Top 5 Problems: Cadillac Escalade SUV 3rd Gen 2007-14

In this video, we're gonna be going over the
top five problems on this third-gen Cadillac Escalade. I just wanna emphasize there's nothing wrong
with owning one of these cars or buying one. These are just the problems that we've found
on the '07 through '14s. Number one, door handles. The outside door handles like to break right
in this area. If you grab it over here and pull too hard,
it's gonna come unattached from the actual door. The fasteners where it fastens will break. It's very sensitive so make sure you always
pull from this side, but it is common.

Also the inside door handles. These tend to break. Sometimes the chrome will be peeling off on
the handle part, and actually it gets pretty sharp and it could cut you so it's a good
idea to replace those. You can get the handles separate. You don't have to replace the whole inside
door panel. Number two, wheel hub bearings. There's a couple of symptoms you may find
with wheel bearings that are bad. When you're going down the road, you may hear
a humming. It might be coming from the right or the left. You might not be able to determine which side
it's coming from, but while you're driving, if you turn the wheel slightly, it may go
away either direction or it may get worse. That's a good indication that it's probably
a bad hub bearing. Also, you may have some play in the front
end. If you grab the wheel with the vehicle jacked
up a little bit and just shake up and down, you may have some play there.

Now there could be a ball joint. It's a good idea to have someone checking
the ball joints to see if there's any movement in there while you're doing that, but most
of the time, it's just a hub bearing. While you're shaking the tire back and forth,
what you could do is put your finger near this caliper bracket right here and in between
that bracket and the brake rotor, and if you feel movement there, like the rotor is getting
closer to the bracket, that means that the play is actually in the hub bearing because
the hub bearing's attached to the rotor, the bracket's attached to the knuckle.

So that'd be a good indication that that needs
to be replaced. Number three, engine reduced power mode. You may have a problem with the throttle body
or the throttle body sensor or there could be a problem with the accelerator pedal. Both the throttle body and the accelerator
pedal, both have two sensors that monitor where the blade is or monitor where the actual
pedal is, and it tells the computer that those sensors need to agree with each other, and
as long as those agree, there won't be a problem. But once one of the sensors gets messed up,
whether there's a wire that's messed up or a connector or the sensor itself, then it
goes into engine reduced power because it doesn't know where the blade actually is and
it doesn't wanna open up real quick and have the vehicle accelerate by accident. So, that's why it goes into engine reduced
power mode. So if you have a correlation code, that is
those two sensors not agreeing with each other, and most of the time it's just the throttle
body or throttle body sensor, and you can replace that or the whole throttle body or
it could be the accelerator, the whole sensor.

It's always a good idea to check the wiring
and check the connectors. Number four, heating and air conditioning
door actuators. Anytime you adjust your heating or air-conditioning
system, whether you're adjusting the temperature or you're adjusting where the airflow is coming
out of, the mode, it's gonna move an actuator that is gonna move the door to reposition
the air. The mode door actuator is located on the driver's
side right above the gas pedal. You can see it right there. And that's gonna control where the air flow
comes out, whether it comes out the vent right here, the defroster vent or even the foot
vent. The heater vent actuators are right here. They're kinda hard to see. There's one on the top of the HVAC box. There's one underneath the HVAC box. There's a panel. You take that panel down, and that one's a
little bit easier to get to, and then also the clean air or the fresh air actuator is
back here behind the glovebox.

pexels photo 3807319

So if you're unable to change one of the modes,
whether it's the heat or the mode or whether it's the fresh air, it's not working, chances
are the actuator's bad. And number five, service suspension system
lights. So you may be driving down the road and something
may not feel right, may feel like the whole suspension is stiff, something solid, you
hit a bump, and the whole vehicle just jumps up and down. Sometimes these front shocks will actually
lock up and you won't get any movement out of them, and at that point, they're just gonna
have to be replaced.

We're under the rear of the vehicle and you
have the rear air-ride assist shocks. This is the air bag that holds the air. If you grab on this and it's real weak while
the vehicle's level on the ground, then there's something wrong with the air ride system,
whether it be the shocks or the compressor. The compressor is located right here. So what you wanna check is the motor, the

If there's a lot of corrosion here, a lot
of times this will crack, and then the pump has to be replaced, the whole pump assembly,
and sometimes you'll get some codes for the exhaust side of this. There's actually a valve in there that opens
to evacuate some of the air pressure, and those will go bad. So not only the pump but the air shocks but
also the wires. Check the wires. These wires have rubbed on the metal right
here and you can actually see where they need to be repaired. You can see the copper coming through. So that needs to be repaired. That's a very common problem. So those are the top five problems that we
have found with this vehicle. We actually sell a lot of those parts to help
repair those issues at

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