Milwaukee SDS Drills | M18 vs M12!

so there's one video that 
you've asked for more than any   other it is the m12 versus the m18 
sds challenge let's go square on that so what i've got here is my own personal drill 
this is the m18 chx sds drill and i've got my   brand new m12 ch which is a beautiful little sds 
drill and i'm running on the 6 amp hour battery   it's a beautiful little it's just nice i like it 
it's actually going to be used within the business   to do installations of our robotic modes but 
right ryan what tests are we going to do today   to show them what it's all about and how good this 
little m12 is so against the amazing amazing we've   got a block here same block we used last time 
drilling the eight holes in there so we've got   two 5.5 drill bits yes that's the only 5.5 
droppers we've got which is the same this   is a little bit longer but i've taped it to the 
flute so they're both identical we'll be putting   these against each other going straight into here 
see which one goes goes the quickest uh these are   the 4x design all available on our website haze 
machinery.cody uk after that what we're going to   do after we've done this one stone to some really 
hard hard stones see if the m12 can keep up with   the powerhouse the m18 i mean that looks rather 
clean james it's uh i don't want to get it dirty i   don't want to get it down so this is the crystal 
of this tool and then the final test that we   are actually going to use these in our warehouse 
because we've got some new shell being put up and   we need to drill it into the floor so we're going 
to put on a bigger bit i'm going to put these   sdss up against each other to see how good they 
are into four inch concrete so that's not gonna   be a test rig we actually use them properly for 
a proper reason not just making holes and blocks   right let's crack on with concrete blocks let's 
go little disclaimer i haven't actually um used   an sds much in my life i'm new look what sds 
stands for uh super duper super that sounds   better than what it does have huh slotted drive 
system apparently so there we go just for safety   sally's out there should we put our pp on right 
yes we do need to ryan i'm ready let's go ryan   ryan ready yeah ready okay you've 
got yours in drill hammer drill   hammer right perfect how how long 
can we hold it out there for well yeah yeah so yeah eight holes down 
through here beside the other ones   we've done in the percussion 
drill video we've done and battery full battery is full all good 
right let's go count will three two one go hmm i'm not gonna make that mistake well in fairness 
i'm a lefty so i'll usually actually use it right   handed so to be honest i should have gone 
that way around i thought i thought i'll   let you have a bit of a head start as such 
but no i knew we would bring you around me   yes that's very impressive very impressive 
how much battery have you got there full   yeah still full but the beauty of that one is is 
so much lighter than this and this is a powerhouse i'm not really an sds user i've been using 
sts very much still in my life i've used   hammer drills lots and hammer drills doing that 
the other day was they've done it yeah but it's   a little bit painful yeah it's comfortable just 
easy it just just went down through you wouldn't   think it would make such a difference but i really 
really really really does right stone stone let's   go to stone hardcore right well i'm no geologist 
but i've just been out on a stone hunt and found   this what i think is a bit of limestone nice 
should be reasonably easy stone to drill but   we're going to find out we'll go away how many 
holes should we drill uh let's go for let's go   for two let's give it two yep see how we get on i 
think there's a little power for it if you do two   i'll do one yeah we'll have a look here i don't 
know let's go for it right will you ready to   cancel in yeah and we'll see what we do you should 
do the same thing so same um yeah yours is all the   same yeah all good yep ready let's go i've got 
a lefty way no what count us in three two one go uh some of you may have seen that because ryan 
what way is your drilling huh that's in reverse   and it's still done just before you may have 
seen i put his drill in reverse and he didn't   know that no i didn't cheating it's still cut and 
removed yeah it's definitely limestone yeah or   softener i thought it was going to be very tough 
should we do two more yeah let's give that a go   we're right in the forward speed because it 
makes that look terrible compared to this   but that is an absolute powerhouse 
right right if you go in two new   holes i'll go and two of the ones i've 
already done yeah i know four lengths you're gonna full length cause 
that keeps changing depth so   we'll go forward okay all right when 
you are well you know three there it is the thing i do like about this is 
the anti-vibe on this one you don't   feel nothing as you're going 
in right the percussion drills   talk about this it's yeah there's no vibration 
there so it's lovely okay some people might not   like no vibration but yeah don't like vibes 
when you're working with tools is that right   i believe you i believe that's awesome love it 
that is cool it's like a little pea shooter from   one of the bomb films what was it you know when 
they're not the layer it could have even been   austin powers but like but i know not a piece 
of it like a little laser a little laser gun   they had like a bit on the front don't they it did 
