How To Replace AC Condenser Cooling Fan 02-08 Dodge Ram PART 1

brought to you by your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet hi i'm mike green i'm one of the owners of one auto i want to help you save time and money repairing and maintaining your vehicle i'm going to use my 20 plus years experience restoring and repairing cars and trucks like this to show you the correct way to install parts from the right parts install correctly that's gonna save you time and money thank you and enjoy the video okay this is uh part one of a two-part uh video this is removing the ac condenser fan in this 2004 dodge ram same as any 0208 this is one of those jobs that is a whole lot easier once you know how to do it tools you'll need for this are a 10 millimeter and a 13 millimeter socket with a ratchet and extension a tool able to cut plastic because as you can see chrysler didn't exactly design this to be replaced easily a flat blade screwdriver and a phillips screwdriver you want to start by removing your battery actually you can see we've already disconnected the negative cable and now we're using our 10 millimeter wrench and we did that with a 10 millimeter socket and ratchet as well loosening up the positive cable with our 10mm socket ratchet and then carefully because you don't want to touch that screwdriver to anything else you want to carefully pry off the positive battery cable now i'm going to fast forward a little bit but there's a 10 millimeter bolt basically the middle bottom of the battery that holds the battery clamp down and you want to remove that as you remove it the bolt that's at the bottom can slip and if you have to you can grab that with a wrench at the bottom as well and now you're going to use your 10 millimeter stock mesh again both the negative ground cable from the fender and i just put that bolt back in the fender for safe keeping okay now you want to pull the battery towards the fender a little bit then there's a basically a block it's a little bracket that holds the battery in and then you can lift the water battery out and store it on a piece of wood on the concrete floor next you're going to want to remove your well not remove but get your fuse relay center out of the way there's a 13-millimeter bolt there and then there's a little clip that has a phillips head pin in it that you just kind of un through the pin and pull the pinhead up out and then this lifts up okay and the clip comes out okay fast forward through removing that 13 millimeter bolt okay and then this relay center slides towards the engine and then it pops out and you can kind of take it and move it over to where your battery was okay so you can see i've used some plastic wire ties and just kind of tied this up and out of the way not too tight because i want to be able to flex these wires around a little bit now i'm going to remove four 10 millimeter bolts two that hold the ac fan here and then this one here that holds the radiator shroud and all the way on the other side there's another one here that holds the radiator shroud as well you want to release there's two pins one here and one way down here just use a regular screwdriver and pry those out [Applause] and then after you prime some usually just grab onto them work them back and forth and out ten millimeter socket with a small extension and you can use a ratchet obviously i'm using an air ratchet just for a little bit of quickness okay and i'll do a little fast forwarding again too as i remove those four bolts and as you as i remove the last one the radiator you can see the radiator kind of flex down now you're just going to want to kind of lift up your radiator push it back a little bit gives you a little room to move around the ac condenser fan what you want to do is remove your ac line from these clips here and then also from one way over here on the passenger side okay that allows your line to go up so now you can kind of lift up and move around your condenser and fan assembly there are four bolts that hold the condenser into the fan assembly they're 10 millimeter ones there one is further down there you can just kind of lift the um there you go lift it up and get a better view and then there's also two on this side one there and one way further down right there um you can either reach that by reaching down there or actually from the bottom as well then i've got my 10 millimeter socket with my ratchet no extension this time and a little fast forward again as i take these bolts out and you can see i just lift up the condenser and fan assembly just so i can get at the bolts and get everything out and everything okay so you can see with the shroud pulled up okay our condenser now is loose but chrysler for some reason designed this so that you the right way to do it i guess is to disconnect this line but you can't do that because that depressurizes your ac it's illegal because you can't let the gases go in the air and then you'd have to get your ac system recharged so what you want to do is either break or cut this basically this piece right here so then you can get the condenser out okay how you do this depends on the tools you have i've got these snips okay it goes right through the plastic pretty easy be careful not to damage your condenser at all okay now we're basically ready to pull it out we've got a few things here we've got this arm that comes off the battery make sure that we get the fan up and over it first and then this comes apart you have to slide the condenser over and pull the fan out so try and show you that as best i can here all right so we want to bring our condenser and fan assembly up so it's basically on top of that arm okay and now pull the condenser gently out of the fan assembly here things slip down [Music] i try to practice this like three times but it seems like every time it comes out a little different kind of like condenser bleed forward try not to let the fan and the condenser hit too much fan comes up okay here's the connector right here use a screwdriver to undo it comes out okay here's my original fan a new fan from wayne auto you're going to want to swap all your grommets over just pull out and push in okay mostly it's the same uh looks like maybe this is a different design of your later or earlier design i'll see how that installs but i am going to cut this off right here so i can get it around that hose okay and we're going to end that and this one here for now just check out uh the part 2 to the same video to see the reinstallation of the fan we hope this helps you out brought to you by your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet please feel free to call us toll free and in 888-844-3393

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