollar One time I’m not sure what it is Uh little chinga says your show is my Second favorite well little chingas After I get off of here I’m gonna fling Myself off a rooftop because you said That so thanks a lot little chingas my Blood is on your hands Of the internet All right here we go back over here to Hfos I like this let’s see what we have Here is hfo band wow ships aren’t Allowed to use or carry hfo there and Hfo cannot be carried as cargo or Ballast either what are they even Talking about

Is hfo flammable let’s skip Hfo1234 YF can be described as being Mildly flammable as measured by standard Methodology it’s kind of vague isn’t it What does that mean it’s an a2l maybe It’s an a2l And who names these things one two three Four YF That’s just somebody like some kid at The Honeywell place is like what are we Gonna call this one two three four can You can you say the alphabet Little Johnny one two three y f Like there’s our refrigerant name we’re Good to go all right Oh I like this which is better hfc or CFC Man Kane and Casey You’re all right man says the show’s a Favorite but little chigga says hey Zach Don’t fling yourself out that building It’s gonna be all right little changes I Believe you I’m not gonna do it Let’s see hfc which is better what a Vague thing that is which is better who Could win in a fight hfc or CFC because They contain hydrogen Hcfcs break down more easily in the Atmosphere than do CFCs therefore hcfcs Have less ozone depletion potential in Addition to less global warming Potential hfcs do not contain chlorine And do not contribute to destruction of The stratospheric ozone well that is a

Lot of information right there so I Guess what Hcfc’s win Over cfc’s I don’t the question was hfc Versus CFC and they’ve included hcsc as Well how can I make this more Complicated you guys ever wonder this Stuff The guys that do this refrigerant crap They they say all right we have CFCs Hcfcs hfcs hfos HCS Everybody got that it’s like okay yeah All right let’s let’s vary the Terminology a little bit So okay and it says so if hfc isn’t bad Why are we getting rid of four tonight Because Kim Moore’s probably wrote a big Check somebody or Honeywell or something Like that guys Come on It’s money it’s money related they give Money to somebody yeah we love the Environment sure but everybody knows That this planet is going to be wiped Out by an exploding solar flare before We destroy it by using R22 too much That’s not scientific at all I’m sorry That doesn’t mean anything But for real though if the air Conditioners were made not to leak like We said yesterday we wouldn’t have Nearly the problem because anything that Leaks none of this stuff is good if you

Breed this stuff you would die so it’s Not like any of this stuff is good but R22 depletes the ozone so they said all Right that’s no that’s out we can’t have That bring in the hfcs Got r410a it has a higher gwp than R22 All right the common sense meters Starting to flicker hey that’s stupid Why why’d y’all do that I thought Environment was so important so why are You putting this big blanket over the Earth and frying us all to death is that Your way of helping the environment Baking us slowly like Venus so now they Come up with lands like hey here’s what We’re gonna do We realize that Hcfcs depleted the ozone so basically We’re making a nice hole in the Atmosphere to go up to space and the Problem with the ozone layer is that When there’s a hole it sucks people out Through it and they get thrown into Space I think that’s my understanding Scientifically so they said we can’t do That so we’re going to have the hcfcs so They bring in the hcfcs am I right there Acfc yes that’s our R22 and they said Well see I screwed it up already they Bring in the hfcs r410a and it has a Higher gwp says we don’t have the hole Anymore but we’re putting blankets Around the earth and we’re causing it to Slowly bake

Hmm that’s not problem solving is it so All right let’s bring in the HCS Hydrocarbons all right hydrocarbons In general are highly flammable This is the the solution to the problem We’re going to let the technicians work With highly flammable refrigerants now Am I blowing this out of abortion surely I am I’m absolutely blowing this out of Proportion because obviously they would Not introduce something that would hurt Us They would never do that would they now They don’t care about you that’s the Thing they don’t they don’t give a rat’s Butts about you so they would definitely Do that are they good refrigerant sure They look like they’re really good Refrigerants but of course every step You take you’re gonna have a danger Higher pressure oh now it’s flammable Here we have higher pressure and Flammable your wish is granted now we Have things that are both Now we have hfos hfos break down into Other deadly things that seems great too Okay So What do we do as technicians you got to Change with the times you got to get Trained right you got to go out there And get trained on whatever it is which Is the solution you got to make yourself Viable in the future you’re a technician

