The Makita Upgrade That Will Blow Your Man Bun Clean Off!

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I upgrade it and I want to share it with You okay now everybody now check this Out okay who likes what brand of power Tools when you go rocking a power tool What brand you go with do you all go With Milwaukee the Milwaukee guys try to Leave everybody else Alone by the way Okay just because they don't like Milwaukee don't hate them or anything But what brand do you trust right here In your heart what brand do you trust in Your heart I'm just curious guys I'm just curious because I got a brand New power tool and it's going to be off The charts guys I'm gonna let you know That you're gonna be a little bit Jealous Gonna be a little bit jealous KW Carver Says just installers trying to learn hey KW Carver what do you want to learn About the show's for you shows for the Guys out there so tell me what Specifically do you want to learn about I want to know all right East Coast says He's team red you know I knew that East Coast had to be team red That's right we're going there go red we Got DeWalt DeWalt all right we got DeWalt and we got Milwaukee unless team Red is Craftsman you guys are probably Talking about Craftsman or maybe Bauer East Coast is probably Bauer he's got to Be Bauer I'm just curious because no one is

Flying the teal flag here no one's going Straight up till Come on guys No one likes a nice Japanese tool Josh f with Porter Cable I respect that Clint there's a lot of batteries a lot Of batteries Melvin says Milwaukee I didn't know if it was Milwaukee or Craftsman I thought it might be Bauer I have my rigid for eight years says Jared And Mike reads as Milwaukee absolutely Billy wakay Milwaukee comes from the Ancient Indian word miliwaki which means Over excited tool owner that's what it Means I think I don't know if I'll Translate that correctly all right let Me let me show you guys what I got you Say you have the biggest and bad of Brushless tool on the market well I got A new drill today and I am not shy at All about saying it's gonna whoop Y'all's drills butts and for you up North that's you guys you guys are gonna Be cruising for a bruising check this Out Oh It's heavy Check out my brand new Makita drill Now for you out there guys this is model Number let me take my glasses off Because I can't see because I'm older 60 90d it's rocking up to 1100 RPMs and only takes a 9.8 volt

Battery Who recognizes this drill obviously this Thing is old super super old so who Recognizes this Makita drill with a Barrel battery a little latch on the Bottom anybody use that I know some of you guys weren't bored When this thing was in use but I know Some of you guys were definitely bored And in the trade I had one just like this I I love these drills I had one of these When we had this is I think it's 9.8 Volts let me let me let me look here I'm 95 sure I'm gonna go with that it's Like nine point something hey Dallas Knows Dallas knows 19 no this isn't 1980. this is like turn of the Millennium late 1990s mid 1990s my Grandfather had one Uh yeah well it's not that old it's like 25 years old so somebody was selling This I'm like I have got to get this and It's like totally restore it that'll be So So fun 9.64 is that what it is it is 9.6 You're right not 9.8 9.6 some of the Tools I saw were 10.8 volts so There we go uh I just got this today I'm Not expecting anything out of it I'm not expecting anything out of this Because I'm gonna take it all apart I'm Gonna redo the whole thing we're gonna Change the bearings in it we're gonna

Just make it beautiful like it once was Because that's what I like to do guys That's what I like to do I have a Milwaukee for you Milwaukee guys who'll Be angry if we don't talk about Milwaukee after a few minutes I have a Milwaukee corded Sawzall that Greece started shooting out the end of It so I'm pretty sure it needs a little Bit of attention Take that puppy apart too guys now I'm Gonna put this in here and I'm gonna put It in there the right way maybe let's See so yeah that's definitely not the Right way I have not tried it yet I charge this Battery it says it has 10 point Something volts so it should work unless There's something wrong with the drill Let's see Oh no Well it's gonna be fun I'm actually Excited because I'm looking forward to Working on it let's see nothing Nothing She's gonna need some special attention Oh man well I thought it would run Actually oh well So here's my plan for this here's what I'm gonna do guys and Dallas is saying They made a 12 volt version yeah I Remember if any of you were the age of I Don't know late 30s at least Coming up in the late 1990s and HVAC was

The dawn of using a lot of battery power Tools before that we literally had a Drill that was corded that we plugged in To screw all the ductwork together Yeah that's that's true absolutely true Brad hey Mike Reed if it's got bad Brushes I got a whole pack of brushes Back there we're gonna solve it but it's Not doing jack crap but I say it will be Working and you guys will see it On my tools Channel I just got done Doing a whole video on taking apart Aerobie table saw All the way down not all the way down But most of the way down and putting it Back together I painted it and Everything it's pretty cool in fact it's Right here see it's black now it's got a New top on it but that video is Available for your viewing if you want To see it uh if you don't uh know where To find it exactool shop I just redid All That and had a lot of fun doing it Had a lot of fun gonna redo that one too And uh that was one of the first ones we Got like I was saying back in the late 1990s We plugged everything in to drop cords For the longest time you talk about Drop Lights in the crawl space nowadays you Guys flip the battery light on that is So much better So much better oh my gosh They're they're not 300 degrees uh

Man I just love doing judge like Zach's Turning to a scout crafter I I love Taking stuff apart it's like I've done It since I was five I still remember Living in Wilmington North Carolina back When we lived in the city right behind UNCW and my father would bring stuff Home Or we would find stuff because there's This huge wooded area people would dump Stuff periodically we'd find something Mechanical whether it was a toaster one Time it was like a dirt bike or Something we took it all apart we didn't Put anything back together back then but We took it all apart Is this some kind of hipster hobby thing I don't know I don't think I'm hip I'll put it this way I enjoy doing it I Don't know if that's hipster or not I Like it and if you think I'm hip then Yes that is the answer but uh like I was Saying we had some 9.6 volt tools we had 7.2 volt tools as I recall I believe and then we got the 14.4s and it was awesome 14.4 is just like now we're cooking bro Now we're cooking the 18s and now There's 24s and 40 volt tools if you Want to spend your life savings on a Makita that's 40 volts I would love to Have it Next week Zach is going to show us his

Man but I don't know where this is going With man buns and stuff but you got the Wrong guy trust me you definitely have The wrong guy I'm not a man bun guy I'm I'm not I'm a beard guy I'm a guy who likes guy things I I What's the word people use now I forget what the word is Identify as a man And I you know because I am one because Of God God did that [Music] Oh [Music]

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