Cordless Milwaukee 15 gauge finish nailer tool review

all right we got our new milwaukee 15 gauge nailer battery operated take it out the box thing about a phone and this is it and we'll let you know how it works out about any of the day what are we using it for putting the building closet together and i'll use it for doors and stuff too i like 15 gauge one so that's us be more excited about it bro excitement's overwhelming [Music] what do we think of the milwaukee it's pretty good i like it um it holds a lot of nails uh it's pretty powerful and it's quiet obviously i don't need an air compressor that's nice it has a nice hook on it so i can put on my tool belt which makes it real nice because my trim gun now doesn't have it um the only thing is it it jammed like twice just because i was switching the nails out from two inch inch and a quarter and you get those like three left that you can't get out and then they got james but that's not a big deal just because they have seen it happen on other guns like that but other than that i mean it's good it's got a nice adjustment um i like it i'll give it a four and a half pipe rating out of a five


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