You want to be a technician five years From now 10 years from now you got to Get smart about this stuff you got to Train yourself You had to become with the times so to Speak But here’s here’s a major problem with This whole thing at least to me We had a group of guys in 2000 yeah Times like says HC weeds out the gene Pool does Humanity a favor And the fiery hand of the HCS wipe out The bottom half of technicians The ones that are dumb Will no longer pollute the gene pool With their stupidity And that’s sort of what we’re getting at Here and it’s not just dumb it’s Ill-informed In 2010 410A was like all right no more 410A units so we had our dry charge Units R22 dry charge unit would come with like A nitrogen holding charge you’d get like A few PSI of nitrogen or sometimes it Was more than a few Then you put your R22 in it of course The compressor head Poe oil so you could put 407c and it was A whole different animal now we have R22 Replacement so let’s focus on the main Ones R22 so you put your R22 in it but Why would you do that when there’s four To eight units

There’s a whole segment of the trade Which I call HVAC trade light that may Not do it all the time or maybe Not as Not as dedicated to training themselves Yes you guys know who they are the guy The supply house like It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere let’s get out of here the guy Who’s not going to training classes but Hanging out next to the popcorn machine That guy he wants an R22 unit still so Now those are gone And then the fortune units will be gone And now he’s got exploding bomb units That’s way out of proportion so I’m Sorry So you’re playing with this Exploding bomb unit now and now the Handyman’s got one now his handyman he’s Got his old leaky gauges out there and He decides hey guys You know what know what I’ve done for Many many years is smokes cigarettes We’re not going to make it all Girlish with a vape okay we’re not gonna Mess this up by giving the guy Vape We’re gonna make him a man he’s smoking Marlboro Reds And he’s lighting the Marlboro Red and All of a sudden this slightly flammable Or highly flammable refrigerant because He does Refrigeration too these guys are Everywhere you Refrigeration guys know There’s a bunch of hacks in

Refrigeration So he’s smoking his cigarette he’s Getting down there Starting to brace he’s gonna break it Open And all of a sudden his facial hair gets Removed Fireball Maybe fired but you know that’s not Necessarily good for your health that’s What I’m worried about I’m Legit worried About the fact that you can’t you can’t Just make these plans for all the guys Like you guys out there who are like I’m I’m watching shop talk live because I’m Learning about HVAC or I’m getting some News or something the problem is that There’s a whole segment of guys that Don’t do any of that stuff and you can’t Just say they’re not there or they don’t Matter Because they do matter hey they’re hacks Or whatever whatever you want to call Them but everybody started out as a hack No one started out knowing everything So you got to be safe for those guys too That’s the problem I have we don’t we Don’t choose things for the working guy We choose things for government Regulation BS that’s what I don’t like Let’s see let’s go back to the chat guys We got medley heating and air my Well-to-do brother from Texas down there Who’s built quite the company he’s going

To get a 22 tat right on his heart gone But not forgotten hey that’s what I’m Saying and not just you know medley here He’s he’s wiser than the guys I’m Talking about but still you know even I It’s like 22 was nice to deal with I wish 22 was okay it’s like eating Chocolate cake and going I wish this was Healthy this is so much better let’s see My watch is going on let’s see all right Okay thank you thank you for the text LinkedIn job alert I think I’ll take it I could be it oil Rig Worker in the Gulf of no no that’s not For me Canon Casey says will superheat And sub cooling still work with new Refrigerants or were they actually Charged critically like mini splits and I think it’s going to be similar for Residential Charging methods I think probably stay The same as they were previously I think There’s critical charge that’s still Superheating sub cooling like it like For micro Channel stuff if you have Super 8 subcoins you still need those Numbers but the charge is critical Meaning you add a couple extra ounces And all of a sudden your head pressure Is too high by a significant amount so It means if you’re talking about Critical charge like it just holds a few Ounces

