MRCOOL Mini Split: A/C in Garage 1-Year Update

One-Year Update: DIY Mr. Cool Mini Split Installation


In this article, we will provide a one-year update on our DIY Mr. Cool mini split installation, a popular and convenient solution for regulating temperature in garages and other spaces. We will address common questions and concerns and give our overall assessment of the product after a year of use. For those interested in installing the mini split themselves, we previously posted a comprehensive hour-long installation video that covers every aspect, including electrical components.

Addressing Common Questions

1. Vacuuming the Lines

Many viewers of the installation video have commented about the lack of vacuuming of the lines. However, with the DIY Mr. Cool mini split kit, vacuuming is unnecessary, as the line set comes pre-charged. The convenience and simplicity of this feature make this mini split system an attractive option for DIY enthusiasts.

2. Performance Video and Testing

In our performance video, we conducted a test where the mini split system was activated between 11 AM and 2 PM during a hot, 90-degree day in Chicago. The results revealed higher temperatures than anticipated, which can be attributed to heat build-up in the garage before the system was turned on. This, in turn, made it harder for the system to regulate temperature effectively.

Additionally, our temperature reference point was located high up in the space, which may have skewed the readings. Since then, we have moved the thermometer to a more appropriate location and added a ceiling fan for improved air circulation.

One Year Later: Overall Experience and Assessment

After one year of use, our Mr. Cool mini split system is still working efficiently. We did not use it to heat the space during winter because the 18k BTU output would not have been sufficient, and electricity costs are higher than natural gas in our area. Instead, we relied on a 60,000 BTU natural gas heater for winter months.

The convenience of the mobile app and quiet operation make the Mr. Cool system ideal for maintaining a comfortable temperature while working in the garage, without disrupting audio quality for video projects. In summary, we highly recommend this system to anyone seeking to improve the comfort of their space.

Installation Challenges and Costs

While our installation process was more involved due to the need for electrical wiring and conduit, the final result was well worth the time and effort. The system functions optimally and has met our expectations one year on. Regarding running costs, it is difficult to provide exact figures due to external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting energy consumption habits. However, our overall utility bill has only increased slightly with the addition of the mini split system.


In conclusion, the DIY Mr. Cool mini split system is a fantastic solution for those seeking efficient temperature control in non-traditional spaces. Its ease of installation, quiet operation, and convenient app functionality make it a perfect addition to any garage or workspace. Our experience over the past year has cemented our positive outlook on the system, and we encourage others to consider installing one for themselves.

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