12V Kartuschenpressen im Vergleichstest | MILWAUKEE VS METABO VS MAKITA | Wer macht das Rennen?

see pitchforks? Oh yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, that's how it is and that's quite nice, isn't it? So for you. That has the stuff. A ray will come out. Top level level five. Ah, okay, okay, okay, all right. Understood. Excuse. Calm down. Is okay. What was that? Was that the moment when I was about to change my t-shirt? Because I don't know if the cartridge can handle it. so much pressure Respect! So should it burst the video is for the camera and the cameraman Welcome to Gotools.tv My name is Sebastian and I have a feeling that the number of videos I want is going to keep increasing and increasing and increasing. So today another request video. We recently looked at the topic of 18 volt cartridge presses and did you say that there is also a 12 volt cartridge? And are the twelve volts strong enough? That's why I found Milwaukee Makita and Metabo on the market again today. Have here on the table. Let's see how the devices actually differ? How can you convert it? And we also have retrofitting with us. How long does it take? Most of all you will be amazed and the question is of course do you actually have enough strength to be able to cope with something that harder stuff here? I'd like to reiterate what I said.

Everyone needs a cartridge press if they use this equipment on a regular basis. And yes, I know many of you like to work with hand squeezing too. I personally. Not quite easy, like every action here actually, or how many do we actually have here? We don't have one, two, three. No, no, no, we have, but four. Then there are even five devices on the table here. Yes, here at Makita we have the 12GC100 we have from Metbao HPA 12400 and we have the PCG400A and the 310 from Milwaukee We even have a nice Ochi here for the 400 and the 600, right? Let's get to the topic of price and something about the costs. Actually all the same. What now? All in the same price. Let's start with something else: this one can also be screwed on here at the front, then it's the 400, yes, then it's 400, then the whole thing costs €160, which is the cheapest option. Then we have the 600 ha here with 170€ I think. We have the whole thing here as a 310, where you can just put a normal cartridge in it.

So zig zag. That costs €190 at Makita. Here we are also 190 € at Metabo we are at 180 € As always, you will find the whole thing linked below in the honest price comparison and there you will also find the following, namely we did it here in such a way that we not only bought the device, but we basically made a 404 with a conversion to a 310. You can also find this set below in the price comparison. Devices are arriving soon, and of course we will test them right away. But first here are the specs and they only matter 3 things number one we wanted them.

Twelve volts. Been pretty simple so far. Number two which cartridges we bag size fits in. Also quite simply what the name actually says. Yes, here at the 600 bags, the ten cartridges and so on and so forth. Easy. But how much power do you have? That is the question. And here, with the Milwaukee, we have almost 1800 Newton meters, which pushes that forward. So 1800 Newton meters is good, I think it's quite a lot. But here at Makita we have 4,400 Newton meters, which pushes the whole thing here and at Metabo even 5,000 . So because some of you wrote last year, well, they are also strong enough for very, very high viscose and low viscose.

Very solid materials where you have to press. 5000 we'll be right away, which you try out, but I think that's enough. Or if not, write under the comments What are your recommendations or experiences? Before we test them right away, let's have a look at them, because there is a real difference, namely how long does it take to convert them? But first of all, one thing that I find super exciting is that everyone is super balanced. That means that if you pull the sled backwards, then they all stand still at the moment, if you put something in here, there is no longer a chance, then this is over. So I think even if I push this forward, is it even wider? Well, that doesn't work with everyone. Then let's take a look at the Milwaukee devices and put this aside. As you can see, there is generally very little to consider here on the devices.

We have our device here. We have no light on here, no nothing, no nothing. Here is the battery indicator. That should actually work. Just. Then we set the speed here on the back and on the other side here, here the levels are recorded steplessly up to the highest level. And then we have here the lever for triggering and pulling here and back and forth. That means we have the whole thing up front here. How do you line up? Fast. Then just see what speed we can achieve here.

That's pretty fast and we want to withdraw now. The whole thing doesn't work here, it's locked, then just push the lever, click and pull it back or forward, depending on where it wants to pull. And here it is that all devices are the same. The 13A, the 400 or the 600. They don't differ at all in any way. At Milwaukee, depending on which one you buy, you have 310, 400 or 600, here 400. Here 600 corresponds to the attachment that you are buying already on the grid.

But you also have the option of buying a replacement attachment like we do. In our case, we bought the attachment here. The whole question is relatively simple. You hold it here, unscrew it, then you have a screw here , you just loosen it and remove it and then you need an attachment on top of it, which the whole thing then install here accordingly. From pushing through like the screw on it, then the attachment back on here and that's it. It's relatively quick. So you're there with a screw. We'll see in a moment.

Other, other manufacturers can do it better. What, by the way, with the device, if the error is still to be mentioned. a little thing, not really important, but a little thing really, really funny. We have a small metal tip here, like it is here , I can swivel it out here and then I can do it here, I don't have it there. Now I can go in here accordingly and clean clogged nozzles here accordingly. But that's what it's all there for. I find it funny. Not really. Now it's a super mega important feature, but we thought , well , add a few centimeters in the shoe. Let's come so where there is also no problem before we come to Makita. Another hint to Milwaukee at Milwaukee you get one. sports with it. So I think if I would buy that and if I would then use it stationary.