Then it might be just let’s weigh in the Charge and be done with it but if it’s Something like residential AC I think We’re still going to do it the same way We did it before it’s gonna be new Refrigerants and depending on what Refrigerant you’re using it’s either Going to be super heat sub cooling Bubble Point dew point if you have like A mixture refrigerant with a lot of Glide the awful Glide It depends uh Kenny Casey says sir don’t You smoke cigarettes you didn’t put You didn’t light a cigarette yeah I if You’re talking to me I smoke cigarettes For a long long time it’s a very Unhealthy habit but man they were great Every now and then my wife smoked like When she was much younger like for a Short period of time I smoked for like 15 years And if smoking was declared healthy I would run out and buy some smokes Right now and it’s been Geez it’s been 15 years since I quit It’s crazy Hey Zach why can’t I rewind a stream to The start usually this was possible I Don’t know I probably clicked the wrong Button Sam uh whenever I set it up I Probably there’s a button that’s called DVR which means you can go backwards but It’s not Yeah I probably just didn’t hit it

Rambro said six with a chisel bruh yeah Man I like I like sigs a lot You know Paul miles were you know 2.48 When I quit but Marlboro Reds were a Dollar or something when I started Times have changed bra times have Changed okay Let me do one final sponsor spot let me See if I can remember all the other Sponsors I didn’t do so far ewc has the Best four stair zoning on the market I Dare you to disagree in the chat I dare You to disagree and call anyone else Better Ewcc controls.com they make zoning Supplies they make thermostats outside Air controls a lot of great stuff find Out more your supplies might have it but Ewccontrols.com definitely has Information if you like learning if you Don’t like learning then why are you Here probably for the comedy and I Understand that that’s just fine let me Think who else didn’t I mention company Cam company cam you can consolidate all Your company’s photos you can bring your Company together in an organized fashion By consolidating your documentation on Your jobs into one spot where everybody Can look at where you’re at the boss man Can look at you not in a big brothery Kind of way but just in the how’s it Going at the job kind of way so Companycam.com you can find out more

About that so I know there’s somebody Else Geez someone in the chat want to tell me What my sixth sponsor is I know there’s Another one guys we’re not going to go On until I can remember Did I do navvac I don’t think I did Navac actually navig battery controlled Tools for the HVAC man in your life it’s Holiday season Pickers pick your man or Significant other up a navac battery Controlled vacuum pump battery powered I Mean it’s not controlled by the battery Like some kind of weird spell it has on It it’s just powered by it at Jackson Systems that’s an older show there Cannon I do like Jackson Systems but They’re no longer sponsors so they might As well not exist I did back it before Sam but thank you Sam didn’t watch the first half of the Show now I know Sam didn’t watch the First half of the show Good Grief of Course that DVR comment also you know Kind of said that Sam showed up in the Middle which is okay You guys should not be stationed next to The internet waiting for me to go live That would be crazy that’d be crazy man Let’s get uh I had some other stuff on Here but we’re not gonna get to it oh Sadness Let me see hfc let me see if I can do a Couple more refrigerant warrants and

