Finding And Fixing AC System Blockages

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I'm going show you how you can
check for blockage in your AC system using one of these temperature guns, now
unless you're Superman and can see through metal with x-ray vision, you
can't see inside an air conditioning system, so you have to use logic and a
tool to see where blockage is, now to check the temperature, I'm using this
fancy ray tech heat gun, but hey, you can even buy one of these $20 infrared ones
online, they take the temperatures good too, you don't need a professional one,
now this Toyota has a problem, the a/c will work but then after a while when it
gets hotter, it'll go cool and then it won't blow all that cool, so I
figure there's some kind of restriction in the system,
and the commonplace for a restriction is the condenser, where the hot fluid
flows through, so to check it with a temperature gun, we're going to take this
grill off, just remove all these clips, get them out of the way,
then the whole piece snapped off, now we can access the whole condenser
and take different temperature readings to see if there's a problem, first I'll take
the inlet temperature and the outlet, since it gets rid of heat, the inlet
should be hotter than the outlet, so I'll measure the inlet,
that's about one hundred and seventy-seven degrees, then you imagine
the outlet on the bottom, we'll check it down here,
it's about 91 on 1/2 degrees, so it is dissipating heat, so we know overall the
condenser is getting rid of heat, but, sometimes it cools and sometimes it
doesn't, so we're going to check various spots to see if there are any hot or
cold spots showing it's clogged, and what we find here, is not it's about
a hundred and fifty degrees, but right next to it, it's only 81 degrees, and what
that means is this, the hot fluids flowing through here, but once it gets
here it, turns to just the 80 degree air temperature outside meaning, there's a
blockage and there's no hot fluid flowing inside, know some guys will
try to flush them out, but if you look closely, these fins are really tiny and
it's very hard to flush any crud, your best just buying another condenser and
replacing it, when you have a blockage like this, because part of its blocked,
part of it isn't blocked, you better off just replace the whole thing, rather than
trying to push blockages around these tiny little holes, now I'm not going to
show replacing the condenser because I already have two video showing that, but
you can see this heat gun is great for finding out if there's a clog in your AC
system, and of course you can use it to check expansion valve temperatures, to
see if they're working, like here, if the temperature isn't a lot cooler like
fifty or sixty degrees coming out of the expansion valve than it is going into
the expansion valve, you know the valves not working, so since we're not Superman
and can't see through metal with x-ray vision, these heat guns are the next best
thing, I remember if you've got any car
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel

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