And if I were a Milwaukee fan, that would be a nice sports bag or the most beautiful sports bag from Milwaukee. That also comes with it. Do you have this beautiful bag? You can put your device in there, carry it around, done. Yes, I think it's really funny as a bonus, when it comes down to it, the packaging is included. But otherwise nice stuff. You can also throw in your 567 cartridge. Gesture go and fire. I actually think that's really nice. With the citta, things get a little tougher. Moment. Yes, you get a case with it, not a standard case, not a nice bag, but this big tool case, which is really heavy.

Definitely heavier than the press itself. And you get more in the suitcase. Where do you get goggles again? a bit of instructions are great, at least three pieces and screw on a seal. I can say a second stamp again. That means that for the price of €190 you can at least take a large suitcase with you. And if you're a suitcase person, this might just be the right device for you. But Makita thought of one thing : What can I do to make the change between cartridges and especially bags as unattractive as possible? What can I do for you there? What is possible there? And as you can see with Makita, a lot is possible. So that means, in order to rebuild it, first of all it's not a tool, it's just that it's not for me either. But a screw. Let's take a look here first, we do n't do it that way, we do it one way or the other! So, let's loosen, let 's loosen screw number 123 here, screw number four, we'll dismantle it completely.

So everything that is here, we dismantle the whole panel, then the panel is off, then this part is off. Then this is completely gone. Then let's loosen this screw here. So woman number five loosen five screws there. an eternity later, then we can pull this whole thing out and then it starts all over again. Then we put that back in. Then we make the rules.

You do it once I believe those who bought it and who use both types regularly, i.e. bags and cartridges, buy it back and forth every time they build. Nobody does that. So madness. Otherwise, let's take a look at the device now that I've dismantled it. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's quite the opposite. But as long as you want to rebuild, because nobody wants that either.

Either way, that's how it is, here we have our device. Here, too, we definitely have a battery indicator on the battery and we can press it. Wonderful with the typical Makita handle. Here comes the appropriate subtraction. We don't have one here. But we have here in right left on here right. And then we have the second one here on the side. But this only locks no, it doesn't work. So yes, the giant empire can no longer do it. And so it was locked and now I can go full throttle. I can now adjust here again as needed. We get out and empty and I have a half full cartridge press that can get back to work faster.

Back here I have the opportunity to adjust my speed, since here it's stepless, here from 1 to 5. Yes, I don't really care if you bum and then. Does it also start with 4400 Newton meters? You don't believe that, do you? Sometimes only with. Otherwise handy nice device. I can't say, let 's get to the test right away, don't worry, but first Metabo It looks a bit as if there's such a small This engine is therefore very quickly at the speed of light. So that's a bit high. Different construction, but Metbao Before we get the device, let's see what Metabo thought of here.


Never, never, never, never, never, never, never. Nothing tools and take. Nothing. Not nothing slow, but here we can have. We get it again for the 400 in the bag. The whole thing with it or here the opinion about it. But the whole thing is mega well thought out here in terms of time. You do the following you now fasten here and do that. You can do that before and so no tool is used to remove it. Then we'll take this, just put this on top. Turn luck from above. Then we take this, add this. Restrained is easy on it. bag on it. Fire. And that's really well thought out and really good, I have to say. I also think it's great that there's a rubber boat here at the front , which makes it very nice to grip. That means that if I put my hat here now , I can also wonderfully touch it here again to process it, so that it is nice and rubbery. Really good. So really really nice. The only thing we don't get is a bag of lace. Well, it's like that here, there's classically one takes away away, because throwing away tips you can't get Normandy.

Get away like that. That's what you thought. Of course, there is no such thing as not included. But with silicone, i.e. with normal cartridges, Adobe and for bags , you can also buy them in bulk. She can do that wonderfully and wonderfully fast. Here it is. You have no right here . Feel like anything, don't have to press a button to drag this back and forth. Just go where you want to go at any time and then you have a slightly different grip here. And look, down here, where you have your fingers , right there, you have the opportunity to adjust the speed. So here and. Today is also very nice, ergo the speed can be set to very slow here, to one to five continuously and I only have the option of simply starting the whole thing and. Ah, that's an important one. Then we have the important hint . It's like that. When I let go, the pistons are pulled back a little so that no more pressure is exerted and more mass doesn't come out at the front.

Do them all, they can all. Well, now you 've looked at each other long enough, now you know the differences. That's how the devices are. If you look at it the way it is here now, I have to say you really have to decide whether you want the sports bag or whether you want to switch wirelessly or whatever. So first of all, all the devices here are really good, which are his preferences.

Write it calmly and in the comments. Now let's do the following We'll just take a piece of cardboard and just have a look. How quickly can we get the silicone out of here? Okay, now we've got our normal standards down and we'll see, it works great. Now comes the test. Our cameraman is afraid. I now make the following highest level hara-kiri available haha. And now the question is, what happens if we hit someone on the highest level? We will see.

