Qbrick Studio – Qbrick System vs Milwaukee vs DeWalt – part 3 – episode 35

Peter, it is time to start the third episode of comparison – DeWalt, Milwaukee, Qbrick. So what now? Let’s go there… Peter, we have discussed the middle boxes already. Let's continue with the carts now. We have 3 carts. And here is a very interesting case. Listen, it's very interesting. In Milwaukee Packout, we have a handle that we can grab with 2 hands and lead. Super patent. The handle is high, so with the right inclination, it can be easily used by a short person, or a taller person. All the contents of the boxes are still pressing towards the person who is leading. The handle goes down so low that the toolbox on the top of the cart can be opened. In Qbrick, this telescopic handle is higher. This middle toolbox won't open widely. Compare this feature in DeWalt, Peter. Cart cover opens, but this one or the average chest… No, no, no, give me this item here. I want to compare the height of handles. You can see that the heights of DeWalt and Milwaukee are similar.

Qbrick is the tallest and it is a disadvantage. We are not able to open the middle box. On the transport platform it opens, but here it won't open. Milwaukee has the same variant of cover on the cart as in the rest toolboxes. It has this looking system. What is inside of the cart? Check this. Here is the cover blockade. Maybe it is a new version? I don’t think so. Inside there is the same tray. Deep one. There are probably no dividers. There is no room for dividers, we have a tray and that's it. It is simply a box for very large, very large tools, power tools. Let's discuss it one by one. The Milwaukee handle can go down very low, it is for 2 hands, it is rubberized. It is ok. In Qbrick we have a single-hand handle which is additionally supported by a metal element with a cover. It comes out like this, but is only for one hand.

There were no major complaints with this handle. It does not break we do not have a problem with it. But handle for 2 hands versus one hand… In DeWalt we have the same. I press, then pull it out. And we have two hand handle, but the DeWalt is wider, so we can even have 3 hands. Wider than Milwaukee. However, it is not rubberized and it is thinner. Thinner than in Milwaukee. So in the toolboxes, handles are solid, thick. We like it a lot. In the cart, it is thinner but wider. It must be said if we are talking about carts. DeWalt did such a good thing. When we unlock the stoppers, we can remove the handle completely. Wow, that's really cool. Let me remind you that this is the latest DeWalt system. Milwaukee is old, Qbrick is also already 4 years old, it soon will be out-of-date. That means what? Expect changes? It's a great idea, I didn't know that. I haven't seen it. They made it to solve the height issue, if we need to pack into a small car for a station wagon, in the trunk, we can easily pull out the handle.

I am reminding you – twist it in a very simple way and it is prevented from sliding, or we turn it this way and it pulls out the handle. Cool, the newest system. I remind you, it is the newest system. I think it is probably best solved. This handle is the best in DeWalt, then the second place has Milwaukee and at the end is the Qbrick handle. In standard here is one type of cover. Qbrick also has one cover, but it can be combined with the “Toolbox Pro 500” and “Toolbox Pro 600”.

However, here we also have one cover, and as you mentioned, this patent is here for mounting – half organizer, half organizer and handle in the middle.. Listen, Peter, I will return to one more thing, because it gave me the wrong impression. Cart Packout has no handle. This one. But you know why? Because it has 2 of them on the sides. Now look at it, I can carry like this, well, the cart leans forward, so I grab the side handles, the cart leans back. There is no handle in the middle. Well, I think it is dangerous to carry this way.

It just has to be 2 guys, each takes one handle, but it still will be tilted. So listen, with Milwaukee, you must have a friend, a good teammate. And in the Qbrick and in the DeWalt we have the middle handle and that's it. Can we carry Qbrick for these handles? We can. We can grab Qbrick by the sides here, and can carry it. We can do the same in DeWalt. The newest version already has dedicated special handles. We can carry it like this. There is no handle in the cover. It just does not exist. It is interesting that there are some common features between these three systems. Well, there is no system that would be perfect at all. Only you can see that the manufacturer is analyzing products from other manufacturers.

