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Subscribe You tube channel Forever Tech to get latest videos updates Friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our You Tube channel Forever Tech today we will talk about Error code L3 and L5 which is about Gree Dc inverter air conditioner so friends this is Gree Dc inverter air conditioner which we have on 16 temperature as you have seen shown on display as error code will come we will show you and tell you why Error code comes? friends!you can see Error code L3 is shown on display whenever L3 Error code is shown on display why does it comes and what does it means? today we will tell you complete detail and what does L3 means? we will tell you friends lets go because it is related to outdoor its fault..we will go towards outdoor where we will tell you in detail what does L3 means? now we have come to outdoor whenever in outdoor fan motor becomes faulty cause of some reason or is jammed now you can see this motor is fully Okay! but cause of some reason it is jammed or doesn't works it means your motor is faulty need to be changed! in spite this let me tell you that in PCB where the connector is installed? as you can see this is the connector this is outdoor DC fan motor connector i have plugged out this connector and is installed here soute of some reason loose connection occurs or comes out from connector L3 error code will shown on display so reinstalled it! and sometimes because of unit vibration loose connection occurs and cause of which they are not touching eachother if you take out the connector and plugg it again so there are chances if connector is not faulted it will be Okay in spite this in outdoor IPM is connected for DC fan motor if its also faulted indoor unit will show L3 indoor error code beyond this let me tell you in some models L3 Error code is present in which Dc motor is attached and in some models L3 Error code is not present in which AC fan motor is attached so you may remember this! so friends lets talk about next Error code which is F5 we will tell you F5 whole detail! that why it is shown on Gree Dc inverter air conditioner display? What are its reasons and how can you fix it? so let you take you to outdoor because this is outdoor fault so let you show you in outdoor why it does comes and what is the problem this Error code comes? now we have come to outdoor unit in outdoor unit whenever discharge pipe sensor becomes faulty will give F5 Error code see this connector which I am showing you this white color wire let me separate it to show you i am taking it out this white color wire is discharge pipe sensor wire whenever discharge pipe sensor will be faulty F5 Error code will be shown let me show you where it is attached to compressor? so friends as you can see upon compresssor coming out discharge pipe upon it is connected soute of some reason loose connection occurs or comes out it will show F5 error code let me show you how this sensor looks? I am taking it out and let me show you how it looks? see it looks like this! so whenever it becomes faulty so your unit will show F5 error code in spite this you will check its resistance that whats its resistance? that its varying or not beyond this I have uploaded before video in which I have tell you in detail how can you test sensor? so take a multi meter disconnect from connector after disconnecting from connector check it if nothing is shown on meter it means it is opened and change it completely and arrange hot and cold water and dip both one by one and check its resistance if one value is coming again and again it means it is Okay if in one temperature it is showing value low then high then low sometimes medium value it means it is short circuited and need to change then change it! F5 Error code will disappear from display and your unit will come back to working condition friends Hope so you enjoyed this informative video! and will be very useful for you so meet you in next video

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