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Nobody wants to pay for a service call
if they don't have to. So if you're having furnace or air conditioning
issues here are things to check to before you call. Start with your thermostat,
is the setting above or below the room temperature, so the system gets the call
turn on. Next, let's go to the breaker for your furnace and air conditioner and see if it's tripped. Flip the breaker off, then flip it back on recycling the power like
you would when you reboot a computer. If the unit still doesn't come on check
your air filter. We're gonna shut the furnace off, right? Because you can't do
it with furnace on. Furnaces and air conditioners are all about air flow and
if that filters dirty and restricting air flow it could cause problems even
system failure.

"It's pretty good." So this filter is great but the unit still won't
come on. Time to call for service? Well maybe, maybe not. What if I told you your
furnace might be able to tell you what the problem is, is that sacred cow or is
that bull? Yep, newer furnaces have built-in
diagnostics. If the furnace detects a problem you'll see a light like this one
blinking in short and long bursts. Those bursts indicate a code that's detailed
on a sheet located on the back of the door of the furnace. Each code indicates
a different potential malfunction. There's some more diagnostics down in
this area sometimes they light up..

pexels photo 3964736

there you go, little green… See if it's something you
feel confident tackling. If not, now is the time to bite the bullet and call for
service. Just be sure to tell your service provider what the error code
indicated with that heads up they can work smarter and faster. Check out our
other how-to and subscribe if you haven't already. We've got lots of ways
to help save you time and money..

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