We’ll call it a day and you guys can go About your Merry way whatever you’re Doing Let’s see our hfc band here you go Nearly six years after the United States Helped negotiate it the Senate has Ratified a global climate treaty that Would formally phase down the use of Hydrofluorocarbons or hfcs if you don’t Like saying words that have 55 letters Industrial chemicals commonly found in Air conditioners and refrigerators and Insulating Foams and pharmaceutical Inhalers All right well that’s got to get rid of Them man because they’re bad let’s get Some exploding refrigerant so we’ll be Better off Let’s see HSC harmful to humans I like This hfcs can pose a risk to humans as Hfc gases often are explosive gases that Are highly flammable Hmm Huh well that’s weird I’m getting some Conflicting yeah I’m sure there’s one Out there that’s flammable which is Better R32 or R134a the average Coefficient of performance or cop Obtained using r152a which is not even The question well I can go ahead and Tell you guys R32 is better Google’s not worth a crap at trying to Figure this stuff out because it answers Questions you’re not asking R32 was

Obviously better than 410A and you can Use logic to figure that out because Sam You can use logic because R32 is an Ingredient And 410A So Fortune a is equal parts of R32 and R125 our 125 serves as a flame Suppressant because R32 is an a2l which Is mildly flammable Now now that we’re using mildly Flammable stuff and that’s just an Everyday thing We don’t need to 125 because it does two Things the 125 greatly increases the gwp And makes it a little bit less good as a Refrigerant so R32 is better except for That whole flammable thing and R32 is Only This much flammable meaning If you light it it’s not going to Explode and blow up if you hold up Bladder to it this is how it’s explained To me and you light it like a little Leak little flame comes out whenever you Light it but if you stop the flame stops As opposed to A3 refrigerants like Propane isobutane butane Methane All the other ends out there We like those you have a bad day it’s Just a mistake Canon Casey says you named your kid After him and still they don’t sponsor You that’s what I’m saying man I named

My kid after their company and they Ditched me bro Not cool not cool bro All right dudes because I don’t see any Ladies in here so I’m gonna say dudettes I’m gonna get out of here I just want to Hang out with you guys for a little While maybe we can hang out tomorrow I Don’t know when it’s gonna be a surprise Stay vigilant make sure whenever you Subscribe to the channel If you are subscribed please do I’m About to cough I gotta hit the button Hold on I hope you didn’t hear that that was Really loud so if you’re subscribed or Not subscribed if you do subscribe hit The little bell and you’ll be notified Let’s see Thomas let your grandmother’s Aqua Net hairspray was more flammable Remember using the lighter on that stuff I sure do bro absolutely Oh yeah fried spider webs dude I know Exactly what you’re saying I know Exactly what you’re saying have a good Night Zach hope you have a good night When I can call in uh yeah uh Canon if You’re around tomorrow we’ll do that Uh raw Mesa good night Zach when you do More fake news oh great raw here’s my Plan okay Doing fake news is an elaborate Affair And I’m kind of like a live stream kind Of guy so what I was thinking is I would

Actually try to do them live maybe have Like a rough idea and see if I can pull One off right there in the moment so Stay tuned for that I don’t know when that’ll be I’ll Probably jot down a couple things Something about Goodman probably and Then try to do it on the air but I just Got to get it because you know usually I Have like a little green screen when I Film it so I had to do something to make It look sort of like a news thing But I’ll figure it out even if I have a Little string on it and I let it down Then I roll it back up in between or Something but I want to try that because I like doing stuff like with some Pressure live it makes me better at it I Don’t like all this planned ahead stuff It makes it worse for me a little bit of Pressure makes The comedy better That’s what I’m gonna try anyway guys I Want to say thank you to our Chatters I Really appreciate that guys Sam raw Cannon Thomas Clint rambro I like your name man medley See who else we got little chingus Chris Brandon oh country fried go all the way Up Josh F guys thank you for tuning in To the show You go and listen to this as a podcast Yeah can I make fun of good men like Like the like the stars come up at night

I just every day I like to do it every Day Come on They’re awful right they’re bad right no Worse than anything else it’s the Installer guys the installer makes all The difference ain’t that what we’re Told no there are certain brands that Installers can’t save go met and Nordyne Those are those two brands guys I love You and I’ll see you on the next one [Music] Foreign [Music]

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