yeah it should be golden really for his james bond   yeah hey take all the bits ham build it golden 
sds yeah i got a nestle okay right let's go to we're gonna get comments about that now you it 
just inherited all that dust i know i just died   tight inside let's go to the warehouse 
yep and make sure there's some proper   holes some big holes we don't have one 
size bit but it's all for you guys yeah   let's go right so we are in our new lawnmower 
warehouse and we've got some nice new shiny   shelving behind us we still haven't drilled into 
the floor yet and screwed it down so perfect   opportunity to try out the m12 and then we'll put 
the m18 in on the other side to see what it's like   you go first that yeah that's cool right that's 
drill drill drill away i like to drill today today so hmm yeah come on it's getting rather 
intimate then with your little   sds huh you're getting rather intimate with 
your little scs yeah it's a lovely little   tool all right so james had his m12 what 
12 mil and m12 i've got a 12 mil on the m18   not sure the other one james was 
legal but we're gonna give this a go mine's a little bit top heavy right bit of 
bonus footage is chiseling we haven't been   chiseling because most ics you can chisel with 
so ryan you've got a nice little chisel in there   i have do a little demonstration go up well you 
got a put in something oh there we go chisel mine   doesn't drizzle no you're just the flowers the m12 
doesn't do chiseling so we purchased on this just   just cut around the competition 
yep see which one chisel's best   yeah okay you ready i'm pretty confident 
i'm going to win this one to be fair   uh possibly yeah i am confident right what we're 
going to do just oh if defenders come off yeah   yeah wear these all the time i should 
probably do that yeah so i used to there we go   need oh this is all going wrong what are you doing 
oh you need your mouth you're drinking your hair   i didn't took my mask out for the car you can 
see i always wear pp when i'm doing honestly three two one go who needs power tools yeah what combination those 
right subscriber giveaway time let's go so now   comes that time in our video where we are doing 
a subscriber giveaway and yes we have reached 10   000 subscribers so thank you very much so this 
one's a little bit special what are we giving   away right we have got as you can see a lovely 
walking into our bag but in this bag you have got   some sds plus bits so you got all your different 
chisels in there why should we go in there we've   got some sds drill bits yes so that's what we 
were using in our not the actual ones but the   same you got new ones what else we've got 
we've got a power bank milwaukee power bank   we've given a few days away before so there's 
another one there really useful usb charger and   t-shirt milwaukee t-shirt you know because 
every prize has to have a milwaukee t-shirt   it is extra xl so you know which our prize winner 
we do have uh we have a milky charger for your m12   why would you want a charger exactly would you 
want a charger to be able to charge something oh   please go with a new dilly unveiling two imaginary 
6 amp hour batteries yes because we're waiting for   stock to come in but don't worry they'll be in the 
package when it arrives and ryan go on then the   big reveal m12 ch this little m12 sds same one was 
like james was using there love it at all and this   is going to go to one of our lucky subscribers 
that's good how do you win this you win by being   a subscriber hence why it's called a subscriber 
giveaway you also have to comment on our video   so pop by comment below it can just be hi hi is 
absolutely fine unless the answer is low no i'm   joking that's good this one the very lucky winner 
is brian b so well done brian b please email us   at info haze machinery dot co dot uk with your 
address and details and we'll get this sent off to   you well mate well i'm brian congratulations well 
i enjoyed that little challenge a little i mean   the m12 m18 uh versus series been going really 
well but that one i really enjoyed what i'm saying all i want to say is a holy cow that is a 
wow because that is beautiful it's light   it's compact the power is everything you need 
from that i'd call that better than a drilled   a hammer drill or is it or is it very good 
question but i personally would say that's   better than a hammer drill but obviously not as 
powerful as that that's an absolute powerhouse and   there's even a newer version of that available 
on the market yes it's not the latest one it's   just what we've got so m12 vs m18 it's a good 
comparison to do and this hasn't got chisel   but that has got chisel other than that that 
is amazing that's awesome yeah single-handed   juice i mean perfect for sparkies and things of 
that installing cables if you go anything high   you're going to be using something like 
that which is nice and light rather than   i mean this is like say a powerhouse but 
sometimes you don't quite need that power so   yeah another i think it's another win for the 
m12 really isn't it it is a win for the m12 you   can't go wrong with either but drop us a comment 
below to say which one you would prefer and also   if you like this video please hit that thumbs up 
button because it does our channel a world of good   like us on facebook instagram and all that and 
share this video on your social medias we'd really   appreciate that as well so thank you very much for 
watching and we'll we'll see you in the next one


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