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Assalam-u-alakum Friends , I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our YouTube channel Forever Tech Friends , today we will talk about Haier Dc Inverter Ac F7 error code In which we will tell you that what does F7 error code means and why do it comes Must subscribe our channel and let's start the video F7 error code has shown on Haier Dc Inverter Ac And it means your Outdoor unit is faulted Let's move towards outdoor and we will tell you its full detail and we will tell what's the problem in it and why its coming We have come towards Outdoor As you can see Outdoor PCB And you can also see the unit In Indoor display F7 error code is showing And you can also know this error code from outdoor unit See when LED 1 will blink When this error code is showing on display So let me count it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 times it will blink In indoor its showing F7 error code and it will show 11 times blink on outdoor so it means they are having same meaning So it means that your outdoor PCB is faulted So what is the fault that also I will tell you You can see this red color sensor wire This is section pipe temperature sensor It check the temperature of return gas If it gets faulted , open or short circuited So it will show F7 on the display If it gets loose connected If its connector is not fit so then also it will show F7 Often times due to vibration its connectors get loose So you take it out and fit it again in the connector Often times it happens that error disappear from the display Let me show you that fault can come in the PCB So that also I will show you See where compressor is attach , with its pipe it is install See here it is install In different models it can be different And can be different positions But it is install in section pipe This unit was having some problem so we have take out the unit from here But sensor position is something like this If it gets faulted or open so it will show this error We have take out outdoor pcb from the unit Now we will turn it And we will show you when pcb will have fault so how it is And what can be its reason As we have set all the setup here See here we attach jumper wires with red connector and joined with multi meter So that we can check voltages We have set multi meter with Dc volts And we have joined connector with it So when we will turn on pcb so we should get voltages here So let me show you I have connect it by joining jumper wires with it This red jumper wire is having +5 volts This brown wire is ground This 3 wire is having nothing in it So we will check it And we will show you how many volts should come here And now we will pass electric As we will give electric so you will see that we will get some voltages So see we gave electric From unit sound came of tik So you can see we have got 5 volts If you can't get this 5 volt like this So it means your PCB is faulted cause of any reason So you will get repair it And if fault have reached towards micro controller and micro controller from inside have got short circuited so then it will hard to repair it Then you will completely change it So then your F7 fault will finish from the display And your unit will come back in its working condition So friends you watched the video So I hope you liked this video And will come in work for you And you will have advantage from it So will meet in the next informative video Keep watching Forever Tech

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