This is how the whole industry is developing. See here, these are the same covers. In the regular toolbox they gave a handle. In the biggest, the heaviest box, they did not give a handle. I told you that they made a tall box, it is similar to our toolbox “One 450” and it also doesn't have a handle. No handle… in 450 cm, big box, heavy box, no upper handle, you can carry it by the sides, it is like a bucket with a lid. Well, if we are talking about the entire systems.

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Here, in these 2 systems, there is a certain consistency. The upper handle in the lid in each box. Wheels There's no upper handle, but Milwaukee has the best wheels in my opinion. We cut these wheels, this is all rubber. This is solid rubber. It's not a cheat, it's a thick rubber. The wheel is on the axle, on the steel bearings. On the steel bearings, this can be unscrewed. Well, it's just big and thick. Dear Viewers, there have been some comments about our wheels being loud and that they are plastic. They are plastic, they have 2-layers. We have found this 2-layer hard so far. We wanted the wheels to be hard. But one of my friends, said that when he comes home late from work with Qbrick, he is always afraid that he will wake up the entire family.

That convinced me. We made this out of rubber with a different shore index, that means, we made it from softer rubber. At the moment, all carts will have softer wheels. However, when it comes to what is most important – the structure, we have the following: the width of these wheels will be similar, while the diameter is much smaller. This is one. Two – Qbrick wheel is smaller. DeWalt is the same as Milwaukee because they all have the same. This is the newest system. This is the old system. Qbrick is what it is. Sometimes there are large tires in trailers, semi-trailers, and sometimes there are small tires. It does not make this wheel better than this. It is bigger, it has more rubber, but now if we use a softer rubber, it will be much quieter in the Qbrick.

Here is the axle, the wheel is fixed with a Seger ring. Metal axle is in all 3 systems, so the solidity is similar in each. We have a DeWalt, it looks a lot like a Milwaukee, but I'm not sure there's a steel bearing. But the wheel is running very quietly. The wheel is very quiet. One more thing, look at Milwaukee. It has a place where we can catch it by foot. DeWalt has the same place where we can catch it by foot. Qbrick does not have this place. It is on the “One Transport Platform'', on cart it isn't. If we lie it down, we have to make it this way. This is not a big problem, but we must honestly say that this leg pedal is absent. We used to have a prop, but it disturb on the stairs, so we removed it. So what Peter, time for the summary? Let's summarize.

We are dealing with 3 different visions of business, personalities. It can be said that these systems have their own personalities. People who use them have. Designers who plan them, have theirs as well. Each of these 3 systems put emphasis on different features. Milwaukee, as we can see, puts the emphasis on a very smooth running system. And when it comes to connecting, it is this butterfly system – unfastened with one finger. Some like it, others like it less but it is what it is. DeWalt – is the latest version of the Tough System. A very strong system, great seals, and above all, the fully removable handle. Which means that we can hide the cart in a passenger car. It's a novelty that this cart becomes an ordinary chest when it comes to height by pulling out this handle.

In Qbrick we primarily focused on durability. Let's not talk about that anymore. All the systems are extra solid and waterproof, dustproof. In Qbrick, the emphasis is on the possibility of connecting a large, hard, heavy system “One” with a light, compact system “Pro”. If you have a light system, some screw elements and so on, you can mount it on the heavy system of the “One System” line. This is like the most important feature for us. DeWalt has a smaller system, but unfortunately it does not connect to the large system.

It is not important to them. We found it important to us. We can connect, they believe that is not important. Strong system is a strong system separate from the lighter system. In the case of Milwaukee there is no such solution at all. Dear Viewers, none of these systems are the best, and none of them are the worst. Each of them is as good or bad – it depends on what suits you most. And that would be all. Please, let us know what do you think. Put your opinions in the comments. Subscribe and share, and most of all, comment, because it inspires us. See you later..

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