Why I Don’t Like Home Warranty HVAC Companies

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So those are the big ones I think of 210 Is actually the warranty that the Realtor gave me whenever I bought this House was one year of the 210 warranty For free I guess and then American Home Shield I think everybody knows that now When I think about I'm I'm warranty I Feel with negative emotions it's like They they just arise from my gut and Here's what I imagine and you tell me What is wrong or right about what I'm Saying as far as your experience so uh When I think about home warranty and my Dealings with home warranty has not been First person it's been from the outside Or kind of helping somebody after They've had a home warranty contractor Which could be bad or good just like any Other contractor But I've seen them do Subpar work In in my experience and this experience Is this big you know I'm saying it's Just a small sliver And like subpar meaning it was like the Wrong coil that was in the air handler It was kind of just crammed in there it Was a coil for a different brand machine That was put in there it was pretty Funny because it was an old Rheem unit And they put in I don't know what it was Maybe it was all style or something like That some some I won't say off-brand but Some like uh brand that fits into fits

With multiple units So that's that's what I imagine people That are taking advantage of people but Obviously we don't want to say that is You and you tell us why it can be done Properly and what you do it's a matter Of I mean I care about what I do and I Care about taking Care of customers and take pride in my Work I mean you can go on my Facebook And Instagram and every install we do I Take pictures of because I'm proud of it I'm not going to sit there and take a Picture of a crappy install and trust me We've run into plenty of stuff that Another company come out and in fact I Did one where Homer had a brand new Install And uh they put a train unit in and they Couldn't figure out how to slide the Evaporator coil like they took it out I Guess they get it in the air handler Well they couldn't figure out how to get It back in So and it was an a coil so it Was literally laying the so the bottom Half of the coil is laying on the bottom Of the cabinet and like they had it Flipped in their wrongs I mean I had to Come in because then they couldn't get a Hold of the company to come back out and Fix stuff and so the warranty company Ended up calling us we came out I mean We had to cut the coil flip it fix a Couple uh Freon leaks or from terrible

Solder joints I mean there's guys out There that just they don't care they Want to get in the slap it in and be Done with it you'll never see that Happen from us I mean I mean if if I see Something bad like that my guys will I Mean they'll never hear the end of it For me because I take a lot of pride in My work [Music]

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