Top 5 Problems Cadillac Escalade SUV 2nd Generation 2002-06

In this video, we're gonna be going over the
top five problems on the second generation Cadillac Escalade. Now, I just wanna emphasize there's nothing
wrong with this vehicle. There's nothing wrong with buying one or owning
one. All vehicles have their problems. These are the top five that we have found. Number one, the temperature door actuator
and the mode door actuator. Now, this is all part of the HVAC system,
your heating and air conditioning system. So the passenger can have one temperature
and the driver could have another. So there's an actuator that opens and closes
those doors. On this side, one of the door actuators is
underneath all of that, and it's fairly easy to get to, you just pull that panel off. And the other one, you would have to go through
the glove box. So the symptom you may find with this is the
heat stays stuck on, on one side or the AC stays stuck on, on one side. And if you can't command it the other way,
chances are the actuator is bad.

Because the part is very similar, the mode
door actuator actually has the same problem and that's located under here on the driver's
side. And what'll happen with that is you'll find
that it gets stuck on either the vents or the defrost or on your feet, and you can't
change the position, chances are that actuator needs to be replaced. Number two, the instrument panel cluster.

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Now, you may notice that some of the gauges
work erratically or don't work at all. In that situation, what you're going to have
to do is take the cluster out and actually have it sent out to be repaired. Now, if you have a gauge that's not working,
it is always a good idea to check the inputs to that gauge and make sure you're getting
the right signal before just sending out the entire cluster. Number three, the steering wheel position
sensor. Now, steering wheel position sensor is located
at the base of the steering column. So the symptoms you're gonna see are the service
stability message come up on the dash. And you'll probably have a code that is related
to this steering wheel position sensor. If you have this symptom, most likely you
just have a bad sensor and you just got to replace it.

Number four, door lock actuators. Now, the lock actuator is actually part of
the latch mechanism part of the door. So if you're having trouble with, when you
go to lock the vehicle and you find one door is not locking, or when you go to unlock the
vehicle and one door is not unlocking, chances are you need a latch mechanism. Now this door is actually working fine, locking
and unlocking properly. Now, what you may notice over time when one
of these starts going bad, that this lock starts moving slower and eventually just doesn't
work. Number five, the ignition switch. Now, the ignition switch is located in the
steering column itself and some of the symptoms you may notice is the vehicle won't start. Some of the functions may not work properly,
and you may even see the theft light flashing. Inside the ignition switch, the contacts may
get dirty or burnt out. And the only way to fix this is to replace
the ignition switch. So those are top five problems for this Cadillac
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