We don't need to go down here with the camera , a beam will come out. U. That was quite a lot. Have a look here. What we see here was just the one press. So we can see that there is quite a lot of energy here with 5000 Newton meters. I'm now really deliberately putting it back to one, to the lowest level, and we'll see what comes out now. I also deliberately didn't choose the opening so large. We'll see! Wonderful! So it works really, really well and can also be dosed wonderfully. I've now made a conscious decision to slow down a bit and speed up a bit.

The big advantage of these cartridge presses is that you can make a decent groove evenly over a very long time. Which you can certainly do with these devices. But this is probably simplified. I can't manage it in hand devices in the long term. When I built my garage, I chose to hike that I only need to do 50 feet. That really annoyed me. I didn't have anything like that. If so, that would have been helpful. Here's what we're doing now, we're just pulling it back and now we're just going for our win with the Havoc. Flex 522 That was an explicit request from someone under the last video. Take the victorious 522, something that is very, very solid.

And do the devices get that pushed out at all? Well, I'm not worried about myself, but I'll just try it because it's open . Your advantage simply start now. slowest level. As I said, let's see! Yes it's coming, it's coming, it's coming and that's it. Functions. But you also notice that quite nicely, that quite a bit of energy behind it. It really does seem a bit tighter. So a higher level of course. Level five Let's go. And I'm really a little scared now, this. So it should be able to burst. The last video is for the camera and cameraman. Wait a minute, I'll put it aside right here. That's when in my direction down. Let's go. This would prove that it works really well.

So Heide funnier. I have to say I'm not an expert on Sicaflex or whether there aren't even worse things out there. But you noticed how much energy was put into it until something went out, but the device isn't interested in that at all. Now we're Makita, let's see how it goes with it. Let's get to Makita in the same tests.

Again normal silicone. And we'll do it right. Here again the highest level level five what is going on here and let's get started. ok ok ok Understood. Understood. Excuse. Calm down. Is okay. It's all OK. We will sort it out. What was that? I have slower. Slow. That? Yes Yes Yes. Well, well, that shouldn't happen to you in your bathroom. We take the lowest level. And here we go. Yes. That's okay. So that was really unexpected. The speed at which this gets out. Because speed is of course relative. Here, too, 4000 Newton meters and they really spit forward. You have to say that he pushes really, really fast. But you can see that he also withdrew very quickly so that it doesn't get any further out here. This is a good feature of the. Now we're our good Sika flex again, we can do it harder and we'll hit it here too. Here, too, the lowest level. Yo, works, works. Understood? you know me Naturally. Since he was just so fast, that's the moment when I change my t-shirt right away, because I don't know if the cartridge can take it.

So much pressure and a little fear. OK. Ah yes, yes, yes, yes okay, I don't have it. I've been wondering how it's going, there's too much back pressure. Now the lamp came namely once the lamp that indicates here. Maybe a bit exaggerated. Yes, we return to her. But also interesting that said with the exit lamp on is it level four? Respect, that is, high respect. Anyone who still believes that twelve volts is possible or not? Yes No problem. Okay, so next aspirant is our Milwaukee. I want to go over here. In addition to the 310 from Milwaukee , of course, silicone and seated ones are also used here again. a moment we really know.

Too bad you can't use it normally, you always have to switch. So, and here it is a bit jerky from inserting and step one silicone let 's go. so normal? I feel like it. Ah, ok, ok, ok. Why not look ahead? Let's go. yeah And if you maybe only five years. Okay, let's do it, do we know step 1 again for something like this? Level one is really very, very dosed, but very slowly not so bad. do you see that We can really, very, very finely pull that too, if you notice it very easily dosed, so very well dosed. At the beginning you wait until it starts, but level five works no problem either. Pull through so switch back.

It's coming any moment and now it's getting exciting. And we had our doubts as to whether twelve volt devices could do it that way. And now we have, but I'll start with here. Step. A two on, so that things go a little further. And now it's like that. The court only has 1000, around 1800 meters, half as much as Makita and a lot less than with 5000. Let's see if that works. Again our beautiful yes, look, look, look! Functions. And now, of course, we're watching at the highest level. Rise, top step, step and go. The. Well, as you can see, this also works without any problems. Even 4800 Newton meters was enough for that. And if you wanna doubt any, still had any doubt well , they know, hook here now. I war is not switched. We have solved our problem. And that was mainly due to the fact that I got a little stuck in the cartridge of the stamp.

That's why I couldn't withdraw it. I solved it in a simple, but relatively simple way, screwed it apart here, put it back together and the whole thing works again. So we looked at three devices here is proof that it works. And I'll say Sika is fine, if you have an idea what 's worse now than what might definitely bring the Milwaukee to its knees , post Kane in the comments below. But we've seen it also reach 1800 minutes. We have also seen that Makita will know hard at level five and is just shooting out of here and doing a good job.

I would be very interested in your opinion on the devices and please write in the comments. I personally think they're all great. I very much welcome the fact that you can switch so quickly. But I'm more of a cartridge person myself, because I'm not the professional who often has a full bag, but they might see things differently. But please just write us in the comments. Now I would say yes, get to the cartridge and see you next time..

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