Top 5 Problems Dodge Charger Sedan 6th Generation 2006-2010

Well, this car is a lot of fun, but every
car has its problems. I'm gonna go over the top five searched issues
on an '08 Dodge Charger. Let's get started. One of the things you gotta look out for is
the ignition. When you go to start the vehicle you might
notice the key goes ahead and gets stuck like that. What can happen is this can move around and
potentially turn off the ignition while you're trying to drive. Help. Something to pay attention to, if you have
this many keys on your keychain, it's great you have plenty of cars and that's fine and
good, but let's lighten the load. Okay. So let's hop in our vehicle, you start it
up and you want to listen to some music.

But, oh no, nothing comes on. It says that needs to be reprogrammed. Well, you can either go to your dealer, pay
them a couple of bucks or you can give them a call and have them send you out one of these. It's a little reprogram disk. You just open it up. It's gonna give you the instructions. You put it inside your disc player, come over,
you press disc and then it's gonna do its own job. After that, it should be good to go. If it isn't, give your dealer a ring. So, remaining inside the vehicle because that's
where people spend the most of the time when they're around their vehicle, we're gonna
continue on to the airbag. And there's several of them inside this vehicle.

It's wonderful. You've got one here and of course all the
pillars, all the way around the vehicle. You're gonna be nice and safe. The only problem with these is there is a
certain amount of vehicles that actually have an issue with the airbag system, where they
will overinflate the system and you could potentially have some debris coming out at
you, right? So, what if that airbag happens to rupture
instead of just making a nice, cushy pillow for you to take a little nap beyond? If it ruptures, it could explode and potentially
hurt your face.

And nobody wants that, nobody wants anybody
to get hurt. So the dealer says, "Hey, come on back and
we're gonna fix it for you for free. " So get on down there and make sure safety
first. That leads us on to what's behind the front
airbag right here. If you were to take this off and take off
the steering wheel you can get right behind there and you're gonna find something that's
called your steering angle sensor. Those go bad all the time on these vehicles. And the way that you're gonna know that that's
bad or not is you're gonna have a traction light on that you just can't get rid of. What's going on? Well, more than likely it's that. If you see a little traction light on your
dash and, maybe, it also says "ABS," that's one of the places that I would go to look.

Obviously, if you've checked your brakes already
and they're doing all right, you know you don't have any ABS issues or anything like
that with a particular wheel, maybe you have one of those little code scanners and it says,
"Hey, check your steering angle sensor." That's where you're gonna look, right behind
here. Although I wouldn't recommend taking this
off if you don't know what you're doing, behind this airbag, if you even make a little spark
of static electricity, you could set it off and potentially have a whole big mess on your
hands. Nobody wants you get to hurt, so unless you've
watched plenty of videos and you know exactly how to do it or you're trained by a professional
or maybe you have a couple of extra bucks and you want to bring it down to somebody
that knows what they're doing, I would be very careful with that airbag system. And that leads us in under the hood.

pexels photo 3807319

We're gonna come right back here and you can
see your cooling fans. That's right in between your radiator and
your engine. Let's say that those cooling fans are doing
their job. The engine is running a little bit hot, meaning
it's a charger, everybody's a little heavy-footed, runs hot. The cooling fans turn on. They start sucking that air through the radiator
to start cooling everything down, great. The only problem is the bearings inside of
these fans are known to go bad.

What I would do is I would go down to a reputable
shop and make sure they check those fans for you. You can just grab on to them. Give them a little wiggle. If they sound like they're making a lot of
noise and/or wobbling around too much…I mean, they're gonna wobble a little bit. They're just plastic. But if they're moving around too much and
you're worried they're gonna come apart, you need to get them replaced ASAP. The last thing you want is for that to come
apart and go into your radiator. Okay. So those are my top five searches that I happened
to find on the internet.

If you have one of these chargers good for
you and I'm sure you have your list of things that are, maybe, not so much. But the vehicle is a lot of fun. It's a safe enough vehicle. I would drive it. I'm gonna drive it. I can't wait. If you like it, like, comment, and subscribe. And, of course, if there's anything you want
to say, drop it in that comment section. I want to hear it. Thanks for watching. Visit for quality auto parts shipped
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